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Patch 1.79 was released on December 22, 2021. Here’s the full patch notes.



Added the new Wilder hero: Astar - The Brilliant Flame

Added the Bountiful Trials event for Astar - The Brilliant Flame, as well as the Arena of Trials event "Guild Trials"


Added the new game mode called “Temporal Rift”. The Temporal Rift season will commence on 2021/12/22 00:00 UTC. Players can access it after completing Stage 19-40. This version of the eventis a test version only, which will run for 30 days. Inh this game mode, all heroes will have a level of 360, and all gear they are wearing will be Mythic T3, including slots which are empty (Gear will not make use of Hero Bonuses.) If a hero already has Mythic T3 gear equipped, the hero's bonus effects will remain. Hero tiers will remain unaffected, and they will not enjoy artifact attribute and effect bonuses.

  • The test season will have a duration of 30 days, and the highest floor which can be reached is floor 300. The official version will run for 90 days, and the number of floors which can be reached is unlimited. The available time of the official version will be announced in future patch notes.
  • Defeating enemies will reward players with Hero Badges which can improve hero's power briefly in the Temporal Rift and will be destroyed after a challenge is reset.
  • During a season, players can increase the level of the Temporal Armillary in order to increase the rate at which they acquire resources and unlock other game modes. For specifics please view the Temporal Armillary Level page. The Temporal Armillary's level will be reset with the commencement of each new season.
  • Players can raise the Combat Rating of heroes within the Temporal Rift via the Temporal Beacon. Heroes' Combat Ratings shall not be reset when a Temporal Rift run is reset. Raising the Temporal Beacon's level requires the expenditure of Continuum Essence and Continuum Cores which can be acquired by leveling up the Fountain of Time completing designated floors for the first time, and from Temporal Feedback events. Once a season has ended, the Temporal Beacon progress will be deleted along with Continuum Essence and Continuum Cores.
  • By reaching designated floors for the first time, players are able to claim Stargazer Scrolls, Hero Soulstones, Hero Experience, Gold, Hero Essence, Elemental Cores, Poe Coins, Twisted Essence and Emblems etc. For specifics please view the Hero Defense Force page.


  • Added a new skin for Satrana - Flame Weaver called "Wintry Blaze", which can be obtained during the Midwinter Feast event. This skin will be purchasable from the Wardrobe after the event.
  • Added a new skin for Saurus - The Risen Warrior called "Winter Explorer”, which can be purchased for a discounted price at the Wardrobe during a limited event period. This skin will be removed from the Wardrobe after the event.


  • A new event has been added, which is called " The Phoenix Descends". During the event, players can earn rewards by participating in a global game activity.
  • Added the event called "Midwinter Feast". During the event, players need to work together with their guild mates to collect ingredients and create delicious culinary delights.


  • Added the adventure “The Icy Garden” to the Voyage of Wonders feature.
  • Added "Deathly Marshlands” to the Wandering Balloon, which can be unlocked by completing Stage 30-20 of the Campaign and by completing 60 % of "The Realm of Denial".



  • Players can now climb up to 750 floors within each of the 4-Faction Towers. Simultaneously, the difficulty of some floors between 690 and 720 has also been reduced.
  • Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 460 and 480 of the Celestial Sanctum and Infernal Fortress, and also added more floors, bringing the total number of floors to 500 for both towers.
  • Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 1200 and 1250 of the King's Tower, and also added more floors, bringing the total number of floors to 1300.
  • Adjusted the content within Hero Growth Bundles. The purchase limit for these bundles shall be reset when the update goes live. Please refer to the game for more details.
  • Optimized the description of the "Abyssal Aid" rules so they are more consistent with their actual effects. Effects on rewards remain unchanged.

Hero Adjustments and Changes


The Seer of Origins - Fixed an issue that would cause Orthros to move outside of the battlefield on very rare occasions when using his Ultimate ability, “Time Suspension".


Queen of Stars - Optimized the damage targeting mechanic of her ability "Cosmic Motion” so it no longer calculates the damage of enemies who are immune to damage.


Devourer of Flames - Optimized the skill description of his Ultimate ability "Blazing Meteor”. The actual effects of this ability remain the same.