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Tundra Trouble is a limited-time Voyage of Wonders stage available from February 8, 2022 until February 22, 2022. In order to collect the chests scattered throughout the stage, players must strategically drain and fill the pools of water.

There are 2 crystal chests and 11 gold chests to collect.


This marine city named Bonnpei was built by some glorious ancient civilization. Thanks to their incredibly sophisticated and intricate drainage system, they tamed the tides and turned it to their advantage, as a way to safeguard their incredible city.

However, when an evil descended that surpassed even the gods themselves, humanity were powerless to fend them off with their paltry technologies. When the tentacles of evil tore the land asunder, the ancient city was engulfed, swallowed entirely by the oceanic sea in a single night.

Thousands of years passed and the tides gradually subsided, finally allowing the world to glimpse the true dace of the ancient city. The once prosperous metropolis was now merely a salty ruin, its final swan song to a golden era was the intricate drainage system that continues to function. Exactly what the reappearance of these ruins means for the world is unknown, but there is one certainty - there will be treasure. Some would be discouraged by the sight of such a place, a shadow of its former glory, yet there are others who sense opportunity...

Event Rules

  • Explore the world and acquire an assortment of loot and rewards while the event is underway.
  • After each battle has been concluded, the health and energy levels for heroes and enemies will not be reset.
  • If a battle timer runs out, the attacking side's heroes will be wiped out.
  • Players may restart the adventure at any time. Resetting the adventure will return all heroes and enemies to their original state.
  • The strength of enemies is based upon each player's own strength. Enemies' strength levels will not change once the event has begun.
  • Rewards may only be collected once per event.


Video Guide

Map Guide

Sunken City Map.jpg


Stage Overview

Total Enemy Camps: 9

Total Crystal Treasure Chests: 2

Total Gold Treasure Chests: 11

Obstacle/Item Descriptions

Icon Name Description
Yellow Lever.jpg
Yellow Lever A lever.

The lever is currently pointing to the image of the sun.

Green Lever.jpg
Green Lever A lever.

The lever is currently pointing to the image of the moon.

Red Moon Lever.jpg
Red Lever A lever.

The lever is currently pointing to the image of the moon.

Red Energy Valve.jpg
Water Transfer Pump This switch controls the valve that connects the two pools. Based on the direction it is rotated, seawater will flow from one pool into the other.

Confirm the rotation direction.

Water Outlet Pump.jpg
Water Outlet Pump A sophisticated drainage device that will fill the pool in front of you with seawater when activated.


Crystal Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the crystal chests:

Icon Name Amount
Draw ticket special.jpg
Faction Scrolls 10 scrolls
Draw ticket normal.jpg
Common Scrolls 10 scrolls

Gold Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the gold chests:

Icon Name Amount
Icon bag chest 4.jpg
Reward Choice Chest 4 chests
Elemental Shard.jpg
Elemental Shard 100 shards
Elemental Core.jpg
Elemental Core 50 cores
Primordial Emblem 30 Emblems
Amplifying Emblem 30 Emblems
Item 87.jpg
Emblem Choice Chest 15 Chests


[Start of level]

Vurk: Here lies the ruins of Bonnpei.

Kren: Finally! I'm sick of drilling through all these walls! You should've just listened to me at the start! Blasted through the outer wall with one good BLAM! A real stylish entrance.

Vurk: Oh please, you really think these rickety bricks and tiles would handle the blast? You wanna be buried in rubble?

Kren: If you hadn't mentioned treasure, I wouldn't have even come to this dark, damp, and dismal hellhole!

Vurk: As long as we get that loot, I can deal with being a gutter rat for a while. Okay, let's go.

[End of level]