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The World Map is an option within the Campaign Bar which shows the entirety of the lands of Esperia. This option helps the player get a perspective of how much campaign content is yet to be discovered, as well as the entirety of their current progress. Players also find themselves here whenever they finish all the stages within a chapter.

The world map option is also helpful for those who are interested in the lore of AFK Arena as this option is currently the only option which allows the player to view the history of the areas around Esperia. It is available to the player upon completing Stage 1-2.

At the moment, there is currently no specific game play interaction between the World Map and the Player other than the Voyage of Wonders and progressing in a chapter. There is also currently no option to view the entire world map or to zoom in or out of certain areas of the map.


Ranhorn City

Chapter 01.png

"Ranhorn City. The ancestral home of the Lightbearers was once the most prosperous and bustling city in the realm until the Hypogeans emerged from The Barred Gate and set their covetous sights on it. Since falling into the hands of demons, the city shambles along in ruins. The people of Ranhorn await liberation from their cruel overlords."

Bastion of the Elements

Chapter 02.png

"No other place in Esperia do the elements act in such a strange way. A place where the wind and earth react dramatically to one another's touch and steam hisses when dancing rains of fire are bathed in musically gurgling streams that flow uphill. The deafening thunder serves as a warning, while the unceasing lightning threatens to strike down any who dare to intrude here. Now a turbulent place that no life can survive in, its hard to believe The Bastion of the Elements was once a tranquil paradise."


Chapter 03.png

"The world tree, or Yggdrasil to the denizens of the forest, is located at the heart of the Wilder Territory. Yggdrasil was said to have been planted by Dura many millennia ago as a place for the forest folk to seek refuge from any who would see them harmed. The root system of the immense tree spreads throughout the entirety of the forest, the meters-wide roots set like massive arteries among smaller vessels of the normal trees. The edge of the forest is said to be protected by a mystical barrier that stands wherever the roots reach. The forest folk put much faith in Yggdrasil, and have rallied around that faith to hold off any invading evils, even while the kingdom of men crumbles."

Tomb of the Ancients

Chapter 04.png

"As the sacred burial grounds of the forest folk, many great names lay in their final sleep here. Those who enter its grounds can sense the spiritual energies of those who rest in the earth. As a sacred land, it remains untouched by evil. But the same danger that corrupted the Bastion of the Elements now threatens its sanctity."

Desert Sanctuary

Chapter 05.png

"It's not known how many travelers have been swallowed up by the sands of The Scorched Expanse in their search for the legendary oasis that is said to exist there. The temple purported to exist at the sanctuary oasis has been said to whistle a heavenly tune when the winds pass through its hallways. But only the most devout are worthy of hearing its song."

Mauler's Enclave

Chapter 06.png

"A place with many names, some call it The Scorched City, others The Sun Towers or Sand Hearth. A far cry from the tranquil, lush green lands of the forests. The Maulers actually came to this harsh living environment by choice, as they believe comfort breeds weakness, and the weak cannot protect themselves."


Chapter 07.png

"Castle Maldan rests at the foot of the Oromouth Highlands. Once a place thriving with commerce, it now stands as a lonely monument to yesteryear. Though now abandoned, Castle Maldan once sat upon fertile, green lands, woven together by a crisscross of rivers and lakes. However, with the arrival of the Hypogean Invaders, the mountain was plunged into the coldest winter in over a millennium. The walls of Castle Maldan froze overnight. King Asgan, king of the dwarves, had no choice but to abandon his frigid throne and lead his people to safety."

King's Manse

Chapter 08.png

"King's Manse, a true sight to behold. Once home to a slew of nobility, it was considered to be even more prosperous than the city of Ranhorn. When the old king Thoran was ousted from his throne and betrayed by his younger brother, Edwin, the royal families fell into discord and soon thereafter began fighting amongst themselves. The warring nobles decimated one another and the people around them. Left as just an empty shell, the invading Hypogean forces soon took it upon themselves to claim this once great place as a new bastion for evil."

The Abandoned Port

Chapter 09.png

"The Abandoned Port, formerly known as Kings Bay, was once the jewel of Esperia, a bustling seaside settlement where you could find almost anything you wanted, from the rarest of spices to the most potent of poisons. But no longer do merchant ships call on its wharfs. Ship's sails once filled with the fresh sea breeze are now instead filled with inhuman shrieks of their demonic captors, their hulking wooden carcasses left to languish in the brine."

Island of the Banished

Chapter 10.png

"Located off the coast of Esperia's most westerly shore sits this gloomy island. ringed by turbulent currents and treacherous shoals, its coast is dotted with hulking shipwreck. Old dwellings are loosely interspersed throughout its craggy topography, but not much is known of their origins. In recent history the island served as a home to prisoners and exiles, as any attempted escapes from it would most certainly be fatal for it reluctant inhabitants."

Mire Town

Chapter 11.png

"Mire town is a hidden hamlet with reclusive residents. This is an isolated place mostly known for its fetid swamps and less than savory populace. The waters here are toxic enough to melt flesh from bone and erode the best of armors. Those who come upon Mire Town are warned to proceed with caution as only the crazed, or the criminally minded who flee from the law are mad enough to call this place home. The Hypogean forces are deeply entrenched here, as their rule goes uncontested."

The Ancient Ruins

Chapter 12.png

"According to legend, these are the grounds where Honas, God of Creation departed the earthly realm. As he departed, his flesh gave birth to earth, bone to rock, blood to lava and his coarse hair, the trees. This sacred land is also said to be the birthplace of Dura and Annih, the god of life and death. Thus, their devout followers erected a temple here to pray to their gods. When the God of Death rebelled against his sister, Dura, many followers soon lost their faith and left the temple in a state of abandonment and eventual ruin."

The Old Mine

Chapter 13.png

"Deep beneath the ancient ruins lays an old mine. The rocks glow with an unusual magic. The locals believe that these rocks were imbued with something by Honas when he departed the land above. The magical ore was mined by the dwarves so that it could later be smelted into armor and weaponry. The weapons were said to immensely strengthen who ever wielded them,

Hoarfrost Ridge

Chapter 14.png

"Also known as "The Edge of the World" is situated on the southern most tip of Esperia. The strong westerly winds have been downfall of many a ship, unable to escape their wicked grasp. Once being pushed into the frigid seas surrounding the ridge, the ships would be encased in thick layers of ice, causing them and even the men who sailed upon them to be frozen in time."


Chapter 15.png

"Covered by frost and snow the whole year, nothing can be heard or seen here except the low lonely whisper of the constant winter wind. Myth has it that there exists an ancient megalith deep in the tundra, a megalith surrounding a door way, with ancient texts etched into the icy stones. Nobody knows what it says and when explorers have tried to approach the stones, they have violently repelled by a powerful, brilliant light."

The White Woods

Chapter 16.png

"The crystal here is known for its hardness, making it a great material for forging weapons and armor. Whomever controls this material source will maintain an advantage in the war, so the Hypogeans won't give it up without a fight. Ever since the Lightbearers were driven out of this place, they have been watching and waiting for the right moment to strike and reclaim the mountain.


Chapter 17.png

"Esperance, an autonomous island that doesn't come under the jurisdiction of any king or high lord, sits of the east coast of Esperia. The natives that live here are a superstitious group who live in peaceful harmony. Some call them the farmers of the world, as their island has gifted them with an overabundance of food. The natives here greet all individuals with open arms and open minds, even those who wish to practice certain arts shunned in the mainland."


Chapter 18.png

"Only those that have proven themselves to Dura may step within the eerie confines of the Monastery. To be deemed valiant enough to undertake the trial here, one must have journeyed throughout Esperia and proven themselves in a variety of life-or-death situations. As of today, no hero has ever returned form the dark pits of the monastery, all that remains of them are their bones and dust that carpet its dreary halls."


Chapter 19.png

"The gods, although having lost their earthly visages, live on in the realm of Sanctum as timeless beings. Not unlike the mortals, the gods are also subject to emotion. Their susceptibility to jealously and anger has ushered in the era of the Hypogeans, who seek to turn the cloud-capped towers, gorgeous palaces, and the great globe itself into ashes."

The Barred Gate

Chapter 20.png

"The Barred Gate got its name after it was sealed by Dura many millennia ago after the great invasion. It is the source of all greed, jealousy and loathing that exists within the world. It is from here that Annih's children, the Hypogeans broke the deal and poured forth from it into the mortal realm. Its evil is immense and radiates outward, corrupting anyone and anything without the willpower to resist its calling."

The Scorched Valley

Chapter 21.png

"The lava that flows through this valley is said to be the residual blood of a ginormous dragon that was slain here eons ago. The depth of the magmatic river is unknown but some say it has no bottom. Those that dare step into this magmatic valley are stifled by its high temperatures and deafened by the loud bubbling of the never-ending lava flow."



"This derelict mineshaft, surrounding by craggy mountains is said to be bottomless. It was once filled with the voices of hundreds of dwarven miners, all hard at work collecting its precious resources to be used at their great force. Its caverns are intricate and confusing to anyone not familiar with it. The shaft was hastily abandoned after news of invasion reached the dwarven kingdom. Now, nobody knows what dangers may lie within."

The Dwarven Forge

Chapter 23.png

"This great forge is the life force of the dwarven people. Most Lightbearers' weapons are made here. The forge makes use of the lava which flows from the Scalding peaks to heat the great contraption. It is effective but comes at a cost. The forge is constantly billowing out smoke, creating a foul atmosphere around its vicinity."

The Scalding Peaks

Chapter 24.png

"This volcano once lay dormant but due to the dwarves' constant over-exploitation they triggered a great change, causing the mountains to become unstable. As if it were a sleeping dragon, awakened from a deep slumber, it now spits fire and lava from its gaping mouth. Active. Reawakened."

Stormbreath Fortress

Chapter 25.png

"Stormbreath Fortress, an unassailable, indestructible piece of architecture is the dwarves' greatest feat of technology. Its lofty walls reinforced with steel haven't been breached for centuries. Its heavy cannons perched upon its parapets serve as a assault. Within its walls are also the most elite dwarven fighters throughout the kingdom, waiting to deal with any invaders."


Chapter 26.png

"A once vibrant and fertile land, now nothing more than scorched earth. Another victim of the great war. Countless series of devastating bombardments have left deep scars in the terrain. The Dwarves, their machines and weaponry ever hungering for fuel, sought to colonize this place ages ago. They were surprised to find out that it already had its own native inhabitants, who only showed themselves once colonization was fully underway. At this point, conflict was inevitable. Unable to best the tribes toe to toe, the Dwarven armies employed their destructive creations in their war of conquest. Now this region is hostile and barren. The hulking wrecks that dot the landscapes serve as a grim reminder for all dwarfkind that they are not the indomitable force they were once thought to be."

Preying Jungles

Chapter 27.png

"With the discovery of a new continent came the discovery of a new people and set of cultures. In settlements nestled throughout the verdant jungles of the continent, strange and cruel customs are carried out for mysterious purposes. The people who call this inhospitable land home are extremely aggressive to outsiders, and more than one enterprising explorer has landed in a boiling cauldron after trying to make contact. Little else is known about the place or its people, and they seem willing to guard their secrets with their lives."

The Standing Stones

Chapter 28.png

"Very little is known about the mysterious stones standing atop the lofty mountain summit. Nobody knows when they came, only that they abide by ancient arcane rules. To the layman the stone formation carries no logic. Only the few that possess mystifying insights into these stones can discern the true meaning behind their peculiar arrangement. Some believe the stone are there to pass on some kind of message, and those able to activate the stones will uncover the secrets it holds. Luckily the means to activating these stones is long lost to history, a blessing in disguise some may say, for if its secrets are unveiled, who knows what powers it could unleash."

The Forbidden Temple

Chapter 29.png

"Who could've imagined that deep within the far-flung jungles of Esperia, a structure so immense could possibly exist. The native inhabitants that once lived here made vague mention of this magnificent temple in their historical records, but it was mostly thought to be nothing more than a legend. According to the natives, only the jungle shamans were permitted to step foot inside the temple walls, and that those who do not possess the jungle's mark would be struck down by shamanistic magic.

The Decaying Port

Chapter 30.png

"Once an outpost of the pioneering dwarves when they first arrived in the New World, this place offered great opportunities for the newcomers. The dwarves dug deeper and deeper, not caring for the environment they were ravaging. It wasn't until they dug a little too deep that they'd realized they'd awoken something very disturbing. Scared away by this "evil", the dwarves upped and left tall their equipment behind. Legend says that the dwarves were in such a hurry to leave, that even their unearthed riches were forgotten."

The Damned Cemetery

Chapter 31.png

"This ancient cemetery stands forgotten by most of Esperia's denizens. One of the last remaining marks of a long-extinct civilization, the dead here have no mourners, no festivals to memorialize them. This was a place that had stayed behind as the world moved on until Thoran, the fallen king, came in his search for more soldiers. He uprooted the restful dead, drawing pale bones from rotted caskets with foul magic. These dead have found purpose for the first time since their lives ended, this time for the Graveborn."

Mycosprout Glade

Chapter 32.png

"The new continent is brimming with unusual life forms and peculiar flora. Its humid climate has allowed peculiar fungal forests to flourish and overtake the landscape. As beautiful and unique as this place is, those that travel here must not let their guards down, one wrong step, one brush against the wrong type of fungi will result in a slow and agonizing death. It's not just the plant life that poses a threat, explorers must also be wary of the continent's many deadly predators that lurk in the brush."

The Fallen Stones

Chapter 33.png

"The very bedrock of these ancient structures has been shattered by a turbulent, alien force. These monoliths served as an outlet, a vent of sorts, for the surging astral powers locked within Esperia's mantle. Long ago, it was an awe-inspiring sight. It wasn't until an unknown entity descended upon the realm that the entirety of the energy in the mantle was released, decimating this patch of land. The thing that caused the destruction was banished to the darkest depths of the ocean, but still it lives, and still it watches."

The Sunken Lands

Chapter 34.png

"In the sparse records that still exist, this ancient castle was said to be named Bonapei. In the native tongue of the local inhabitants, it is described as “The Sunken Lands”. The castle itself has a history that spans many millennia and once belonged to a long-extinct civilization. The civilization was one of opulence and a knowledge of the arcane matched only by the gods themselves, yet their power was not enough to save them. A force greater than any mortal machinations emerged from deep within the ocean in a tangle of gargantuan tentacles. The castle was left a watery ruin. In just one night, the denizens of the castle and the surrounding city that shared its name were torn from the tapestry of Esperia's civilizations."

Reef of Wreckages

Chapter 35.png

"During the time this part of the land was submerged by the ocean, it went by the name “Reef of Obscurity”. While traversing this area, countless ships would become enshrouded by a heavy mist, as if being swallowed by some obscene entity. Once the mist had lifted, the ships would be gone. Nobody knew what the ships’ fates were. Only after the water had receded, were the fates of the long-lost ships revealed to the world. The area has since been given a new name, the “Reef of Wreckages”.

Now only considered to be a ship graveyard, the area, however, still attracts brave adventurers. The Buccaneers that once sailed this area were most definitely carrying more than just ale on their ships. But what else is more valuable to a pirate than ale? Treasure!"

Dragon's Rest

Chapter 36.png

"Laying here on the earth, is the skeleton of a huge dragon. Long ago, it was an indisputable Lord of the Sky, flying wherever it pleased. However, that all changed when a powerful foe descended from above the Heavens and attacked the dragon with earth shattering force. The foe decimated the dragon’s wings, sending it thundering downward. Crashing into the land, the entire continent collapsed with it, submerging it into the ocean. The next time the continent would be seen, the dragon’s skeleton appeared with it. This pitifully broken frame wordlessly tells it’s own tragic story of war."

The Winding Corridors

Chapter 37.png

"Nobody knows who built these ancient ruins, nor how old they are, all that is known is, they were not built by any current civilization. These ruins exceed the boundaries of what one considers to be ‘normal’.

It is as if this structure exists within a different plane of reality. The hallways and long corridors are all back to front and upside down, as if mangled by some extreme force. Any mortal that enters here would most certainly get lost within its confusing passageways. The lucky few that did escape the structure’s grasp were said to have come out of it physically unscathed, but mentally deranged. So just why would anyone willingly enter such an unusual place? The answer to that question, is of course greed."

The Murmuring Chasm

Chapter 38.png

"Nobody knows what hides in the dark chasm below. Long appendages reach out from the murky waters, wriggling and writhing as if in anguish. Ancient statues stand tall, as if waiting for their next orders.

From time to time a strange voice can be heard murmuring from deep below, as if someone or something were talking to them self in an unrecognizable language. That voice, what is it saying? It seems to possess some kind of penetrating power. Piercing deep into the hearts of mortal men. It seems to drive them insane."

The Infernal Gate

Chapter 39.png

"At the end of a long and winding path stands a horrific sight.

Massive and menacing, just one glance upon this ungodly construct is enough terrify. A vessel for true, irrepressible evil, it’s said in legend that those who get too close to the gate are forever changed. Anguished howls of the tortured souls trapped within can be heard emanating from the heavy door, crying out for respite; a request impossible to grant.

An unidentifiable red liquid oozes down either side of the door, bubbling and popping, making the door appear as if it were a living, breathing creature. Indiscernible festering appendages, once most likely belonging to sentient creatures now serve a new purpose in death, to reinforce its hulking walls, and serving as a warning sign to those that dare to tread too close.


Something from behind the door thrusts itself upon it. The whole land trembles. A new era of evil beckons..."

Tidal Monuments

Chapter 40.png

"Once located deep below the ocean’s surface, the city of a thousand monuments sits in silence, unable to tell us of its tumultuous history.

Nightmares once lay buried in darkness. The madness hidden here clawed away at the sanity of whoever ventured too close, sparking brutality. The civilized fell into stupidity. Unabashed madness ruled supreme.

Many years later, the era of madness ended. All that remains of the insanity is the silent City of a Thousand Monuments. Few know of its location, nevertheless, it still beckons for its old master’s return."

The Nether Steps

Chapter 41.png

"The sludge of time rises and falls in rhythmic undulations, forming a stairway to madness.

A place where madness converges, the manic cries of mad men are met with the deranged murmurs of the old god. Dark nightmarish tentacles twist and convulse, twisting reality’s light into darkness and annihilation.

This stairway rises into eternity, with no true end in sight, into a future that no mortal being is willing to face. The old god of the past has opened its eyes. The slain world is soon to be reborn into silence."

Realm of the Ancients

Chapter 42.png

"The stairway to the Other Realm collapsed, “reality” as it was known fell deep into oblivion. The ancient gods rested in the murky depths of the sunless sea, long-forgotten, far out of the minds of mortal men... that was... until now. The deepest darkest secrets of the world have finally been revealed for all to witness.

Sprawling out of the ocean, a crazed madness awakens, its long slumber ended. Fervent, twisted minions pour forth. Gnawing claws and gnashing teeth threaten to latch onto anything they can grab. What was once only thought of as a nightmare has transcended the intangible realm of the Other Realm and threatens the existence of the whole world.

The lives of countless mortal denizens is now at stake. Who will come to save them?"


Chapter 43.png

"Our adventurers now stand on the precipice of madness and are about to begin their descent into the unhinged dreamworld of a thousand souls.

Surrounding the adventurers is the most peculiar of scenes. A land full of candies and cakes, the keeper of dreams, Tasi Dreamhopper's favorite type of dream. The whole world is a giant chocolate cake, with colorful candies popping up like flowers from the soft cake path. Giant lollipops as tall as two men are wedged into the cake, like trees upon the hills.

By traversing the cocoa hills, and following a chocolate-strewn road, you will eventually come across the heart of the dream, the candy house.

Wondrous Woods

Chapter 44.png

If you have ever walked late at night among the flowers and leaves and heard them rustling, that's not the wind you can hear, it is in actual fact the snoring of plants, deep in their slumber. Plants breathe and dream, and this is the dream world of the Esperian flora.

A dream's form is often related to the dreamer's desires, and the desire of many plants is to grow into an endless forest of wonders that spreads high into the sky. Tall flowers and trees stand high in this forest, their roots all intricately entrenched deep into the soil. Whatever blight floral life may encounter, their life-force continues on. For long as there are green leaves and brilliant flowers still flourishing, the Wondrous Woods will never wither.

The Blissful Castle

Chapter 45.png

"The prince and the princess went through all kinds of difficulties, overcoming many dangers in order to be together, finally, they lived happily ever after in a gorgeous castle..." This is the most common ending to a fairytale, and it is often seen in people's dreams when they go to sleep with happy thoughts.

Time is no longer a fluid concept in the castle, where there is no pain or regret, and everyone lives in the best moments of life, amongst fragrant flowers and their heart's deepest desires.

The Gallery of Dreams

Chapter 46.png

Enter the castle gate and surround yourself with exquisite art pieces. Such beauty ties together the unique views of all the differing creatures found within the realm of Esperia.

Everyone is an artist, at least for a short period of time. When the peace of night descends, and one enters the dreamworld, the creative ideas that are usually imprisoned by the monotony of daytime are unleashed. Sculptures, paintings, and other oddities, some which have no names, take their place in a long corridor, representing the most unique creations created by mortal beings. There are no pieces of work which stand taller than the rest, for all the places here are masterpieces in their own right.

Garden of Hope

Chapter 47.png

This is a resting place for travelers who still have high aspirations. Regardless of whether they are fatigued, they must press on.

Although they may be young and impressionable, their goals are crystal-clear. In their dreams, they are drawn to a tranquil place such as this. The colors beneath their feet, hues of purple, blue, yellow, all colors of the rainbow that form this winding path represent their dreams and hopes, and hope of a better tomorrow.

The beautiful garden that supports this path awaits all travelers, and does not discriminate. Enter the garden and be enveloped in the tranquility that it exudes.

The Crystal Dance

Chapter 48.png

Does every girl who longs for romance dream of such a scene? Grand castles, blue skies, lavish ballrooms, and most importantly, the one they cherish.

This is the place where all yearnings for romance and love in Esperia converge. Never a day goes by that the wine cups are empty and that flower wilt. It's truly a place where you can let down your guard, and so long as you're willing to stay and enjoy the riches of such an exquisite dance, the party shall continue on in perpetuality.

If you do not wish to stay and relish the beauty of your dreams, then it's time for you to enter your horse drawn carriage and continue on your journey into the unknown.

The Toy Museum

Chapter 49.png

You depart the Crystal Dance only to step onto a land of nightmares and horrors. This place has been corroded by countless abyssal nightmares, and an ominous force has seemingly twisted everything within your sight. Normal objects have been mired in gloomy shadows, such as the pile of toys scattered in the corner.

No-one knows what atrocities these abandoned toys have witnessed. Speechless, their battered bodies silently convey the anguish of their abandonment. They once gave comfort to someone, their soft bodies having soaked up countless tears in exchange for a child's momentary relief. But now they sit as silent witnesses. Witnesses to blood and carnage. They wait patiently for the right moment to suck the fresh blood from their next unsuspecting victim, ready to slowly sap them of their life force.



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