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Wrizz is the normal boss available in team hunting. He also features as the boss in the Midwinter Feast Event.



Wrizz Icon.jpg

Wrizz the Desecrator, the infamous goblin corpse looter whose guile is matched only by his unquenchable thirst for all things gold, will do whatever it takes to get his hands on the shiny stuff.

He will often be found lurking in wartorn areas of the kingdom looting the valiant fallen heroes of Esperia, so that he can make what was once theirs his own.

Although skittish by nature is adequately equipped to defend himself if required and the utmost caution should be used when approaching him.

Midwinter Feast


'Twas the night before Midwinter and not a creature was stirring or so we thought! The food in the storeroom has vanished!

How could this have happened!? We can't hold a Midwinter Feast without the food!

Hurry hurry! Get hot on the trail of the perpetrator!

So it was you who stole all our food! The notorious trader, Wrizz! You won't escape!


Name Icon Description
Bombs Away
Wrizz Skill 1.png
Wrizz labs a bomb at his enemies causing massive damage to a large area of the battlefield. This skill deals a lot of damage to all your heroes and summoned units. There are 4 blasts during a battle occur approximately at 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08 (timer until the end of the battle).
Wrizz Skill 2.png
Wrizz hurls a molotov cocktail at his enemies that deals magic damage to them and causes them to burn for a short duration. This skill always targets the nearest enemy. Burning lasts for 9 seconds and blocks by shields. Wrizz uses this skill approximately every 7 seconds.
Wrizz Skill 3.png
Enrage - the more life that they lose the more enraged they become, increasing their damage output. Number of this skill's stacks displayed next to the damage counter on the fight screen.

Additional battle info during Wrizz fight.


Damage done, number of chests and rewards.

Boss rewards include gold and chests. Amount of it based on damage done to Wrizz (chest distribution is presented in the table below). Each chest contains random gear with quality from Crude to Elite and 65 guild coins. Also, each chest may contain (with small chance) treasure bag with 10, 30 or 100 diamonds.

Treasure Bag containing 100 diamonds from team hunting.

Moreover, at the end of the day you receive additional rewards by mail. This rewards include a half of gold and guild coins obtained on the best day attempt.

Team Hunting chest rewards
Chest number Required damage Guild Coins per battle Guild coins per day
1 5,000 65 32
2 10,000 130 65
3 20,000 195 97
4 40,000 260 130
5 70,000 325 162
6 120,000 390 195
7 220,000 455 237
8 450,000 520 260
9 820,000 585 292
10 1,550,000 650 325
11 3,000,000 715 357
12 5,500,000 780 390
13 10,000,000 845 422
14 20,000,000 910 455
15 45,000,000 975 487
16 100,000,000 1040 520
17 300,000,000 1105 552
18 1,000,000,000 1170 585
19 2,000,000,000 1235 617
20 5,000,000,000 1300 650

Tips and tricks

Wrizz as displayed in team hunting menu.

  • Wrizz is immune to crowd control abilities so heroes like Tasi and Arden not as good as in standard battles.
  • You should use some preventing damage or healing skills to survive Bombs Away.
  • The stronger your heroes are, the longer they can live without a heal. So, at the beginning of the game you have to use pure healing heroes like Nemora or Lucius. Later you should switch them to heroes that have some small healing abilities, but deal more damage or have good support skills like Khasos or Rowan. At the endgame (when all your heroes above level 240) you can completely abandon healing heroes and focus on dealing maximum damage.
  • Supports are great! You can reach best results with a team contains only one strong damage dealer and 4 supports like Warek (only above level 181), Rosaline, Estrilda, Raine (especially with her signature), Baden (he also is a great damage dealer), etc.
  • Don't be afraid to experiments! There are a lot of good team compositions you can find. Some heroes have a similar efficiently so you can use those with greater ascension and level.
  • You can retry fight by closing the game until the battle ends. Attempt will be restored when you start the game again. Notice that loot doesn't change, but you can try different team compositions.

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