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The Resurging Flame is an animated short that released on the official AFK Arena Youtube channel on December 30, 2021 in parallel with the Pursuit of Fire event, and Talene - The Resurging Flame Awakened Hero.


"Talene, go! Don't look back!" Her mother's desperate cry and the demon's greedy laughter intertwined. Talene recalled her weakness again, devastated. "I can't protect anyone or anything." When the vulnerable yet stubborn Astar stood bravely in front of her, facing the brutal demon coming after the Solaris Flare, Talene realized how strikingly similar this tiny figure was with her late mother's. Suppressing her grief, Talene opened her eyes. The brilliant Solaris Flare is reignited, ever brighter!


Talene's mother: Talene!

Talene's mother: Talene!

Talene's mother: Wake up!

Talene's mother: Go!

Talene's mother: Don't look back!

Framton: Fire!

Framton: Even purer fire!

Talene: Even with this flame!

Talene: I can't protect anything!

Astar: I'll protect you, Talene!



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