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Patch 1.87 was released on April 12, 2022. Here’s the full patch notes.

New Hero


Added the new Wilder hero: Oku - Ironfist

The new hero Oku - Ironfist will be available to test play from 2022/04/13 00:00 UTC.

Added the Bountiful Trials event for Oku - Ironfist, as well as the Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence 2022/04/13 00:00 UTC.

New Additions and Optimizations

Added a new skin for Grezhul called “The Loyal Protector”, which can be obtained during the “Ravishing Roses” event. This skin will be purchasable from the Wardrobe after the event.

Added a new skin for Lucretia called “The Resplendent Dancer”, which can be purchased for a discounted price at the Wardrobe during a limited event period. This skin will be removed from the Wardrobe after the event.

Added the "Disaster's Emergence" event, which will become available to players after completing Stage 3-12, and which opens on 2022/04/22 00:00.

The “Fight of Fates” event is due to start on 2022/04/18 00:00. This version of the Fight of Fates features the following adjustments:

- Added new cards. Specifics can be viewed within the event.

- Balanced some cards to make them more in line with expectations.

- Optimized network latency during matchmaking.

Added the adventure “The Golden Isles” to the Voyage of Wonders feature, which will be available from 2022/04/16 00:00.

Added “The Arid Badlands” to the Wandering Balloon, which can be unlocked by completing Stage 32-20 of the Campaign and by completing 60% of “The Snowy Front”, which shall be available from 2022/04/23 00:00.

Increased the max health of both “Wrizz” and “Soren” within Guild Team Hunting. Players can now deal more damage to them, resulting in more rewards. This change will take effect once the update goes live. Please pay attention to the time when unlocking and challenging Soren and Wrizz.

Twisted Bounties Optimizations

- When players reach the relevant requirements after the update goes live, a new version of the Twisted Bounties, Regal Rewards and Champions of Esperia features shall be unlocked. Both common and premium rewards for these events have been increased.

- The original Twisted Bounties, Regal Rewards and Champions of Esperia features will be denoted by an “(old)” label, and may be used concurrently with the newer version. Versions labeled as “(old)” shall no longer be refreshable.

Optimized the way the campaign stage AFK Rewards are displayed, which will take effect after update goes live.

- Items with higher drop probabilities will now be displayed on the world map and on the chapter page as the campaign progresses.

- It is now possible to view the AFK Rewards of the current and next chapter via the AFK Reward page.

Optimized the Rickety Cart Reset Hero function. Players that have yet to progress past Stage 5-1 of the campaign can now reset their heroes for free at the Rickety Cart.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

Elijah & Lailah - Celestial Twins

- Fixed an issue where the skill "Grace" would incorrectly prioritize allied summoned units as targets under rare circumstances.

- Optimized the targeting selection logic and skill description for the skill "Grace". Allied heroes who have not already been affected by one of the two heroes when Grace is used will be given priority. Details are subject to the in-game description.

Zikis - The Languid

- Fixed an issue that was causing a battle verification issue to occur in very rare circumstances. The skill's actual effects remain unchanged.

Audrae - The Chaotic Star

- Fixed an issue that, in rare circumstances would cause the duration of the “Focus Fire” skill’s defense rating debuff to be shortened.

- Fixed several anomalies that were affecting level and tier attribute bonuses. Please refer to the game for specifics.