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The Toy Museum is the 49th campaign chapter available on The World Map. It is available upon completion of The Crystal Dance.


You depart the Crystal Dance only to step onto a land of nightmares and horrors. This place has been corroded by countless abyssal nightmares, and an ominous force has seemingly twisted everything within your sight. Normal objects have been mired in gloomy shadows, such as the pile of toys scattered in the corner.

No-one knows what atrocities these abandoned toys have witnessed. Speechless, their battered bodies silently convey the anguish of their abandonment. They once gave comfort to someone, their soft bodies having soaked up countless tears in exchange for a child's momentary relief. But now they sit as silent witnesses. Witnesses to blood and carnage. They wait patiently for the right moment to suck the fresh blood from their next unsuspecting victim, ready to slowly sap them of their life force.




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