Wilders are a faction in AFK Arena.


All Wilders appear based around nature, as indicated in their lore. Most of them possess a connection to the forest, as reflected in their skills.

Wilders have a factional advantage over Graveborn, but are weak against Maulers.

Current Heroes

The Wilders cardback.


Ira, a Wilder with ears and a tail.

"Wilders come in all shapes and sizes, but some are more unusual than others. [...] Wilders don't have any expectation of how another Wilder should look[.]"

-Ogi's Story

Wilders possess a wide variety of appearances. Many are humanoid with animal-like qualities, such as ears, tails, or horns. Some, such as Ulmus or Dreaf, are living plants. Others are more animal-like, such as Gorvo or Ogi.

Many Wilders hold a magical connection with the forest and with Yggdrasil, which is often exhibited in their skills. It is said that Dura planted Yggdrasil, and left the spring of life as a parting gift to the Wilders. Despite this, the elders seem doubtful that Dura's artifacts exist, as evidenced by Kaz's quest to prove this in the Peaks of Time level, "Rest in Peace."



Seirus, the embodiment of Azure Cove.

On the World Map, Wilder territory consists of Chapter 3, Yggdrasil.

"The world tree, or Yggdrasil to the denizens of the forest, is located at the heart of the Wilder territory. Yggdrasil was said to have been planted by Dura many millennia ago as a place for the forest folk to seek refuge from any who would see them harmed. The root system of the immense tree spreads throughout the entirety of the forest, the meters-wide roots set like massive arteries among the smaller vessels of the normal trees. The edge of the forest is said to be protected by a mystical barrier that stands wherever the roots reach. The forest folk put much faith is Yggdrasil, and have rallied around that faith to hold off any invading evils, even while the kingdom of men crumbles."

Azure Cove

In Seirus' story, Azure Cove is mentioned.

"Azure Cove is situated between the Dark Forest and the Bastion of the Elements. Its position relative to the ocean's currents means that this patch of water is fickle and fierce. Here, a tranquil sea mirroring the sky above can become a darkly churning maelstrom seemingly without reason or recourse. Decades ago, a massive tsunami swept through the cove, permanently altering the area's gestalt and birthing it in its turmoil a new avatar."

Forest Maze

"There are countless discoveries to be made within the forest. Those that dare venture into it often find it hard to find their way back home again. It's also said that only those who've passed its trials are worthy of revealing its secrets."

-Secrets of the Forest: Background

The Forest Maze is described as being "at the edge of Wilder territory."

It is said that Dura hid artifacts within the Forest Maze. Additionally, an Ancient Tome reads "It is said that only those have earned the forest's respect may adorn its artifacts."

The Forest Maze is filled with hedges that conceal hidden paths, revealing themselves only to true allies of the forest, and vines that grow upon sensing violence, blocking the way. Only those who can earn the forest's respect, proving themselves to Lyca as a true ally of the forest will be able to proceed to the artifact.

The Burning Woods

"This area of woods is said to be scattered with several ancient altars, each altar is said to embody a different type of elemental magic, whether or not the magic within these altars is good or evil is anybodies guess. As a way of maintaining balance between the elements found in this mystical land, ancient Wilder sages created an altar that is now home to a powerful water elemental."

The Burning Woods contain an altar where Seirus sleeps, adjacent to an altar containing Kane. There are several other altars that set the woods on fire when destroyed.


Defenders of The Forest

Union Members

  • Nemora
  • Ogi
  • Arden

Union Attributes

Use Three Heroes Use Three of the following: Elite+ Use Three of the following: Legendary+
HP+1200 DEF+50 ATK+250
HP+1.00% DEF+5.00% DODGE+30

Union Story

Deep in the heart of the forest stands an ancient, gargantuan Oak. Its Branches are

A completed Defenders of The Forest union.

themselves larger than many trees, and they cover an area that could easily house an entire community.

It is Ygdrassil, and for thousands of years it has bathed its surroundings with a placid green glow. For centuries, Arden would come to Ygdrassil and commune with it, placing his gnarled hand on its gnarled trunk, bowing his head with eyes closed, standing in silence for hours or days. The tree has knowledge buried in its core which even the most wizened Oak Sages haven’t yet grasped.

But something has changed. In his last visit, Arden sensed a deep sorrow emanating from the tree, from root to leaf. Strange vines, with which Arden was unfamiliar, looped around the massive trunk. The emerald shine of the tree was dimming, the leaves appearing withered with fading color. This was indeed an ill omen.

Arden returned to the tree the following day. He stood, frowning at the vines, preparing to settle his mind into the trance-like dream state he used to speak with Ygdrassil.

There was a rustling behind him as a graceful white shape emerged from the brush. Nemora. She wore a grave expression. “Something needs your attention. A Dusk Watch patrol found tracks near the lake that don’t match anything we know.

They fear that they could be Hypogean, but they wanted confirmation from a higher authority. Can you spare a moment, wise one?” Arden’s frown deepened as he nodded his head and set off wordlessly in the direction of the lake.

He moved slowly, leaning heavily on his cane. Nemora slowed her gait to walk by his side. As they approached the lake, a stench hit the pair that was unmistakable. Plants were withering, and many didn’t look like they would have any chance of recovery.

A trail of charred, sooty earth ran through the growth. There was no doubt as to what had caused this. “They’ve broken through the protection spell. I didn’t expect it to be so soon.” He turned, lightly grasping Nemora’s arm. “Notify the Dusk Watch at once.

They need to mobilize all available resources and increase recruitment. The war has already begun. Before she could bound away, a thundering roar pealed through the trees. It wasn’t a sound heard often, but one could never forget it after hearing it once. It was Ogi, and he wasn’t happy. They looked to the sound and back at each other. Arden gave a single quick jerk of the head, releasing Nemora’s arm, and she darted toward the commotion, hooves clattering over stones and logs.

A hulking form towered over two Hypogeans. Ogi was the largest thing living in the forest, and even these vicious demons seemed to be wearing their twisted, cruel expressions as a mask for the fear that froze them in place. In Ogi’s left hand were three small chicks, peeping frantically, their nest and the branch which had held it lying broken on the ground. The Hypogeans, as they smoldered through the underbrush, had apparently snapped the limb off the tree. The cries of the distraught chicks had woken Ogi, who had happened to be dozing in a pile of twigs leaves nearby.

Nemora was filled with revulsion at the creatures sullying the place, but Ogi was rage itself. Slabs of muscle shook as he slammed his fist on the ground, and even the leaves on nearby trees shuddered with the impact.

He snarled at the two demons.


He charged headlong toward them, which broke their fear paralysis. They turned heel and made off faster than Ogi could manage. There was no way he’d catch them. He saw it immediately. Without a second thought, he hefted a nearby boulder in his right hand, the left still gently cradling the chicks. The stone flew through the air, landing on one of the invaders. A sickening crunch and a red mist signalled its success. The other ran even faster, fearing the sudden weight of another stone. It wasn’t to come. Though the creature was running full tilt, it detected a rapid approach of hooves at its back. The moment it turned, drawing its weapon, Nemora’s spear bit through its ribcage nearly exiting through its back. It shrieked and clasped at the haft for a moment before slumping to the earth. Ogi stood, panting, his rage quickly turning to despair as he watched the chicks, hurt and overstressed, cling desperately to life. Nemora cantered up, wiping the blood off her spear.

“Hey don’t worry, big guy.”

She placed her own hand, palm down, over the chicks. Ogi felt a serene warmth flow up through his arm and watched as a deep green glow leaked from between Nemora’s delicate fingers. When she pulled her hand away, the two chicks were good as new, sleeping contentedly.

A shuffling in the brush announced Arden’s arrival. He saw the broken branch and nest and detected the residue of Nemora’s healing spell.

Without having to ask, he tapped the tree with his staff in the place where the limb had been broken, and a new one began to sprout. It grew rapidly, and in one spot several twigs grew into circles, weaving themselves into a nest.

He gestured, smiling, toward the replacement home. Ogi approached and with great care, softly placed the sleeping animals into their new home. He looked to Arden. In his emotional state, he was even less articulate than usual.

He placed a massive hand on the old sage’s shoulder.


Arden patted his hand.

“Join us. Our home and all its inhabitants need to be protected. I think you could help us save this place.”

Ogi nodded fervently as Nemora looked on, a small smile playing on her face.

“Yes. Ogi help. Ogi Protect.”

The Dusk Patrollers

Union Members

  • Ira
  • Kaz
  • Lyca

Union Attributes

Use Three Heroes Use Three of the following: Elite+ Use Three of the following: Legendary+
ATK +120 HP+1000 ATK+250
ATK+1.00% ACC+30 CRIT+15
HP+5.00% ATK+10.00%

Union Story

A completed The Dusk Patrollers union.

A sharp black shape stabbed through the Hypogean officer’s heart. It slumped to the floor, still wearing a vicious twist on its face.

Kaz flicked the blood off her darkened blade and wiped what remained on the grass as she stooped to grab the foul thing under the arms and drag it to a shadowy corner of the encampment.

Her eyes darted back and forth as she pulled the dead weight through the grass, the only sound its armor rustling through the dark. When she arrived at a safer location, she began rummaging, checking pockets, boots, and anywhere else that something of value might be found.

She was here to kill whichever officers she could find without detection and gather what intelligence she could. Her long ears twitched. More were coming. It sounded like three of them, likely guards on patrol.

She paid them no mind and continued feeling through the pockets and armor of the fallen lieutenant. She was tucked away out of sight, safe in the shadows. Surely they wouldn’t see her.

The patrol rounded the makeshift barracks and suddenly Kaz was illuminated. She was right about there being three of them, but what she hadn’t expected was the bright light emanating from their eyes, freezing her there in a blind panic.

The leader shrieked as an arrow appeared in the small openings of each guard’s armor. They fell, and Kaz turned toward a massive old tree some distance away, signaling her gratitude.

Her backup, Ira, saw her and remained still. Kaz gripped something in the demon’s boot. Some kind of scroll. She moved quickly and quietly with her prize back toward the edge of the encampment and the tree in which Ira was perched.

The archer dropped from a low branch, the only sound a barely audible flutter from her dark cloak.

“Good shooting, as always.”

Kaz said through a slight smile.

“It’s nearly dawn. Let’s get back with what we have.”

Ira looked toward the tree line and slung her bow on her back. “I don’t have enough arrows to deal with all of them once the dead are discovered. Come on.

They set off, slipping through shadows when possible and stepping lightly, hunched and hurried, when exposed. It wasn’t long before the bodies were discovered and the alarm raised.

There was a sound of many wings beating against the air as the enemy began to spread in every direction, searching for the intruders. Kaz and Ira were making good time, but the day was coming and the light would betray them to the searching eyes high above.

They had to move faster. There were patrols everywhere. Sneaking past them in the dark of night was simple enough, but this wouldn’t be so easy. Ahead, a small group of sentries stood guarding a smaller forward garrison with weapons at the ready.

They hadn’t yet noticed the two dark forms moving swiftly toward them. “We’ll have to break our way through’ whispered Ira, ducking behind a large rock. Kaz nodded once and moved ahead.

They both knew what to do. Just as the nearest sentry began to turn its exposed back away from Kaz’s approach, she leapt forward, thrusting her stiletto into its back in the same instant that flit of arrows landed in the chest and neck of another.

They fell without any screams, but there were too many eyes in the vicinity. More of the enemy filed in, neither raising an alarm in full nor giving the two Wilders a chance to escape.

The Hypogeans fell in ones and twos as they came to investigate the suspicious noises, but finally the assassins were found out and what remained of the garrison rushed out to encircle the embattled pair.

Ira’s quiver was empty. A few of the enemy took some haphazard shots with their strange weapons. A short, black bolt buried itself in the flesh just below Ira’s shoulder.

Kaz put one of her daggers in Ira’s good hand, giving her a resolute look. If they were to die here, they would do so under a mountain of slain adversaries.

The captain of the garrison raised a gnarled hand and roared the order to charge. Kaz grimaced, Ira snarled, and both raised their blades, bracing themselves for the tide of violence ahead.

The underbrush in the nearby woods burst open, and a group of Wilders with graceful bows and slender blades jumped forward. The Dusk Watch. A powerful voice rose above the surprised shouts of the Hypogeans.

“Charge! Breach their lines!”

Lyca sat astride a beautiful white doe, loosing arrows in rapid succession. It seemed that she hardly aimed before letting them fly.

They glowed a bright white, and left silvery trails behind them as they arced toward their victims, each one finding the heart of its target.

The enemy was in disarray. Some rushed forward, hoping to score a fatal strike on the two they had thought done for. Others turned to meet the new threat from the trees.

The fighting was ferocious. There were screams and the sound of blades ringing against one another, grunts of surprise and pain, and always the silver streaks following Lyca’s arrows to visit destruction on the invader.

Even so, there were too many for the Dusk Patrollers to maintain the upper hand much longer. Lyca rode forward alone, now firing at foes only a few paces away. Her mount jumped through an opening carved through the enemy ranks.

She pulled the wounded Ira, now pale from blood loss, atop the doe. She shot a quick look at Kaz without slowing her fire.

“Let’s go home.”

Wisdom & Hope

Union Members

  • Tasi
  • Ulmus

Union Attributes

Use Two Heroes Use Two of the following: Elite+ Use Two of the following: Legendary+
HP+1200 ATK+150 DEF+100
HP+1.00% ATK+5.00% CRIT+10

Union Story

A completed Wisdom & Hope union.

Ulmus is one of the eldest and wisest treants in the forest. He is well-known for his calm demeanor, but for a time there seemed to be something amiss. Something was perturbing him. He began to have a recurring nightmare that lasted for months. In this dream he was unable to move while some sort of defiling evil permeated his surroundings, moving closer and closer to him with each passing night. He could still feel the sting of the putrid thing's scent when awakening. While seeking help and answers, Ulmus discovered that the other treants were suffering the same affliction.

Another night, and drowsiness overcomes Ulmus as he struggles to stay awake. He knows he's fighting a losing battle. He knows the nightmare is waiting to envelop him yet again. This time in his nightmare, the soil is completely spoiled and a wretched black claw floats in front of his eyes, menacing him from the darkness. Ulmus can only flinch as he finds himself locked in place. He watches the claw with a helpless sort of dread as it inches ever closer, when suddenly the scene is disrupted by a flash of blue light. The claw cracks and retracts, shriveling in the wake of the light.

He didn't fall into another nightmare again for many nights. The blue mist would appear in his dreams, soothing him into a restful night. However, as time passed, the blue mist became fleeting, and the evil decay once again rooted itself in his slumber. While once again confronting his nightmare, Ulmus heard an unfamiliar voice. "Someone... please help me." a waning feminine voice could be heard coming out of the blue mist.

"Who goes there? How can I help?" Ulmus responded.

"My name is Tasi, I am the fairy of dreams. A strong evil has reared its ugly head once again. I was able to prevent its pervasion for a short time, but it grows strong. I am not longer able to purge the darkness from dreams. Please, go to the spring of life and call forth the summoning of my spirit."

Ulmus awoke and sprung immediately into action, making his way toward the spring of life, deep within the forest. It was said that Dura created the miraculous spring as a parting gift for the Wilders. Ulmus was meticulous in performing the ritual, and he had brought good offerings. From the corner of his eye he saw a brilliant, luminous flower bud appear beside the spring. From withing its brightness Ulmus was able to discern a beautiful face, it was then that he heard a familiar voice.

"Thank you, Ulmus."

The bud burst open and from within it, she stood upright. Tasi stretched, unfolding her beautiful wings. They gently flickered like a butterfly's.

"We finally meet in your realm. Thank you for calling forth my spirit. Thank you for gifting me with such a beautiful body." She smiled radiantly, illuminating the surrounding dark forest.

Since Tasi's arrival into the physical realm, she stuck by Ulmus' side, fighting for the forest against the encroaching darkness that so doggedly clawed its way into the green lands. The southern woods had already succumbed to the evil, and the war had come to their doorstep.

The first battle went surprisingly well for the defenders, but they had only won the day, not the war. Moreover, the victory they had achieved that day was just a minor setback for the demonic invaders. In the fighting, Ulmus sustained a slight injury. He couldn't have known how serious it actually was. It wasn't until a few days later that Ulmus began to realize the gravity of the situation. The enemy must have used some kind of concoction on their blades. Some unsavoury union of poison and curse. A rot had set in and he became entangled and locked down by the rotting ground. Not even the spring of life seemed able to undo this blight.

"Wake up, Ulmus! Wake up!" Tasi yelled frantically as she sat by his side, fearing that he was already too far gone.

She considered simply putting the old treant out of his misery, but even this small kindness was made impossible by the corruption, The same rot that rooted Ulmus to the ground and weakened his mental state also strengthened his physical resistance. She used the last of her energy that remained after the fighting to enter the dreams of the great elder, Arden, calling for him to help. She then evaporated into a haze of blue mist as she entered the rotting heart of Ulmus, to seek him out in his dream and see what still remained of him.

Tasi found Ulmus' weakened spirit wandering the darkness of his dream. Though frightened, a coherent Ulmus still lived on inside. Tasi had found her friend, but after tapping all of her energy to enter the dream she faced the same problem as he. She would also be trapped in this shell, unable to communicate with the outside world. A prisoner trapped in a rotten cell.

Luckily for the two of them, Arden heeded Tasi's dream message. After he had exorcised the blight from Ulmus, The treant searched day and night in search of his beloved Tasi.

"Where are you, Tasi?"

Tears streamed down Ulmus' face. He then noticed one of a small blue bud growing on one of his branches. A familiar color. Ulmus felt elated.

It didn't bloom immediately as it had before, in fact it didn't seem to grow much at all. Every day he tended to it, making sure it was well protected from the elements. He waited countless days and nights to see that face again.

"Thank you, Ulmus" she murmured.

"Welcome back, Tasi" Ulmus softly replied.

They had been united once more.


There are many bounties that include additional information about Wilders.

Solo Bounties

Level Title Description Requirements
Mythic The Following Vanquish all followers of the demonic occult
  • Two Lightbearer heroes
  • One Wilder hero
Mythic Frozen Goods Travel into the white woods to acquire some crystal ore that can be used to forge powerful weapons for the Maulers' heroes.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Mauler hero
Mythic Frosty A Frost dragon from the far north has flown south and is wreaking havoc. Rally your men against it.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Mauler hero
Legendary Limitless Knowledge Attend a class at the Arcane Library.
  • One Wilder hero
  • Two Mauler heroes
Legendary Healing Herbs Search within the forests and gather some medicinal herbs to help the injured Wilders recover more quickly.
  • One Wilder hero
  • Two Graveborn heroes
Legendary A message from the wild Deliver a leaf from the world tree to Arden.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Mauler hero
Legendary Nefarious Spirits One of the local townsfolk is being tormented by a nefarious spirit. Help them drive off the mischievous poltergeist.
  • One Wilder hero
  • Two Graveborn heroes
Legendary Source of Corruption Arden can smell a putrid stench wafting throughout the forest. Accompany him to investigate the source of the smell.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Mauler hero
Legendary Overcome the sleeping evil. Demonic spirits are adept at hiding themselves. Destroy any graves you suspect are home to dormant evils.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Graveborn hero
Elite Scattered Embers For some unknown reason, many elemental creatures have been disappearing, leaving only mounds of dust and embers on the ground where they stood. Investigate the cause of their disappearances.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Graveborn hero
Elite Sleepless Nights A restless spirit is terrorizing the local soldier's dreams. Put the spirit to rest.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Mauler hero
Elite Gold Coating It's a well-known fact that coating your weapons in gold can imbue them with magical properties. Help the Kingdom with its war efforts.
  • Two Lightbearer heroes
  • One Wilder hero
Elite In-fighting Fighting has broken out between the Centaurs and Bear of the Mauler faction. Use diplomacy to help mediate the dispute.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Mauler hero
Elite Prisoners of War The Hypogeans have captured several Wilders, subjecting them to severe torture. Liberate the Wilders from their wicked captors.
  • One Wilder hero
  • Two Graveborn heroes
Elite Safe Passage Travelling merchants are unable to pass through Esperia safely. Escort them safely to their destination.
  • Two Lightbearer heroes
  • One Wilder hero
Elite Migration Wildlife is fleeing from the demon invaders at the edge of the forest. Go to the edge of the forest and help them migrate safely away from the invaders.
  • One Wilder hero
  • Two Mauler heroes
Elite Strange Transformations Magical entities have started attacking travellers[sic] in the forest. Investigate and dispose of any threats.
  • One Wilder hero
  • Two Mauler heroes
Elite A green alliance Ensure safe passage of the King's gift to the Wilders in the shady forest.
  • Two Wilder heroes
  • One Graveborn hero
Rare A precious gift Help deliver precious ore to the Dwarf King
  • One Lightbearer hero
  • One Wilder hero
Rare Special Specimens Seek out some rare plant specimens deep within forest so that the Wilders' botanists can research them for their medicine.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Mauler hero
Rare Rotten Bark Trees within the forest are being affected by the barred gate's demonic magic and are starting to rot. Set up a forcefield around the trees to protect.
  • Two Wilder heroes
Rare Morvus' Request Huntin' takes its toll. Resupply Morvus with his beloved dwarven stout and gun powder.
  • Two Wilder heroes
Rare Neverending Nightmare A poor spirit has been tormented by nightmares of his death everyday. Use divine magic to relieve the poor spirit of his nightmares.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Graveborn hero
Rare Nemora's duty Help Nemora aid the civilians that were in injured in the demonic ambush
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Graveborn hero
Rare Pestilence An unknown disease is spreading throughout the city with terrifying speed, causing its citizens to fall ill and die. Help the city's maesters research a cure.
  • One Lightbearer hero
  • One Wilder hero

Team Bounties

Level Title Description Requirements
Legendary Ogi's rage Help Ogi defeat the demons in the forest that are pestering him.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Graveborn hero
Legendary Undead Research Research the Graveborn's biology and ascertain what their weaknesses are.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Mauler hero
Legendary Retribution The tyrannical rulers[sic] of the old empire has been raised from the dead to terrorize the world once more. Lift the curse and lay him to rest.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Graveborn hero
Elite Evil Imbuer It would seem some of the gold from the Arcane Labs has gone missing. Investigate.
  • One Lightbearer hero
  • One Wilder hero
Elite Gloomy Forest A once friendly beast become[sic] enraged. Deal with this beast and investigate what caused his unusual transformation.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Mauler hero
Elite Angelo's Request Accompany and protect Angelo as he makes his way to the frontlines.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Graveborn hero
Rare Crystal Ore The dwarves are renowned for their smelting skills. Venture into the mines and acquire the crystals they seek.
  • One Wilder hero
  • One Graveborn hero


  • In Kaz, Arden, and Ira's stories, as well as the union stories "The Dusk Patrollers" and "Defenders of The Forest," the Wilder task force is referred to as "The Dusk Watch," in comparison to the union title "The Dusk Patrollers." The Peaks of Time stage "Rest in Peace" also uses the name "The Dusk Patrollers." It is possible that they are alternate names for the same task force, or that The Dusk Patrollers is a sub-force consisting of Ira, Kaz, and Lyca specifically.
  • Wilders seem to possess a natural connection to the gods and deities, as evidenced in several places throughout lore.
    • Tasi is from the dream realm and possesses immense power and influence over dreams. She has chosen to take physical form and identify as a Wilder.
    • Seirus is a manifestation of the elements themselves, taking physical form and identifying as a Wilder.
    • Eironn was chosen by the elements as stated in his story. "Eironn hadn't chosen the elements, they had chosen him."
    • Lyca's deer was foretold in a prophecy known by the Wilder sages: "...when the forest was enshrouded by evil, the stars would manifest in the form of a pure and holy sigil. The sigil would seek out a worthy hero, and together they would drive the evil away from their beloved home."
    • Yggdrasil is said to have been planted by Dura thousands of years ago as a refuge for the forest folk.
    • The spring of life which gave Tasi physical form was said to have been Dura's parting gift to the Wilders.

Dreaf, possessing the qualities noted in Ezizh's story.

  • In Ira's story, the terms "war-riors," "men-ace," "supernat-ural," and "mon-sters" are used. These may be quirks of Wilder dialect or simply errors.
  • Strangely, the sapling mentioned in Ezizh's story matches the description of Dreaf. "The slender sapling was thick-trunked, with whip-like tendrils dangling from branches sprouting sick, fat blossoms that seemed to sweat in the moonlight. Its seeds, seeming to glower with a pale purple glow[...]"

Concept Art

Early designs for select Wilder heroes.


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