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Patch 1.21 was released on July 17, 2019. Here’s the full Patch Notes.

New Hero


Added the new Lightbearer Hero: Rowan – The Roamer

New Mercenary Hero Feature

Added a new mercenary hero feature. Players can hire heroes from their friends which can be used a limited amount of times in the campaign and King’s Tower. The levels of the hired out heroes are determined by the player’s own level.

New Hero Reversion Feature

Added a new hero reversion feature that can be used at the Rickety Cart if the requirements are met. Reverting allows players to revert heroes to a lower ascension tier and recover ascension resources.

Faction Tower Additions & Changes

Added 40 new floors to the faction towers and adjusted the difficulty of floors 140-160 while simultaneously having made adjustments to some of the rewards for certain floors.

New Battle Display Settings

Added new battle display settings to the main settings. Players can now decide if they want to display hero health bars and battle text.

Hourglasses Are Being Replaced

Added new items that increase the harvesting of AFK Rewards which will replace the original hourglasses. The resources given by the new items are based upon the individual player’s campaign progress and are not affected by any VIP bonuses, however the hour’s worth of resources given by the new hourglasses is now greater than the original hourglasses. Players will still be able to normally use any hourglasses that are in their possession.

Misc Changes

Added the option to disable “press screen” effects, which are displayed when a player touches the screen.

Changed the names of the Mythic+ gear resources required to strengthen the item.

Increased the chances of the materials required to strengthen Mythic+ gear appearing in the Store.

The number of players supporting a certain player to win are now displayed after the player has made a wager in the Legends’ Championship Battle Wager feature instead of before.

Removed Feast of the Beast related items from the game.

Relic Changes

Spine of Heroes and Chest of Heroes relics have been temporarily removed from the Arcane Labyrinth.

Battle Adjustments

Adjusted the enemy formations in campaign stages 21-4, 21-10 as well as certain parts of the Peaks of Time.

Fixed a problem causing certain enemies within Chapters 26 and 28 to be weaker than intended.

Bosses within the Peaks of Time “The Solar Plane” adventure have been made slightly weaker and are now impervious to mind control abilities.

Fixed a problem that was causing Mehira’sMesmerize” ability to freeze battles.


Optimized Dreaf’s animations.

Optimized Bloodsnarl’s animations.

Optimized Gorvo’s ultimate ability portrait effect.