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The Voyage of Wonders is a series of limited Peaks of Time events in AFK Arena.


It is depicted as a hot-air balloon located in the Dark Forest that was added in Patch 1.22. New adventures will appear sometimes after the previous ones, with a break of a week or two. Each adventure has unique lore and grants different rewards, including the chests with heroes to choose from.

  • Each adventure lasts for 14 days.
  • The rewards are the same for everybody.
  • Enemies will scale based on your own hero levels at the start of the event.
  • The enemies will not increase in difficulty once the event has started, so you can grow stronger within the 14 days time limit and keep attempting it.
  • The adventure can be restarted anytime, just like adventures in the Peaks of Time.

List of Voyages

Besides the main reward chests each Voyage grants players with other various rewards such as: Icon bag diamond.jpg Diamonds, Draw ticket special.jpg Draw ticket normal.jpg Scrolls and consumable Dust8h.jpg G24h.jpg Xp24h.jpg Items.

Voyage Name Main Reward
The Frozen Pass
The Frosted Expanse
The Fields Of Stone
The Highburn Stronghold
The Fallen Souls
The Fabled Forest
The Depths of Time
The Lucent Vault
Hero Choice Chest.jpg
The Forgotten Mine
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