The Lucent Vault banner as shown in game

The new adventure is available in the Voyage of Wonders.

Start: August 22nd, 00:01 UTC. End: September 5th, 23:59 UTC.

Just like any Voyage of Wonders:

  • It can be restarted and replayed anytime;
  • The rewards are the same for everybody;
  • The enemies are scaled based on your own hero levels and won't increase in difficulty.


"Yet another peculiar realm, not too unlike 'The Divine Realm', this place is not bound by the normal laws of nature that govern Esperia. In an environment as unstable as it is, one must tread carefully, as to avoid the oddly-lit sky bridges collapsing without a moment's notice. No sane person would venture into such a hostile environment, but to those that seek only to enrich themselves, death is nothing more than a mere afterthought."


The rewards inside the Crystal Treasure Chests

Crystal Treasure Chest Rewards:

  • 10 Faction Scrolls
  • 500 Diamonds
  • 6 Large Crate of Gold (24 Hours)
  • Hero Choice Chest
The options of the Hero Choice Chest

This time the Hero Choice Chest has different heroes compared to the Chest obtained with the previous Voyage of Wonders adventure, 'The Forgotten Mine'. Now we can pick one of these rewards:

  • 1 Tasi
  • 1 Nara
  • 1 Thane
  • 1 Skreg
  • 5 Faction Scrolls
The rewards inside the Gold Treasure Chests

Gold Treasure Chest Rewards:

  • 8 Large Crate of Hero's Essence (8 Hours)
  • 4 Small Pile of Hero Experience (6 Hours)
  • 6 Large Crate of Gold (24 Hours)


Being similar to 'The Divine Realm', in this adventure we will find platforms to access switches and relic chests. These blue platforms will start to disappear after the beginning of the adventure and after each battle they'll keep disappearing. The path is the following:

A map showing all the tiles of 'The Lucent Vault'

Clear each of the enemies and be sure to click the blue switch and don't forget to collect the relic chest (step 1-3). Then, challenge the group at the center of the adventure, that will leave behind the Rune of Power (step 4). Activate it to restore all the blue bridges:

The prompt that appears when clicking the Rune of Power

After all the bridges have been restored, you can take the relic chest and the first gold chest (step 5). It's not mandatory that you take it in this moment, but it might help you with the next battles, since it's also a Legendary relic. Then, clear the right side (steps 6-8). When the last switch will be clicked, you will see a prompt saying The nearby terrain seems to have undergone a change. All the bridges will be definitely restored and won't disappear after battles. Also, the portal at the center will be activated and will let you challenge the boss guarding the chest containing the Hero Chest. There's no particular order to complete these battles, although you might find it easier if you leave the final boss as the last battle.

Alternative Paths

The previous path was intended to help you get the relics as soon as possible, helping you save health and energy. Actually, there's no precise order to finish this adventure. If you feel your team is quite strong, you can complete the adventure in any way. For example, you can take down all the enemies guarding the bridges and then the Rune of Power to click all the switches and take the relic chests in one go.


  • Just like any adventure from Peaks of Time, you can reset 'The Lucent Vault' as many times you prefer.
  • By clicking on the relic chests you can check what's inside, even if you're far from them. This way you can reset the adventure until you find relics that you like. Note: you can't check the relic chests that will be dropped by the enemies until you defeat them.
  • You can use the Rune of Power as many times as you want. Be careful: every time the Rune of Power is used, you'll have to face a stronger enemy in order to use it again.
  • You can use friend's mercenaries to complete this adventure: if you find yourself stuck with the final boss you can take it down with several rounds, each with one mercenary (remember, you can use only one mercenary per team).
  • In this adventure, you can use mercenaries for several battles (opposed to the Campaign and Tower limit of once per week).
  • There's no shame in switching from Auto mode to Manual! It will require you more attention, but you can save energy (in case some heroes use their ultimate ability right before the end of the battle), and also make some good combos between your heroes ultimates.
  • If you find Thoran's curse a problem, you can counter that by having Lucius's Heaven's Protection ability ready at the start of the battle.

Strange Behaviours

Here's a small list of glitches and strange behaviours I encountered while completing 'The Lucent Vault':

  • There's a little chance of encountering a graphic glitch that will misplace some blue platforms, after you activate all the switches. However, this is just a visual thing, and you can step on the bridges without any problem (the bridge will get fixed when you cross it and it gets messed up again when you move the visual).
    A visual glitch causing some bridges to disappear while still keeping functionality

    You can see how I reached that point crossing a bridge that is not visible (the other one in the bottom-right of the screen in visible)

  • Only the foes guarding the bridges make the bridge disappear: if you take down one of the enemies that block the way to the gold chests, the bridge won't disappear and you won't have to restart the whole adventure. (Not sure if this is intended or not)
A picture showing how the bridges haven't collapsed after a battle before pressing the switches

Reached this point without pressing those two switches - the bridges haven't collapsed

  • Hogan and Mirael will start talking right after one of your heroes will die for the first time during the adventure, giving you advice. However, it will happen even after successfully defeating the final boss, but losing one or more heroes, even if you won't have to face other battles.
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