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"Together, Our Flame is Everlasting."

The Phoenix Descends features the limited event "Phoenix Reborn", which ranges from December 27, 2021 through January 4, 2022.

During the event, players can work together to earn rewards by participating in a global game activity that fills up a prize progress bar. By completing daily quests, players can earn Fire Tokens to make their own contributions to the progress bar and help the server unlock each prize. Clues about the upcoming hero, Talene - The Resurging Flame, will also be uncovered.


  • Players can earn 60 Fire Tokens per day.
  • Event lasts for a total of 9 days. Players can contribute Fire Tokens to increase the global progress bar, and receive random rewards by doing so.
  • Players can acquire Fire Tokens from Daily Activity Chests before the progress bar for all servers reaches is full. Once the progress bar is completely full, players will no longer be able to acquire Fire Tokens the following day.
  • Information about the new hero can be gradually unlocked based on the progression of all servers. Additional rewards may also be claimed when the information is unlocked.
  • Remaining Fire Tokens will be recalled for 10k gold per token once the event has concluded.

Fire Tokens

Item spsell.jpg

May be used in The Phoenix Descends event to contribute towards the global server progress, and also grants random rewards.

Awakened Talene Clues

Each clue will unlock when certain checkpoint requirements are met in the progress bar.


The sole survivor of the Obsidian Finches, reborn of flame and bearing the vengeance of clan extinction. Take your flaming blade and seek vengeance, hunt down Hypogeans and become Esperia’s hero.

Enemies appear, leading a trail of destruction. The sight of her mother’s murder replays in her mind, she watches gripped by despair as the Solaris Flare flickers out.

Thanks to Astar, she no longer feels fear. The purest flame rises up from the ashes, breaking through the gloom, and the last surviving Obsidian Finch descends born anew.


Hero Details

Awakened Details.jpg
Tank (Class).png
Factional advantage over Hypogeans.
Primary Role: Buffer. Intelligence Based Hero, Deals Magic Damage. Class: Tank, Receiving Dura's Fortitude.


Name Icon Description
A New Dawn
  • [Unlocks Mythic] Damage dealt to all enemies in front of Talene is equal to 210% of Talene's Attack Rating.
  • [Unlocks Ascended] When enemies are dealt damage, their Accuracy is reduced by 100 points for 10 seconds. Effect cannot be stacked.
Blade of Resurgence
Talene swings her Blade of Resurgence, dealing 200% damage 2 times to all enemies within range. Talene then brings down her blade upon the enemies before her dealing 280% damage to them.
  • [Unlocks Signature Item] After Talene brings her Blade of Resurgence down upon her enemies, the ground before her is set ablaze for 5 seconds. Enemies standing upon the burning ground are dealt 120% worth of Talene’s Attack Rating every second.
  • [Unlocks Sig. Item Lvl 10] The damage Talene deals when swinging her Blade of Resurgence is increased to 240%.
  • [Unlocks Sig. Item Lvl 20] Enemies standing upon the burning ground are dealt 150% of Talene’s Attack Rating every second.
  • [Unlocks Sig. Item Lvl 30] Enemies standing upon the burning ground deal 40% less damage.
Everlasting Flame
Every time Talene dies, she transforms into a fireball. While in a Fireball state, she is not considered as a living hero, therefore cannot be attacked or receive the effects of her allies. While in a Fireball state, Talene deals 150% damage per second to nearby enemies. After 12 seconds, Talene is reborn again with 100% health, and deals 200 % damage to nearby enemies, also stunning them for 3 seconds. Every time that Talene is reborn increases the duration of her next rebirth by 2 seconds.
  • [Unlocks Mythic Furniture +3] Damage dealt to enemies within range upon Talene’s rebirth is increased to 240%.
  • [Unlocks Mythic Furniture +9] While in a Fireball state, each time an allied hero receives damage equaling 10% of their own max health, Talene’s rebirth time will be decreased by 1 seconds, but her rebirth time cannot be shorter than 5 seconds.
Wings of Fire
Talene shakes her wings, consuming 30% of all her allies’ current health in order to grant them a shield which has a value equal to 3 times the amount of health that was consumed. The shield exists for 8 seconds, and its value cannot be lower than 300% of Talene’s Attack Rating. All allied heroes using the shield shall recover 80% of Talene’s Attack Rating as health every second.
  • [Unlocks Engraving Lvl 30] All allied heroes using the shield shall recover 100% of Talene’s Attack Rating as health every second.
  • [Unlocks Engraving Lvl 60] Wings of Fire additionally increases the value of the shield being used by allied heroes. The additional value is equal to 20% of the damage that each ally received after the last Wings of Fire was cast.


Name Icon Description
The Solaran Realm
Img sp icon.png
Whenever an allied hero deals a Critical Strike to an enemy, Talene uses the power of Solaris to deal 240% additional damage to the target. Each allied hero may only benefit from this effect once every 2 seconds. When additional damage is dealt to an enemy target, if the allied hero has a lower percentage of health than the target, the allied hero will recover 40% of Talene’s Attack Rating as health, otherwise the value of the additional damage shall be increased to 320% of Talene’s Attack Rating. Every time Talene deals damage a total of 20 times, Talene and 1 of her most injured allies shall recover an amount of health equal to 160% of Talene’s Attack Rating.
  • Talene – The Resurging Flame possesses an additional ability called the Solaran Realm that aids her allies in combat.
  • Once unlocked, Talene – The Resurging Flame’s abilities can be increased by leveling up her Signature Item, Mythic Furniture, Engraving level and Hero Tier.
  • Talene – The Resurging Flame cannot be placed on the battlefield alongside Talene – The Rising Phoenix (e.g two Talenes cannot be in the same formation at the same time.)
  • The lowest Ascension Tier that Talene – The Resurging Flame can be is Legendary. Talene – The Resurging Flame can be acquired by spending Time Emblems at the Temple of Time.
  • Players can exchange a limited quantity of Time Emblems at the Store.
  • When a player possesses an Ascended Tier Talene – The Resurging Flame, they can select her at the Stargazer and use Stargazing Cards to summon her again.
  • How to combine Talene – The Resurging Flame:
    • Legendary x3 = (Legendary+)
    • (Legendary+) + (Legendary+) = Mythic
    • (Legendary+) + (Mythic+) = Ascended
    • (Legendary+) + Ascended = Ascended+1
    • (Legendary+) + Ascended+1 = Ascended+2
    • (Legendary+) + Ascended+2 = Ascended+3
    • (Legendary+) + Ascended+3 = Ascended+4
    • (Legendary+) + Ascended+4 = Ascended+5
    • (Legendary+) + Ascended+4 = Ascended+5


Progress Bar Rewards

These rewards can be earned by the entire server by filling up the progress bar.

Progress Bar Rewards

Reborn Progress Bar.PNG
First Reward Second Reward Third Reward Fourth Reward
Icon bag diamond.jpg


Twisted Essence.jpg
Twisted Essence


Item 87.jpg
Emblem Choice Chest


Hypergacha ticket item.jpg
Time Emblem


Random Rewards

These rewards can be individually earned by the player through contributing their own Fire Tokens.

Reward Amount Probability
Icon bag diamond.jpg
300 Diamonds 20%
Item 87.jpg
Emblem Choice Chest
2 Chests 10%
Elemental Core.jpg
Elemental Core
20 Cores 10%
Icon bag chest 6.jpg
Reward Choice Chest
1 Chest 20%
Poe Coin.jpg
Poe Coins
300 Coins 15%
Twisted Essence.jpg
Twisted Essence
20 Essences 25%