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We know that signature items can make a big difference in battles, as they provide unique skills that can guarantee victory. Many players, however, are unsure which signature item to put on +30 first, as they all seem to be extremely strong on +30. In addition, the faction badges used to evolve from +21 to + 30 are quite difficult to obtain.

Here is a valuable tip: The best way to get them is through the events that Lilith promotes from time to time. Among all awards, choosing faction badges will always be a smart decision.

But then, which signature item should we focus on first and put on +30? The answer is Rowan's golden bell (The Gold Chime)! This item will instantly give +400 energy to the first ally who arrives at 600 energy right at the start of the battle, and whenever Rowan sets up the potions stall again. This gives an extremely large advantage over the opposing team, since the main advantage over the enemy is that their team has the energy to use their supreme skills. Whoever normally launches a sweeping skill wins first, so Rowan's signature item is the best of all! There are others that are also very good, such as Talene and Rosaline and Thoran and Ferael items, for example, but Rowan's item is the best!

A good example that this makes a lot of difference is when the player is in the arcane maze, or in the peaks of time. The more energy you have, the greater your chances of winning.

You can see my beautiful Rowan in the pictures beside. I have been playing since 01/01/2020 and with his help I am already in the middle of chapter 24. Rowan carries me in that game.

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