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Wondrous Woods is the 44th campaign chapter available on The World Map. It is available upon completion of Candyland.


If you have ever walked late at night among the flowers and leaves and heard them rustling, that's not the wind you can hear, it is in actual fact the snoring of plants, deep in their slumber. Plants breathe and dream, and this is the dream world of the Esperian flora.

A dream's form is often related to the dreamer's desires, and the desire of many plants is to grow into an endless forest of wonders that spreads high into the sky. Tall flowers and trees stand high in this forest, their roots all intricately entrenched deep into the soil. Whatever blight floral life may encounter, their life-force continues on. For long as there are green leaves and brilliant flowers still flourishing, the Wondrous Woods will never wither.




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