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Patch 1.44 was released on August 4, 2020. Here’s the full Patch Notes.

New Mauler Hero


Added the new Mauler hero: Drez – The Quicksand Recluse.

The Abyssal Expedition Returns

Opened the event: Abyssal Expedition. This event will be available from Local Time: 30/07/2020 14:00 (Test server). Players may enroll for this event after completing stage 15-40 of the campaign.

x4 Battle Speed Function

The x4 Battle Speed function has been added to all types of battles. It can be unlocked after completing Chapter 21 or reaching VIP level 11.

Arena of Trials

The hero trial feature has changed and is now known as the “Arena of Trials” feature. Whenever a new hero arrives in Esperia, the Arena of Trials’ Bountiful Trials” event shall also become available.

New Voyage Adventure

Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure: Windfall Gorge, which will be available from Local Time:03/08/2020 07:00.

New Wandering Balloon Adventure

Added the adventure ‘The Howling Wastes’ to the ‘Wandering Balloon’ feature, which can be unlocked after completing Stage 21-50.

New Campaign Chapter

Added the new campaign chapter – Chapter 36 – Dragon’s Rest.


Increased the chances of Emblem Choice Chests being produced by The Roamer, found within the Arcane Labyrinth after completing Chapter 25.

Added a button to the Oak Inn feature, that allows players to select and place multiple pieces of furniture at once.

Added a class filter to the hero and battle preparation interfaces.

Added a button that allows players to organize their Resonating Crystal heroes by faction or tier.

Game Optimizations

Optimized the interactive experience of various game interfaces.

Optimized the how certain items are sorted inside the player’s bag.

Abyssal Expedition Optimizations

Added Honorable and Casual enrollment methods to the Abyssal Expedition. Honorable enrollment requires diamonds to enroll, however, once a player reaches a certain title during the event season, they will be able to claim back up to double the amount of diamonds that they had originally spent. Casual enrollment is free, but players do not have the opportunity to claim the additional diamond reward. Honorable and Casual enrollees shall also not be matched with one another during the event.

The event has now been extended to 16 days, with the final 24 hours becoming a “Quiet Tim which allows players to play normally, however, due to the malevolent effects of the evil Zolrath, settlement resources and Stamina cannot be generated during this time.

Adjusted title rewards. Rewards will be confirmed with the commencement of each new season.

Added a “Server Heroics” feature. After the first player on any server has completed a specified task, all other players participating in the Abyssal Expedition will be eligible to claim the reward for this task.

Added the Militia Damage Leaderboard and leaderboard reward. The top 100 Militias with the highest damage at the end of the event, which also meet the specified reward requirements shall receive a “Guild Statue” reward, that can be displayed in their Guild Grounds.

Optimized the boss reward logic. Aside from the boss “The Devourer”, dealing damage to other bosses or defeating minions shall reward players with Blessed Essence. Also, after defeating bosses, all Militia members will be able to utilize that structure, but it will not produce any resources.

Added a new “Settle” feature, which allows players to set up their own encampment on vacant tiles. If the encampment is directly connected to a boss’ tile, the player will receive an addition 5% damage bonus against that boss.

Added a new feature that allows tile coordinates to be shared in chat.

Added Militia Leader and Militia Deputy ranks to Militias. Militia Leaders can change Militia names and emblems and both Militia Leaders and Militia Deputies are able to use the Militia Marker function.

Added two new Gate Defenders: Satrana and Solise.

Optimized Stamina slot rules. If a hero is removed from a slot due to being used as ascension material, their corresponding stamina shall also now be removed.

More occupied settlements within the Forsaken Territories have been discovered.

Reworked all Blessed Relic Tank abilities.

Adjusted the Blessed Relic Mage Ability “Concentration”.

Fixed an issue that was preventing the signature items of several enemies within certain settlements from being effective, and adjusted the difficulty of certain settlements.

Increased the diversity of enemies.

Hero Adjustments and Changes


  • Optimized the character’s animations. Changes made will not affect the character’s battle performance.


  • Optimized the character’s animations. Changes made will not affect the character’s battle performance.


  • Fixed a problem that was causing the “Floral Specter” ability to deal damage to enemies that should have been immune to all forms of damage.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the ability ” Time Rift” from being used when Zolrath was affected by control abilities.


  • Fixed a problem that was preventing Rosaline from receiving the effects of her allies’ abilities while she was using her “Spring Cleaning” ability.