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The Old Mine is the 13th campaign chapter on The World Map, hosting 40 individual stages. It is available upon completion of The Ancient Ruins.

Completing this chapter unlocks Rancid Forest and the ability to enhance Artifacts. In addition, players will be rewarded with Lyca and 10 Faction Scrolls.


"Deep beneath the ancient ruins lays an old mine. The rocks glow with an unusual magic. The locals believe that these rocks were imbued with something by Honas when he departed the land above. The magical ore was mined by the dwarves so that it could later be smelted into armor and weaponry. The weapons were said to immensely strengthen who ever wielded them, and so he thirst for this ore soon became insatiable, resulting in the veins of ore becoming completely mined out. Now all that remains of this great place is an empty chasm, scattered with worn out tools and broken furnaces."




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