The Twisted Realm is a feature located in the Guild. It requires beating stage 12-40 to unlock. You can fight various mini-bosses there to gain Twisted Essence. Diamonds can also be earned for everyone in their guild if any person in the guild reaches a Legend rank.

The amount of the Twisted Essence you can earn is dependent on your position on the leaderboard. While fighting the boss you will be classified to a certain floor, the floor number depends on your Resonating Crystal level (e.g. people with crystal level over 280 will be in floor 280 and their level will be raised to 300 while fighting the boss).


Currently, there are 5 different mini-bosses in this feature.


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The infernal knight that slayed his king. He knows nothing but bitterness and hatred.


Kane's skill Hell's Judgment will kill your 3 highest damaging unit at certain points (15s, 40s and 65s) during the fight. Because of that, you need to use more than a single damage dealing hero in this fight. The most damage is being done between the 15s and 40s mark, so it is good an idea to use 2 damage dealers (e.g. Belinda and Shemira) and sacrifice one of them at the 15s mark. You can do this by manually using the ultimate ability of the hero you want to sacrifice, then you can switch to auto ultimates after the 15s mark.

Another, however not available for everyone, option is using Talene as your primary damage dealer. Her Phoenix Rising ability makes her invulnerable to Kane's skill. To utilise her she has to be your highest damaging unit in the entire fight.

Besides damage dealers, your team should have also support heroes such as Elijah & Lailah, Rowan and Rosaline. They don't need very high ascension levels to work well.

Example of a good working team: Talene, Rosaline, Elijah & Lailah, Rowan and Belinda. Version without Talene: Shemira, Belinda, Rosaline, Rowan and Elijah & Lailah.


Name Icon Description
Hell's Judgment
Kane Skill 1-1
At 15, 40 and 65 seconds into the battle, the enemy that has dealt the highest amount of damage will be annihilated by Kane.
Dragon Fire
Kane Skill 2
Kane's dragon breathes fire on enemies, dealing 130% AoE damage to them.
Kane Skill 3
Deals multi-stage damage. The first stage deals 30% damage to all enemies, destroying all protective shields that they may be using. The second stage deals 165% damage to all enemies on the battlefield.

Ice Shemira

Ice Shemira Menu

The shrieks of winter specters can be heard on the howling wind. The winter phantom approaches...


The crucial hero to use versus Ice Shemira is Ezizh. He can block her from using any skills, and that's crucial in this fight. Other heroes that are needed for the best results are Rosaline, Rowan, Elijah and Lailah. As your carry you can use Shemira, Belinda or Talene.


Name Icon Description
Blizzard Ice Shemira Skill 1 Ice Shemira summons snowfall 10 seconds into the battle which falls heavier every 20 seconds. While there is light snow fall, all of her enemies will be unable to recover any health. While there is heavy snowfall, her enemies will also be dealt periodic damage. Each time Shemira summons snowfall or increases the severity of the snowfall she will receive a layer of frost armor which, when active is immune to all damage that is lower than 30% its total value.
Glacial Beam Ice Shemira Skill 2 Ice Shemira prioritizes her attacks against two frontline enemies, channeling her glacial beams to deal multiple instances of damage over time to the enemies. The glacial beams also possess a freezing quality which stacks over time, reducing the enemies' Haste.
Frost Nova Ice Shemira Skill 3 Ice Shemira creates an expanding shockwave of ice that damages all enemies. Enemies that possess less than 50% of their max health will become frozen.

Demonic Entity

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Waiting in the mist, the evil reflection of Nemora awaits its next victim.


When fighting the Demonic Entity you can use standard team of (Rosaline, Rowan, Elijah and Lailah and a carry of your choice [Shemira works best]) with one important difference: Estrilda. Estrilda's signature item allows you to get massive attack and defence boosts from killing the summoned Dreafs. Using Estrilda is crucial for getting best results in this fight.


Name Icon Description
Maligned Energy N Ability 1 Demonic Nemora is unable to be attacked as she slowly recovers energy. Once her energy is fully recovered, Nemora restores a large percentage of health to all her allies and simultaneously increases their attack speeds for several seconds.
Baneful Guard N Ability 2 A shield is given to the ally with the highest attack rating, gradually restoring their energy while it is active.
Fiendish Underling N Ability 3 Demonic Nemora summons a Dreaf once every 10 seconds until there are a total of 5 Dreafs on the battlefield, with each new Dreaf that is summoned being larger and stronger than the previous one. The Dreafs crit ratings will also be increased the lower their health falls, up until it reaches a maximum of 100%.

The Unhinged


A former shell of himself, evil has permeated every corner of his essence.

The Unhinged is an evil entity that took his shape after trying to possess Arden. He serves as one of the minibosses in The Twisted Realm.


Arden’s Nether Shield reduces his damage taken by 50% while unaffected by enemy crowd control and thus we use Shemira’s silence to constantly disable it. Baden is used such that his summons absorb Arden’s Lightning Fury both passively and actively. Putting Rowan forward also lets him interrupt Arden’s abilities


Name Icon Description
Chaotic Entanglement The unhinged skill 1 Arden uses this ability twice, respectively at 30 seconds and 60 seconds into battles.

Arden entangles his enemies with his vines one by one based on their battlefield locations until all enemies are entangled. Entangled enemies are unable to move and will gradually lose health over time.

The entangling vines disappear 6 seconds after Arden has finished casting this ability.

Nether Shield The unhinged skill 2 Arden’s abilities can be interrupted by control abilities that last for a duration of 1.5 seconds or more.

When Arden is unaffected by any enemy control abilities, he utilizes a passive shield that is able to reduce the damage he receives by 50%.

Lightning Fury The unhinged skill 3 When used passively, a singular lightning bolt is cast upon a random enemy every 3.5 seconds. When used actively, 5 bolts will be cast successively on multiple enemies. Enemies that are struck by lightning bolts will lose the majority of buffs from which they are currently benefiting.

Burning Brute

Burning Brute is an unknown beast that serves as the boss of the Winter Bounties Event. It came to Esperia when the space continuum was ripped apart and proves to be a tough, hellish opponent. Thankfully, the Burning Brute only awakens once a year, a trait that ties it closely to the ushering in of a new year. Its only known weakness is sound.


Since it arrived through the broken space-continuum, the creature continues to wreak havoc in the nearby the ancient ruins of Esperia. Efforts to slay the creature were unsuccessful, but a weakness was discovered by a Wilder Zoologist: sound.

Armed with this knowledge, the astrobells were created by the best craftsmen in Esperia. The astrobells were distributed throughout the realm, ensuring that every village and town had one, giving the helpless townsfolk a chance of survival against the beast. Unfortunately, the creature is smarter than it looks. It laid waste to the craftsmen’s workshop and took with it the astrobells.


The Burning Brute, a creature not of this world. An unknown beast that appears to be neither wholly reptile nor mammal. It possesses a large head and thick skin. It is extremely fierce and should be approached with extreme caution.

— by Halueth Vahana, Unknown Esperian Creatures

When the space continuum was ripped apart, extra-dimensional creatures started appearing all over the land. It was first thought that most of these beings were great, noble warriors, but it has became apparent that they weren’t the only ones that came along for the ride.

The creature, with no real name other than its nickname “Burning Brute” or the “Nian Monster” in the Far East, most likely hails from a hellish landscape. It possesses a natural ability to breathe fire from its lungs. The creature is extremely violent and views all other creatures as enemies, not too unlike the Hypogean invaders.

Burning Brute Icon

It has terrorized countless villages and hamlets since its arrival in Esperia. The creature’s stocky stature and frighteningly sharp horns have left a trail of destruction all over the land.

The denizens of Esperia have made a concerted effort to slay the beast, but due to its powerful constitution it has proved very difficult to slay. The best that they Burning Brute can hope for is to temporarily drive the creature away.

Thankfully, for the majority of the time the beast remains in a long slumber and only awakes once a year to scavenge for food. The folk know that this time is coming and try to prepare as best they can for the inevitable destruction that will be wrought. Thus, the passing of each new year is now closely tied to this fiery beast.

Once the beast returns to its dormant state, the people of Esperia rejoice and celebrate by feasting upon the finest delights in the realm. However, the question always remains.

Will the Burning Brute return next year? Only time will tell.



Name Icon Description
Burning Brute Skill 1
When the Burning Brute's health falls below 80% and 50% it falls asleep for 5 seconds. If the Brute is dealt damage that exceeds 10% of its total health it will awaken and use a more ferocious method of attacking its enemies. (The Brute will awaken naturally on its own after a certain duration of time if it is not triggered by damage.)
Flame Breath
Burning Brute Skill 2
The Brute breathes fire out of its mouth, inflicting damage on its enemies. Once the Brute awakens from its "Doze" state it receives a new type of ability that causes the ground below its enemies' feet to burn, dealing AoE damage to them.
Blaze Barrier
Burning Brute Skill 3
The Brute summons a fiery barrier around itself at the beginning of battles that is able to reduce the damage of all incoming attacks which come from outside of the shield by 80%. Shield is deactivated while the Brute's “Doze" ability is being used.


  • The astrobells were created to ward off this creature, as its only known weakness is sound.

In-game info

The Twisted Realm may be opened 2 times per day.

The floor that players are placed on is based upon the average value of their 5 heroes which are currently standing upon the Pentagram within the Resonating Crystal. After reaching a Resonating Crystal level of 240, floor placement will then be based upon the Resonating Crystal level and no longer based upon average level of Pentagram heroes. Players currently on the same floor will compete against one another on the same leaderboard.

The Twisted Realm floor placements are determined by the average level of all heroes currently standing upon the Pentagram within the Resonating Crystal or the Pentagram’s own level after the player has surpassed a Pentagram level of 240.

Heroes within the Twisted Realm will all be set to the same level, however, heroes’ gear and ascension levels will remain as they originally were.

Players may only mercenaries, dimensional heroes and heroes which are within the Resonating Crystal.

Bosses will stack attributes and grow stronger every time a certain amount of their health is lost.

Within each new Twisted Realm session, players are able to challenge bosses 5 times for free, after which the expenditure of diamonds will be required in order to continue challenging bosses. Players may challenge bosses a maximum of 99 times per session. One battle challenge attempt will be deducted each time a player enters a battle.

Only one mercenary may be used per formation within the Twisted Realm, however, the number of times that a mercenary can be used is unlimited.

Only the highest recorded damage dealt throughout all boss challenges will count towards your final ranking. Your final ranking will be determined at the end of each session.

At the end of each Twisted Realm session players will receive two (guild and individual rewards) e-mails that include their rewards.


The Twisted Realm belongs to a dimension that does not adhere to the conventional laws of space and time. The scientists of Esperia predicted that the world may not be as we see it and that in actual fact there are countless planes of existence, much like a floor that exist in-parallel.

The Twisted Realm now begins to grow and encroaches upon the physical plane also known as Esperia. The line between reality and this peculiar dream-like state becomes increasingly blurred with each passing day.

The Hypogeans are using this malevolent plane to project their hellish intentions onto the unblemished minds of the Esperian denizens. Sensing this malevolent encroachment, Tasi Dreamhopper has called upon Esperia’s greatest warriors halt this affliction that threatens the world’s very existence.

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