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The Road Home is a limited-time Voyage of Wonders stage available from November 6, 2021 until November 20, 2021. In order to collect the chests scattered throughout the stage, players must collect the missing pieces of the railroad tracks.

There is 1 crystal chest and 9 gold chests to collect.


Fawkes received a mysterious commission that required his presence in a remote town. The task, destroy nearby evil. Catching word of this, Raine felt a distinct sense of unease at the prospect of her friend going solo, so she decided to accompany Fawkes on this job...

Event Rules

  • Explore the world and acquire an assortment of loot and rewards while the event is underway.
  • After each battle has been concluded, the health and energy levels for heroes and enemies will not be reset.
  • If a battle timer runs out, the attacking side's heroes will be wiped out.
  • Players may restart the adventure at any time. Resetting the adventure will return all heroes and enemies to their original state.
  • The strength of enemies is based upon each player's own strength. Enemies' strength levels will not change once the event has begun.
  • Rewards may only be collected once per event.


Video Guide

Map Guide

The Road Home Map.jpg


Stage Overview

Total Enemy Camps: 15

Total Crystal Treasure Chests: 1

Total Gold Treasure Chests: 9

Obstacle/Item Descriptions

Icon Name Description
Explorer's Camp.jpg
Mayor's House Since taking office, the county has prospered, businesses have flourished, and people live contented lives.
General Store.jpg
Market All kinds of products sourced from every corner of the world.
Bar Building.jpg
Bar It's full of hustle and bustle, awash with the sounds of clinking glasses and hollering.
Residential Are.jpg
Residential Area The city's middle and lower class families live here, eking out a living with menial jobs and Empire-given benefits.
Affluent Area.jpg
Affluent Area The city is also where the dignitaries live, and there is no shortage of young talent in the corporate sector.
Train Cart.jpg
Train Once the train is operational, it can go to and from the top and bottom of the mountain.
Cart Control Lever.jpg
Cart Control Lever Pressing the "Dispatch" button will set the cart in motion.
Plum Bush.jpg
Red Plum Pick it and eat it.
Orange Bush.jpg
Orange Pick it and eat it.
Blueberry Bush.jpg
Blueberry Pick it and eat it.
Mist Melon 2.png
Orange A common yellow-colored fruit, this juicy refreshment is popular with the townsfolk thanks to its abundance and affordability.
Thorny Rambutan.png
Red Plum A red fruit with a hint of sweetness, few people enjoy this fruit's unusual flavor.
Lowi Berries Elite.png
Blueberry These sweet blue-colored berries are a favorite of the townsfolk and savored as a rarity.
Fisherman A fisherman too focused on fishing will catch everything but fish.
RaidItems track1.png
Missing Track The lost pieces of track can be replaced if found, just find the correct position to place them down.
Lit Cannon.jpg
Cannon A Lightbearer cannon, capable of firing artillery. To fire the cannon, you must fill it with ammunition

This cannon has already been ignited.

Explosives A small pile of explosives. Extremely flammable.
Mysterious Hole.jpg
Mysterious Hole The entrance of the hole is pitch black and unfathomably deep, but a faint draft is blowing through it.
Durri Crypt.jpg
Durri Crypt A Durri tribe has gathered.
Durri Chief.jpg
Durri Chief Even though he's the Durri Chief, it's only pure happenstance that he was elected by the people to be their savior.
Railroad Switch.jpg
Railroad Switch Constructed by the dwarven craftsmen, this track can be used to move objects back and forth.
Hypogean Boss Camp.jpg
Cyclops Hypogean A peerlessly powerful, nightmarish enemy. Better not alert them to our presence without being sure we're properly prepared.
Outpost A whole army of soldiers were originally stationed here to patrol and maintain the railroad.
Artillery Supply Depot There's ammunition available to fire the cannons.
Bone Grave.jpg
Grave There are wooden planks densely embedded here, each one with what seems to be a year, a month, and day crookedly scrawled on it.
Villager The inhabitants of the mountains are sincere and welcoming. Their faces are weathered, but also full of sunshine.
Snow Lotus.jpg
Snow Lotus It looks like the flower Monique wanted.
RaidItem snowflower.png
Snow Lotus Flowers with blossoms of pristine white and petals as soft as clouds grow atop the snowy mountains. Outsiders describe it as the purest flower in the world.
RaidItems Moonstone revert.png
Moonstone The radiant red crescent gemstone looks extremely valuable. A divine relic of the Durri, it grants shelter to the village.
Wrapped Relic.jpg
Wrapped Relic Wrapped up to look like a Moonstone. Don't jump to any conclusions before opening it up and verifying it.


Crystal Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the crystal chests:

Icon Name Amount
Draw ticket special.jpg
Faction Scroll 10 scrolls

Gold Chest

The following rewards can be obtained by collecting all of the gold chests:

Icon Name Amount
Icon bag chest 4.jpg
Reward Choice Chest 4 chests
Poe Coin.jpg
Poe Coins 3000 coins
Reset Scroll 2 Scrolls
Elemental Shard.jpg
Elemental Shard 100 shards
Elemental Core.jpg
Elemental Core 50 cores
Draw ticket normal.jpg
Common Scroll 10 Scrolls


[Start of level]

Raine: Finally made it. This commission sure is out in the sticks. Where did you even pick this one up? Thank the gods Mirael didn't tag along this time, otherwise we'd have had her ribbing and moaning the whole darn way.

Fawkes: Is it really so bad? You usually seem to enjoy it. Besides which, the scenery along the way is nice and we can actually take the time to enjoy it, plus handling the monsters en route would be enough to quench Mirael's curiosities. Once you've collected the bounty, drinks are on you at the Rustport bar...

Raine: Alright, alright! Enough already, let's just go.

[Chat at Bar]

Bartender: Yo! You folks ain't from 'round here, are ya? You lookin' for Monique too?

Raine: Monique? Who?

Bartender: That there pretty little thing right across the way, heard she knows a lot about a lot, so folks come from far and wide to meet her.

Fawkes: Excuse me, Miss Monique? Would you happen to know anything about any evil nearby?

Monique: Evil? Can't say for sure... But I heard from my sisters there's some kind of pure-white flower blooming across the river, atop the snowy peak. They say the petals are as soft and white as the clouds in the sky, but the flower's stamen shimmers luminescent gold. If you kind folks have a way up that mountain peak, would you mind bringing it to me?

Raine: We're incredibly busy people, we don't have time for gardening.

Monique: Oh... One second, perhaps, should you be willing to trade with me, I can give you this in exchange for that flower?

Game Log: The girl holds out a crescent-shaped stone of deep crimson to show you.

Raine: Looks pretty valuable, Fawkes.

Fawkes: I just knew you'd say that...

Monique: All that matters is that flower. Nothing matters more to me, and the value of certainty can't compare with how I yearn for that bloom.

Raine: When you put it like that...

Monique: The river is just north of here, visible from the north gate.

[Talk to fisherman]

Fawkes: Excuse me...

Fisherman: Shh! ... Be quiet!

Raine: What's his problem?

Fawkes: Try asking again and find out.

[Talk to fisherman again]

Fisherman: You're scaring away my fish! What the heck do you want!?

Raine: Hey now! You're the one shouting!

Fawkes: Here's the deal, we saw that the railroad up the southern mountain was washed away by the river, so do you know of any other way to get across?

Fisherman: Some other way? Swim across, I guess? Pfft, no! No one here has wanted to go to the mountains for a long time, so no one has thought to fix the broken tracks. If you're serious about going up there, then I do have one suggestion.

Raine: Stop beating around the bush. You want a favor, right? Just tell us what you want already.

Fisherman: Well now, the young lady's got panache! Straight to the point, I like it. You see, I've been fishing here a goodly long while now and I'm parched! Fetch me some berries to slake my thirst, would you?

[Pick berries and speak to fisherman again]

Fisherman: Yes that's it, just what I like. Here you go.

Game Log: Tracks obtained.

[Replace missing track]

Raine: This'll let us keep going.

[Fire the lit cannon]

Fawkes: Looks like this isn't a route either.

Raine: No, no, Fawkes, look! Just ignite the explosives by firing the cannon in front of it, the explosion will make a path forward, right?

Fawkes: It sure will, but won't that cause other problems?

Raine: It's not like we have any other way, so may as well give it a shot.

[Attempt to challenge Cyclops Hypogeans (without being prepared)]

Raine: The essence of evil here is incredibly strong.

Fawkes: Guess we've found the commission we're going to complete.

Raine: So what're we waiting for? I'll lead the way, let's go tear it up! Then we'll take its disgusting head and get ourselves a fat paycheck! I can't wait to see the look on Mirael's face.

Fawkes: Don't be rash. We don't know anything about this evil creature, rushing in headfirst will only end in disaster, we should investigate the area first.

[Approach another missing section of railroad]

Fawkes: Raine, take a look. It seems like man-made marks left here.

Raine: Could it be related to the Hypogean territory we just passed?

Fawkes: Get going, see if anyone nearby knows anything about the situation here.

[Speak to Outpost]

Wounded War Vet: By the Divine Light! Where'd you appear from? I remember the way up being swept away a long time back.

Raine: You mean the southern railway track? Fawkes and I have fixed that right up.

Wounded War Vet: ... Well I never, this is truly unbelievable. Oh, don't get me wrong! I'm not pointing any fingers, in fact, I'm really grateful to you. Back when Chesterton was still just a village in its infancy, myself and some comrades of mine were guards there, keeping the southern route safe. But after the Hypogeans reared their ugly heads again, this little village in the sticks suffered for it. My comrades fell one after another trying to destroy the Hypogeans dwelling here. There was one guy, said he was going to get help, but once he was gone, he never returned. He probably didn't escape the Hypogeans' sinister clutches. So now, here I am, the last man standing guard. No-one else wanted to put their lives on the line, and fear drove most of those early settlers away. The only ones left are those who can't stand to part with their land. Keeping the village safe from the Hypogeans meant removing the tracks to the village.

Fawkes: Chesterton... that's the same name as the town back down the mountain.

Raine: Hypogeans, you say? It just so happens we're on the hunt for those as we speak, so why not let us deal with it?

Wounded War Vet: Truly? If you were to destroy the Hypogeans... could I return to the village...? Bounty Hunters, listen to me. I've left some things behind in that village, you may be able to make use of them. Back when I could still put up a fight, I hid some artillery near the Hypogeans territory. Sadly, the foul beast discovered me and I darn near lost my life. In fact, I never even got to take the gunpowder I prepped, right now it's still around the camp, you can help yourself to it.

Fawkes: That's certainly a real help!

[Fire cannon into Cyclops Hypogean camp]

Raine: Hah! That's a whole lot of firepower! It's making me want to bring explosives on my next job!

Fawkes: They've got nothing on Mirael's firepower, if she were here I wouldn't even bother using them.

Raine: Tch, less bellyaching, more working! Let's complete the bounty objective and then we'll go tell the old man.

[Defeat Hypogean Boss camp]

Game Log: Track obtained.

[Return to Outpost]

Raine: Hey! Guess what the good news is?

Fawkes: The Hypogeans have been eliminated, there's nothing more to fear. Danger's gone.

Wounded War Vet: I can't believe it, I never imagined... I always assumed it would remain a pipe dream, but now... I, I have to find my comrades and tell them!

Game Log: Tracks obtained.

[Place tracks across water]

Fawkes: What's with that expression? The job's done, right?

Raine: I was just thinking, since we've come this far, may as well fix the tracks.

Fawkes: Ain't any reward for this, not to mention folks might whine about this remote village being left without rescue for so long.

Raine: (shrugs) Look Fawkes, I'm feeling charitable, why you raining on my parade?

Fawkes: that case, lead the way.

[Enter snowy area]

Raine: The tracks do indeed seem to have come to an end at Chesterton Village.

Fawkes: But check out the lever, it's so well-kept even after all this time. Someone's been maintaining things here.

Elderly Village Chief: (Surprised) By the Divine Light, we've not seen visitors for years now! Did you come up the mountain? Travelers, you've come such a long way, please step inside and get out of the cold. Take a seat.

Fawkes: No need for fuss, we've some matters to attend to.

Elderly Village Chief: I see... Then, since you are here before me, does that mean the railway line that goes down the mountain... could it be... operational? I've been kept away from my son for such a long time, he used to love red plums. I wonder how he's doing.

Fawkes: For the time being, not entirely.

Raine: But trust us, it won't be much longer.

[Pick snow lotus]

Game Log: You picked a beautiful snow lotus blossom.

[Pick another snow lotus]

Game Log: You picked another beautiful snow lotus blossom.

[Return to the bar]

Monique: Did you bring the flower? So, this is the snow lotus from the mountain top? It really is just as they say, as white as pure snow, a refreshing scent and an elegant form. My sisters were right! I absolutely must go and show them! ... No-one can mock me for being an uncultured and uneducated swine anymore, surely? Oh, right, your reward. Here's the Moonstone, as promised. Please take it.

Raine: Whatever way you cut it, this stone is worth more than that flower...

Fawkes: Whatever.

Monique: Now I'll finally be able to keep peace with my sister's conversations.

Game Log: Go to the Durri village to return the genuine divine relic.

[Go through hole to Durri village]

Fawkes: So the lost track turned out to be here.

Durri Chief: Oi! What do you think you're doing, sneaking around here?

Raine: Huh? Who's being sneaky? Why the heck did you hide this track here?

Durri Chief: Track? What's a track? This is a treasure that protects our tribe.

Raine: Did I hear that right? Train tracks and protecting a tribe?

Durri Chief: Our tribe has always had an oracle! When disaster is upon us, only the Divine Moon can shelter us from harm!

Raine: But there are evil beings hungrily lurking around outside, and there's the constant threat of floods. Seems to me like that track isn't protecting much of anything.

[Talk to Chief]

Durri Chief: This wouldn't happen to be the Divine Moon, would it? The water! It's receded! I always said something was wrong before! Thank you. Since we have our Divine Relic back, we'll return this 'track' thing to its rightful owner.

Game Log: When the MoonStone was returned to the altar, all the evil creatures disappeared in an instant, along with the flood that had flooded the cave.

Game Log: Tracks obtained.

[Set up all the missing track pieces]

Raine: Phew... After all that.

Fawkes: After all so much running around, at least it wasn't naught.

Raine: Hah, this really has been an interesting experience. When we're back I'll try not to rub it in Mirael's face.

Fawkes: Indeed, after all, it's quite something for a certain 'hot-tempered' someone to have been so charitable.

Raine: Do you ever stop droning on?!

Game Log: All the tracks were put back in place and the train is now operational.

[Send cart up the mountain]

Angelo When folks in the town got word of the train tracks operating again, they all went on living peacefully as if nothing had happened. The fisherman who'd been over at the bridge boarded the train himself at some point, making the trip back to the village. As it reached the guard's camp the sun was setting. He quietly alighted and slowly made his way over to the place he remembered so well.

[Send cart back to village]

Angelo: When the train finally pulled into the village, the residents who had long-awaited its return all let our rapturous cheers. Carrying their most precious possessions, they all clamored to board the train. Some are brimming with the anticipation of being reunited with relatives long-parted. Others were filled by a curiosity of the new and unknown sights ahead. Whether quietly or enthusiastically, I'm certain the long period of isolation here is at an end, soon to be another distant memory as a time of hope and renewed optimism roll in.