The tragedy of Rayne is the character lore event related to several character.
I like this lore very much and decide to write some sort of fiction and summary to fill in the hole of missing pieces here and there to make the story more complete. I want more people to notice the game lore more. They are amazing. I like how Lilth game design their characters background. This one lore was my favorite because it's one of the most emotional and touching lore in the game. Fanart of the Lore


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The Tradedy of Rayne

The Tragedy of Rayne

“House Rayne is a noble family with a glorious history. One generation after another, they have produced some of the finest generals, officers, and knights the kingdom has ever known.'..” -Excerpt from Estrilda’s Lore

Estrilda was a young noble girl of Rayne family. Despite her family being well-known military noble family, she did not receive any teaching about the army at all. It might be because of the culture of Esperia, or because her father simply did not wish her any harm, is still remain unclear. What she knew was that she’s a bit jealous of her brother, Baden, who could wield swords and train as much as he like. Due to this reason, young Estrilda often sneaked to the training ground to watch her brother spar with her uncle and father.

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Baden was a direct heir of Rayne family. His family was a powerful military noble house. As expect of him, the future Head, he was taught every skills crucial for being a leader of the house and general of the kingdom. He was not unhappy though. He felt alive whenever he wielded sword. He felt pride for being able to protect and lead people. It was like he was born to be Rayne, courageous and hard-working, with an excellent gift to boost. He gladly excepted all the training with unwavering determination of wanting to protect his people and his kingdom.

Baden met Thane in one of the training camps he went through when he was still a reserved trainee. Thane was notorious for his arrogant and prodigious swordsmanship. No one could best him in the way of sword. He often looked down on all of his comrade trainee, feeling like he was high and mighty and was not at the same class at them. The young men met and due to their different opinion, they got in to an argument. Baden wanted Thane to be humbler and cherish the comradery between each soldier, while Thane was not having any of it. This led into a fight. They fight many time and Thane beat Baden every single time. Baden did not give up though, he continued to challenge Thane everyday. Despite his sword was not as sharp, not as fast, not as agile, and not as strong, what Baden have over Thane is that he never underestimated his opponent. Their fight should further diminish the relationship between the two, instead, the more they fight, the more they understood each other. The sword never lies, and it’s through the sword that the peculiar friendship blossom. When Baden finally beat Thane. They become best friend ever since.

Thane and Baden was a pair of opposite magnet, one would often directly charged to the strongest opponent and most heated battle, believing no one is his match. While the other would always rein in his somewhat reckless friend. Baden always worried for Thane and his audacious acts that it would one day be the end of him.

The day of tragedy that changed the life of everyone involved come when they both met Brutus in one of their mission. Brutus was strong. He was so strong that he was a legend among Mauler. Thane who did not think much of his opponent, charged straight to the middle of the battlefield to face Brutus. They fought a fierce battle. It was the most exciting battle in Thane life. He can’t help but did not want it to end. “You are strong, Mauler. Let’s fight to our heart content” Thane said. His sword become lighter, and does not aim to end the fight or to kill like he was supposed to. Brutus looked at the human before him. The man was a prodigy even to his standard. Alas, he succumbed to the age-old enemy of the greats. Hubris. Thane underestimate Brutus. By the time he want to end the fight, he can no longer do it.

“…It was a Mauler, a high-ranking one, that did it. Thane found the thing’s weaknesses but it moved too fast for him to exploit them. Its hammer caught him on his off arm, pulverizing the bone beneath the crumpled armor, and nearly tearing it from his body with intense downward force…”-Excerpt from Thane’s lore

Baden who saw his friend defeat quickly come to help.


“..When Baden saw his friend, trainer, and comrade struck down, he went immediately into action. There wasn’t so much as an instant that he considered his chances against a warrior who had just incapacitated the finest blade he knew.

He leapt over the prone form of his friend, blade raised to strike and teeth gritted against his adversary. It was only a matter of moments before Baden too lay broken upon the hard, sun-baked dirt, his breastplate crushed under the Mauler’s gigantic blade. He gripped Thane’s hand, and with a few last shaky breaths, died…”-Excerpt from Baden’s lore.

Caught in the surrounding fight, Brutus did neither finish Thane who lied broken in the floor nor he cared to.

“Thane would be found and carried away by the army’s medics, still unconscious and never seeing his friend’s still face staring blankly up at the sky.”      -Excerpt from Baden’s lore.

Thane awakened and found out about Baden later when he was at the capital. That day, it was the first time in his live that he had shed tears. It was his arrogant that lead to his friend demise. Baden was a good man and a good leader. He was supposed to have bright future ahead of himself, yet he wasted his life to save me. He blamed himself for everything and wallow in misery and guilt for days. His left arm was no more. The balance and sword skill of his was no longer perfect. When he lost the only thing he was good at, Thane considered ending his own life to redeem the sin he’d commit. It wasn't until the funeral of Baden that Thane saw Estrilda. Estrilda was Baden’s sister. She was a young girl who lost her beloved brother. She’d cried Infront of her brother grave. Her eyes were red and swelling. Guilt and shame struck Thane once again.

He made a vow to himself then. He would continue to serve their house, to the best of his ability, until his debt was repaid.”-excerpt from Thane’s lore

The situation of Rayne went downhill afterward. All the male in the family died in one tragic battle. Left with no one to continue the family, Rayne house took a heavy blow to their power.

“No heir now sat in their hall. Despite their wealth and reputation, their power was already waning.” -excerpt from Estrilda’s lore

The result of the fateful battle was the last crystallize that solidified her resolve.

Estrilda set out immediately to restore her families place. With barely a moment spent grieving her loss, she put down her paintbrushes and books of poems and picked up a sword. Under the tutelage of the castellan(Thane) and the quartermaster, she set to studying tactics, strategy, and and every art of warfare from horsemanship to knife fighting. Though the kingdom had never before had a female general, she knew that were she to prove herself, they couldn’t turn her down. All she needed was a chance.”-Excerpt from Estrilda’s lore

At sixteen, Estrilda disguise herself as a man and participated in great tourney. Through feats of marksmanship, duels, and a hectic melee, she beat her competitors and rose high in the ranking until their was no one left to compete with.

‘So you want to be a knight, girl? This is the life you wish?’

Her expression remained still.

‘It is.’

He nodded and looked to his councilor, who simply shrugged.

‘So be it. Give the girl some decent armor and a sharp sword.’

Estrilda dropped the old half helm to the churned ground.

‘My thanks, your majesty, but I’ll be outfitting myself. I am a Rayne.’

It didn’t take long for Estrilda the knight to become General Rayne, safeguarding her house’s legacy, for at least a little longer.”

-Excerpt from Estrilda’s lore

As for Baden, His body was later found by a passerby necromancer. The necromancer resurrected him as his own tool. Baden was created to be the necromancer undead commander. Baden fought hard to win over the control of his own body. Despite being already dead. He had a strong sense of rightouesness and undying will. His heart was long for his people and family. He spent long years to corrode the magic little by little. Until he finally broke out of the mage control and kill him. While he was planning to leave for his family, something malicious grasped him from the darkness. It was the soul of the necromancer, the magic he used did not disappear after his death. He held control of Baden once again. This time, forever trap his soul inside for eternity.

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Baden thought he was free. But that very night, while looking up at the scattering of stars, he felt the old familiar feeling creeping back into his mind. He felt himself sinking back to the depths as the old spells reknit themselves around his heart. The necromancer had returned from beyond the veil of death, now as a spectral lich. Though the spirit of Baden still watches from its confinement, the body belongs to the lich.

‘I will take what I want, and keep what is mine.’ 

I am heart broken for baden T_T. I don't understand why lilth game would be so cruel to him

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