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You most likely will run into a point in your gaming experience where you cannot progress through the main story. Their may be that one boss that just doesn't die, or a whole set of enemies that just destroy your team in a matter of a few seconds. So, what can you do now?

Other Forms of Battling:


When you cant progress in the main story, remember that their is still the Kings Tower, the Arcane Labyrinth, many different Peaks of Time levels, and daily Wrizz Battles in the Guild Hall (Under Team Hunting, See Picture). You can also use your passes to fight in the Arena of Heroes, But the passes are limited and this is the least helpful towards progressing in the game.

Repeated Attempts On a Stage:


Afk arena is HEAVILY based around RNG (Luck). There are many different forms of random events that can change the outcome of a battle. One example of an RNG based hero is Arden(See Picture). Ardens ability "Entangling Roots" Allows him to summon tree roots from the ground and stops enemies from moving, attacking, or blocking attacks. Another example of RNG are critical hits. Critical hits are just like normal hits, but they do more damage and appear with a red/orange text color. Normal hits will just have white text color. Enemies can also stun or cause critical hits to your team. With the right amount of RNG from your units, you can push through those few tough but not impossible levels.

Going AFK:

Now this one is kind of obvious, due to the name of the game. One of the major ways to earn income or items for your heroes in game is to "AFK" . AFK is a term used to say someone is not at their keyboard or device. In this case, closing the game for a bit will allow the AFK timer to start ticking. You can AFK for a max of 12 hours before the game stops generating currency/loot for you. Gold Coins and Experience are one of the main currencies earned from going AFK, and are required to upgrade your heroes.

Having a Good Formation:

Probably the most important part of the game is having a good formation with your heroes, you don't want your range units in the front line while your tanks are in the back. The most ideal strategy for a team formation is two tanks, one main damaging hero, one healer, and one support. Your main damaging unit has to be able to kill all of their team while your tanks take all the damage and your support makes sure everyone stays alive. Some formations don't require you to have this specific number of tanks, heroes, etc., but for early to mid game, its best to make sure you have a good formation while fighting your enemies. Some well known carries for damage are Saveas (Up to hero level 160) And Shemira (161 and up). Finally, make sure you ascend your team as much as you can. --> IMPORTANT <-- Only Use Fodder Units when ascending your team.

Go Pay2Play:

Although AFK Arena is a completely free to play game, you can go to the gem shop where you can spend real money to get an advantage in the game. There are many packs that you can purchase for money. These pack give you items such as:

  • Gems
  • Experience
  • Coins
  • Heroes
  • Items for your heroes
  • Summoning Scrolls
  • Other items used to upgrade heroes/items

Games like AFK Arena can be addicting. Which is why its best to be careful with your money if you decide to spend money to progress in the game. Don't overspend your money or spend other peoples money without their permission. That being said, you can still buy packs and reap the rewards, just be careful.

Final Note:

As you progress further and further into the game, your progress will quickly diminish. It may take days, even weeks, to just get past 1 boss. You just have to have patience with the game. AFK until you can upgrade your units, take part in all the daily quests. There is a lot you can do, but in the mean time, you just have to AFK.

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