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The Tormented Reach is a limited-time A Flame Reborn event stage available from January 4, 2022 until January 18, 2022. During the event, players need to help Talene dispel Clouds of Doubt in her inner world by defeating her Inner Demons and restoring her clarity.

After destroying all her Inner Demons, players can receive "Talene's Gift". Players who have reached Campaign Stage 16-1 can use it to add Talene - The Resurging Flame to their team.

If a player collects all the Memory Fragments, the clouds will be cleared and the entire map will become visible.

There are 8 crystal chests and 56 gold chests to collect in this event.


In this encounter with Framton, the Solaris Flare that Talene was so immensely proud of, was crushed by the fiendish Hypogean. As the moment of truth was upon her, Talene finally looked inwards, discovering that her Inner Sanctum has been long shrouded in a festering gloom. The death of her mother, her feeble former self, her obsessions with revenge, and the weight of her ancestor's expectations... For years on end, Talene has been at the mercy of her Inner Demons, polluting her Solaris Flare with unwelcome distractions and impure thoughts.

There is no time to lose, those Inner Demons must be exorcised and peace restored to her Inner Sanctum. The battle is just beginning...

Event Rules

  • The Tormented Reach event will run for 14 days. During the event, players can consume Mental Clarity to dispel Talene’s Clouds of Doubt and defeat her Inner Demons.
  • 50 points of Mental Clarity are restored every day at 00:00 AM UTC time. Once the event period is over, Mental Clarity will be recycled at a rate of 1 Diamond per point.
  • A cloud can be dispelled when there are no obstacles, enemies, or other clouds between the cloud and the player. Dispelable clouds will be highlighted and cost 1 point of Mental Clarity to dispel.
  • When a Cloud is dispelled, it will dispel the cloud on the surrounding impassable tiles within one tile of the dispelled Cloud.
  • The strength of enemies is based upon each player’s own strength. Enemies’ strength levels will not change during the event.
  • There are a total of 7 Inner Demons. After they are all destroyed, players can tap the final point of the progress bar for a fabulous reward!

Map Guide

The Tormented Reach Map.png

Fortutide Forge

Fortitude Forge.jpg
  • In the Fortitude Forge, every day that players attempt to challenge a difficulty higher than that of their current highest will reward them with treasure chests. Rewards obtained but not collected will be sent to player inboxes the following day.
  • In the Fortitude Forge, hero levels will be set to 300. Equipment, Furniture, Signature Item, and Eternal Engravings will all remain the same.
  • Mercenaries cannot be used when engaging in the Fortitude Forge.
  • Heroes engaging in the Fortitude Forge will receive Talene’s protection effects.
  • The Fortitude Forge will be divided into three rounds which last for 5 days, 5 days, and 4 days respectively, with the protection effect changing each round.
  • In the Fortitude Forge, players can choose the difficulty at which they wish to engage, there is no limit to how many times a challenge can be undertaken.
  • In the Fortitude Forge, players can acquire rewards by completing specific difficulty and level quests via the “Individual Rewards” page during the event.
  • In the Fortitude Forge, the highest current difficulty challenge completed throughout all challenges will count towards your real-time ranking. Your final ranking will be determined at the end of each session.
  • In the Fortitude Forge, each round is ranked independently, and players will receive Fortune Chests based on their Guild Members’ highest rankings.

The Solaran Realm

Img challenge buff bg.png

The Solaran Realm

The allied hero with the highest Attack Rating receives the blessing of the Solaris Flare. When allied heroes deal Critical Strikes, the Solaris Flare will deal additional damage to the enemy target that is equal to 280% of the blessed hero's Attack Rating. Each allied hero can trigger this effect once every 1.5 seconds. If an allied hero's health is a lower percentage than that of their target, the ally will receive health equal to 40% of the blessed hero's Attack Rating, otherwise the additional damage they deal will be increased to 320% of the blessed hero's Attack Rating. After additional damage has been dealt a total of 4 times, the blessed hero and 2 of the most injured allies will be healed for 160% of the blessed hero's Attack Rating.

Fortitude Forge Rewards


Task Reward
Complete Easy Difficulty Floor 50
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x50)
Complete Easy Difficulty Floor 100
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x100)
Complete Normal Difficulty Floor 50
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x50)
Complete Normal Difficulty Floor 100
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x100)
Complete Hard Difficulty Floor 50
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x50)
Complete Hard Difficulty Floor 100
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x100)
Complete Nightmare Difficulty Floor 50
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x50)
Complete Nightmare Difficulty Floor 100
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x50)
Complete Abyssal Difficulty Floor 50
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x50)
Complete Abyssal Difficulty Floor 100
Icon bag diamond.jpg
Diamonds (x50)

Fortune Chests

The guild member with the highest rank will win rewards for their guild.

​Reward requirements are as follows:

Required Rank Rewards
Top 100 21000 Diamonds
Top 300 14000 Diamonds
Top 1000 7000 Diamonds


Stage Overview

Total Enemy Camps: 75

Total Crystal Treasure Chests: 8

Total Gold Treasure Chests: 56

Obstacle/Item Descriptions

Icon Name Description
Obsidian Finch Roost.jpg
Obsidian Finch Roost The final patch of purity in Talene's Inner Sanctum. The state of her Inner Sanctum clear from the wilting, withered trees. Eradicate the source of the Inner Demons and restore clarity to Talene's Inner Sanctum.
Pentagram Core.jpg
Peculiar Crystal Pillar Five crystal pillars are arranged in a circle. A mysterious power emanates faintly from the center of where they stand.
Silent Throne.jpg
Silent Throne The embodiment of Talene's Rationale. Gains the Power of Torrents when touched, extinguishes the flames burning within the Inner Sanctum.
Inner Demon Barrier.jpg
Inner Demons' Barrier Tumultuous emotions have formed an impassable barrier. There's no way through.

Vanishes following destruction of particular Inner Demons.

Fire Hazard.jpg
Blazing Fire Raging flames block the way, making it impossible to pass.

Can be destroyed with Power of Torrents.

Incinerating Throne.jpg
Incinerating Throne The embodiment of Talene's Fury. Gains the Power of Flames when touched, burns away vines blocking the path ahead.
Vines Gnarled vines block the way, making it impossible to pass.

Can be destroyed with Power of Flames.

Lofty Stone.jpg
Lofty Stone Looks like a contraption will open it.
Red Pillar.jpg
Peculiar Crystal Pillar Five crystal pillars are arranged in a circle. A mysterious power emanates faintly from the center of where they stand.
New Roost.jpg
Obsidian Finch Roost The trees are verdant and vibrant once more, a divine light surging through them.


Img story banner 1.png

Memory Fragment 1: Mother

"Ma, tell me about the world outside!"

The young Obsidian Finch pokes its head out from beneath her mother's wing, nuzzling her.

To the young Talene, her mother seemed invincible, knowing everything and stronger than anyone. Bedtime stories were tales of the Obsidian Finches, the Solar Furnace, and Talene's favorite, the outside world.

But Talene's mother was reticent to tell her too much about the world outside, often reminding it was a place full of danger and off limits until Talene was a little bit older.

"I'm not going anywhere! I'll be with Ma forever!"

Lowering her head, Talene's mother gently preened her daughter's feathers, watching with kind eyes as her excitable child drifted off to sleep.



"When I'm all grown up, I'll be able to protect you, Ma!"

Growing up is a long way off, but as long as Talene is with Ma, there's nothing to fear.

Img story banner 2.png

Memory Fragment 2: Despair

The day the Hypogean attacked, Talene stayed far away, watching in terror from afar as the Hypogean fought with her mother. Her mother's shield was gradually failing, the Hypogean's attack breaking it apart, as her powerful, beautiful mother struggled to use the last ounce of her power to withstand the attack.

The Hypogean's flames rages wildly as despair and feelings of powerlessness consumed Talene. Terrified by the scene before her eyes, she forced herself to look, to watch as the horror unfolded, finally obeying her mother's cries to run and hide. She watched as her mother's protective flame wall was broken down, inhaled and absorbed by the flame Hypogean...

Until the Hypogean departed the scene, Talene held in her tears...

Img story banner 4.png

Memory Fragment 3: Mission

Harking from the Solaran Furnace, the voice of the Obsidian Finch ancestral spirits echoed around Talene's ears.

"The last of our bloodline... Use this power to fulfill your duty as the last Obsidian Finch and protect Esperia."

"The last Obsidian Finch..."

Talene repeared the words over and over in her head, the flame in her palm flickering wildly. She'd recently undergone by rebirth through flame and obtained the Solaris Flare's might. But wielding the Solaris Flare was not without responsibility.

"I will wield this power..."

Talene's mind was flooded with imagery - the scene of her mother's demise, the crackle of the Hypogean, her mother's dying cry and the whispers of her ancestors all intertwined and overlaid.

"...protect all of Esperia." Talene's eyes focused sharply as she made up her mind, "But first, there is something I must do... A 'Mission'."

Balling her hand into a tight fist, the solaris Flare formed itself into a flaming sword in her grip. Feeling the power surging through her, Talene leaped into the air and took flight.

Img story banner 6.png

Memory Fragment 4: Hero

In a remote village, Talene looked over the Hypogean corpses burned and smoking on the ground, the aftermath of her handy work. Through her flame power, she felled the band of Hypogeans threatening the lives of the villagers.

This scene had played out dozens of times since her rebirth. Every Hypogean she finds, she interrogates, desperate to track down Framton, but each time to no avail.

The gazes of admiration from villagers always made her uncomfortable. She simply turned, bowed, and avoided their eyes. She was an avenging spirit, but she never expected exaltation as a "Hero" from these villagers, let along from the entire world. She sought only to track down that Hypogean, she had no time for anything else.

Through the night, solaris flare would smolder, healing Talene's wounds. Talene would gaze at the smoldering flame, lost in silent contemplation. She didn't become the protector of the world that her ancestors had hoped for. She had protected people, but not because she was a protector.

Is an avenging spirit really something to celebrate?

Is a coward hiding behind their mother really a hero?

Can I... really protect the world?

Img story banner 3.png

Memory Fragment 5: Companions

"Ma... Ma! No!"

In the dead of night, Talene awoke with a start from her recurring nightmares - once again a baby, young Talene watched helplessly as her mother died before her eyes. Desperate to help, she couldn't move a muscle.

For so many years, Talene resented the cowardice of her youth. She blamed it for her mother's death, that had she been brave enough, her mother would never have needed to lose her life so that Talene might escape. In the daylight hours, she busies herself and her mind, but when the fatigue sets in, those thoughts creep back in.

Astar stands before her with a worried expression on her facce. This little tag-along has been at her side for sometime now, stuck fast like glue. Slowly but surely, Talene has become accustomed to Astar's presence.

Seeing Talene rouse from her fitful sleep, Astar finally succumbed to her own exhaustion and fell asleep, leaning comfortably against Talene's wings. In the silence of the Dark Forest, the only sound to be heard was Astar's mumbling in her sleep.

"Talene... Astar will protect you..."

Img story banner 5.png

Memory Fragment 6: Hypogean

"Even with this flame, I can't protect anything..."

Framton sneered as he closed in on Talene, the scene before her eyes blending with the scene from her memories. She'd believed she was strong enough, but recalling that nightmare roused the irrepressible terror that has been branded on her heart.

Until Astar boldly stepped forward of the Hypogean, Talene's body had refused to budge an inch.

Flames erupted from Talene's body forming a protective barrier, a barrier exactly like the one her mother had made to protect her from the Hypogean back then. That instant, her mother's actions all made sense. The Solaris Flare, the power to protect - Talene would never lose anyone to Framton's searing flames again, even if she was reduced to ash!

At the cost of her own life, Talene protected Astar from the Hypogean's assault.

"I'm sorry Ma... I couldn't avenge you..."

Dropping reluctantly to the ground, Talene allowed herself a little smile of relief seeing Astar run off crying her eyes out.

"At least... I could protect you."


Crystal Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the crystal chests:

Icon Name Amount
Hypergacha ticket item.jpg
Time Emblem 10
Item 442.jpg
Talene's Gift 1

Gold Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the gold chests:

Icon Name Amount
Stargazer ticket item.jpg
Stargazer Scroll 10
Combine stone 3.jpg
Elite Hero Soulstones 120
Combine stone 2.jpg
Rare Hero Soulstones 540
Elemental Shard.jpg
Elemental Shard 100
Amplifying Emblem 15
Primordial Emblem 30
Icon bag dust.jpg
Hero's Essence 1400
Icon bag gold.jpg
Gold 3000k
Hero Experience 3000
Draw ticket normal.jpg
Common Scroll 12


[Start of level]

Talene: ...What's going on? Where am I?

Framton: This place is the sanctum of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Talene: Framton? No, you're not him. Who are you?

Framton: I'm the culminaation of your Inner Demons, the Nightmares that keep you up at night. Your fears, your terrors, all of that has made me appear in his form, here before your eyes. Look around you, Fear, blames, regret... all these suppressed emotions, concealed within your Innermost Sanctum, transforming into Clouds of Doubt, eroding your Innermost Sanctum bit by bit. If you let those Clouds consume every last vestige of this place, you'll slip into a state from which you'll never recover.

Talene: For so many years I was blinded by my lust for vengeance... But no more. Hold fast to hope, and Mental Clarity will grace us with the light to dispel the Clouds' darkness.

Framton: Your struggle will be all in vain. I've already become one with your Innermost Sanctum - unless you find some way to defeat me, your life will be spent in eternal anguish.

Talene: The successor of the Solaris Flare will never succumb to the darkness! I will purge my Inner Sanctum of this malign scum! Amidst the gloom and the darkness, I shall be reborn anew!

Framton: Reborn or lost in aguish... I await the result with great anticipation.

[Cleanse Inner Sanctum]

Talene: Cleansed of Inner Demons, the Inner Sanctum is finally at peace. Now the source of the Clouds has been destroyed, I can feel my Inner Sanctum slowly recovering.