During this event, players can trade their Beastly Pendant for a variety of items.

The Scorched Chronicles

Worn by the courageous victors of battle, these pure-white teeth were crafted into pendants that would let the world know about the warrior's glory.
-gretel Hawke


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New and novel gladiatorial events are seemingly popping up throughout Esperia. Naturally, with the new combative events growin ever popular, the denizens of the realm flock to the arenas in droves. Some choose to step bravely into the arena as combatants, seeking to test their mettle against worthy adversaries, while others choose to stand meekly on the sidelines merely as curious spectators. With such a great following, the gladiatorial events have given rise to a new type of black market, a market that allows only the victors to reap its benefits. With the spoils of combat in-hand, the winners choose to trade in their glory for expensive and highly sought after commodities.


  1. Players may exchange Beastly Pendants for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).
  2. Players can acquire lots of Beastly Pendants from the Battle of Blood event, Daily Quest Chests and the Easy Autumns event.
  3. Players must possess at least 1 Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem items for activating or enhancing Signature Items.
  4. Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can be used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.
  5. Players may exchange Poe Coins in this event after unlocking the Oak Inn feature.
  6. Once a player has completed Stage 16-40 they may exchange Reset Scrolls in this event. Reset Scrolls can be used to reset the factional bonuses of Mythic tier or higher gear.
  7. Excess Beastly Pendant will be recalled for 30k Gold Coins per pendant once the event has concluded.

Beastly Pendant

Beastly Pendant

An exceedingly sharp beast tooth that has been crafted into a pendant. This object symbolizes glory and honor to the denizens of the Scorched Expanse. Beastly Pendants will be automatically refunded for 30K Gold coins per pendant after the event.

Players can acquire more Beastly Pendants in Daily Quest Chest, in the Easy Autumns event and in the Battle of Blood event.

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