The Ya, referred to as Demihumans in the Chinese version, are one of the primary races inhabiting Esperia. They're an alchemical fusion of human and beast, first created by the earliest Lightbearer mages during a search for the secret of immortality. In subsequent millennia, they have spread to become a significant portion of Esperia's population. Due to their artificial nature, they vary wildly in anatomy between each other, with some being fully animalistic such as Brutus and Pippa, and others being predominantly humanoid like Antandra and Kaz.

The Ya have always had a troubled history, being forced into the margins of society by their own creators until ultimately being exiled (or "re-settled", as the Lightbearers called it) to the Scorched Expanse. Due to it's uninhabitability, the Ya came very near extinction until Dura created the Desert Sanctuary, also known among them as "Dura's Gift".

After countless subsequent conflicts with Lightbearers, a significant portion of Ya refused to fight any longer and fled to the Dark Forest, becoming a part of the Wilders. Those who stayed behind in the desert became the Maulers.


  • The name "Ya" may have come from Я, the last letter of the Cyrillic alphabet. This would be in line with other popular culture franchises using the last letters of other alphabets to imply a sense of finality or evolution, such as the Latin Z or the Greek Omega (Ω).
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