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"History is not set in stone."

Titans of Time are a union of heroes consisting of Zolrath and Orthros.

Union Mercenaries

Zolrath Orthros

Union Attributes

Level Bonus
2 Heroes ATK +120

ATK +1.00%

2 Elite+ Heroes HP +1000

ACC +30

HP +5.00%

2 Legendary+ Heroes HP +2000

ATK +250

HP +10.00%

ATK +10.00%

Union Story

Titans of Time Achievement Badge.

1. My name is Zolrath and I am a Hypogean. I have pierced the veil of time and seen countless future realities play out before my eyes. One I find incomparably joyful, and that is the world meeting its beautiful end: all creatures perishing amidst the chaos and void in a destruction even the very Gods cannot escape.

In the Hypogean tongue, we call such an end of days the "Entropic Annihilation."

In my eyes, time itself is like a pool of shifting sands I can push any way I please. How a particular grain swirls in the midst depends entirely on the craft of the one who controls it. Do so well, and even time will flow according to your volition and result in the end you had hoped to see.

2.) I am Orthros and I am a Celestial.

I had once sought to leap over the fences of time to change the past without caring of the consequences. I once used my powers to save the celestial mother, Dura, from an untimely end only to find out the futility of my efforts.

That is how I learned the truth about time: one who arrogantly attempts to alter the past brings down calamity upon their head.

In my eyes, time is just like a wonderfully crafted watch: every component must be calibrated with the finest precision and without the least deviation. Time should never be twisted to merely personal reasons or calamity will intrude upon time's torrential flood.

Titans of Time.jpg

3.) I am Zolrath and I alter the course of past time.

As a demon, I simply can't resist my destructive nature and hunger for endless chaos in this world. It was only when I tasted the potential futures before me that I finally understood the purpose of my existence.

I've laid an intricate plot to bring about the eventuality I seek. I've been carefully altering different timelines and their consequences, making incisions with the utmost care to build a momentum that will guarantee my vision.

But the future is always in motion. I can't help but notice some uncertain factors that could interfere with my plan.

The being I'm referring to is a divinity with power much like my own. He would rather mend the timelines I have made crooked. I know that we will eventually meet as the most determined foes.

4.) I'm Orthros. I rectify time.

I have a very strong desire, perhaps because of my divine nature, for all flesh to live in this world with some semblance of order and regularity. I only really grasped my duty when I had perceived the true nature of time.

I must straighten crooked timelines. It is only right. It is what I must do to protect the future that the celestial mother, Dura, paid for with her life. I must pick up the pieces from the wreckage and mend time to prevent greater disasters after what I did.

But the future is always changing. I say this because I have sensed a squirming, powerful evil in my destiny, a supreme conspirator of time.

The being I speak of is a demon with powers much like my own who seeks to make all timelines crooked. I know we are destined to meet at some point as arch-enemies.

5.) I am Zolrath. My arch-enemy is Orthros. Many creatures in our world lead busy, meaningless lives, lower-order creatures like the ant: trapped by time, burdened by fate, destined to live out its days an ignorant prisoner. Could they be any more pitiful?

On the other hand, higher-order creatures are free to move outside the strictures of cause and effect and roam freely across the time's dimensions.

Just like Orthros and myself.

Orthros is a formidable opponent, a hunter with as much of a scent for the chase as I. He will hang on every footstep I take across the vast timelines to the very end.

I know that he will not grow weary. We must eventually have our final battle and blot the other out from all timelines once and for all.

6.) I'm Orthros and Zolrath is my arch-enemy.

To a mortal, time is as irreversible as the streams of a river. Mortals are swept along its waters like a lonely canoe, fated to bounce around in its torrents in a predetermined path. They have no power to extricate themselves, so swept up they are into fate's whirlpools.

There are greater beings than they who can afford to ignore such currents or change its direction, even reverse its course.

Just like Zolrath and myself.

Zolrath is a formidable adversary. He is like a crafty fox who has hidden his tracks amidst endless timelines, making it all but impossible for me to give chase.

I know that he is involved in some harrowing conspiracy I can never permit to succeed. My pursuit will surely end in his demise.






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