The Oak Inn (formerly known as The Whale Inn in test servers) is a feature in Ranhorn that lets players place their Ascended tier heroes into rooms that can then be decorated with furniture for bonuses.

It can be unlocked after completing Chapter 4.


  • After completing Chapter 4, players' friends that are already occupying their own Oak Inn will visit the lobby of the player with gifts.
  • Players that possess Ascended tier heroes and have completed Chapter 17 of the campaign are able to unlock their own Oak Inn.
    • Once unlocked, players can move their Ascended heroes into the Oak Inn. Heroes residing within the Oak Inn can accumulate furniture, which will give their heroes new abilities and increased stats.

Your own Oak Inn

  • You start with 1 Building and 1 Floor and 1 Room.
  • You can buy 6 more Buildings for 300 Diamonds each
  • Each building can have 15 Floors
  • On each Floor you can assign 1 "Ascended" Hero and once you assigned a hero you can add 1 Room to make it middle size (Takes 6 hours) and after that you can make it to a large room (Takes 10 hours)
  • Only 1 room at a time can get upgraded
  • There are 3 different types of Furniture
    • Small apartments can hold 1 of each (3 in total)
    • Middle apartments can hold 2 of each (6 in total)
    • Large apartments can hold 3 of each (9 in total)

In total that means you can have 7 Buildings with 15 Floors which gives apartments for 105 Ascended Heroes.


Main Article: Oak Inn Furniture
  • Crafting Furniture costs Poe Coins. Poe coins can be obtained from the AFK Campaign, Store, or Special Events.
  • Furniture boosts Heroes stats and can give them new exclusive abilities.
  • There are 4 different rarities of Furniture: Common, Elite, Legendary, and Mythic.
  • Each new ability coming from the Furniture has 2 levels of power, to unlock first one: 3 mythic pieces for a certain hero are needed, to unlock second and final level: 9 pieces of mythic pieces for a certain hero are needed (for details on each hero's Furniture's powers see their separate pages).
  • Similar to Heroes, Furniture has different Factions. Place the Furniture in the hotel room of the Heroes having the same faction to boost their stats.
  • In the Workshop, there is a featured called Furniture Wishlist.
    • Up to 10 Hero can be added to the Furniture Wishlist.
    • When drawing 10 Furniture cards, if a Mythic item is produced, it has a greater chance of matching a hero icon currently in your wishlist but will not increase the overall chances of Mythic items being produced.
    • Clearing slots in the furniture wishlist will not increase the chance of other hero icons appearing.
    • Every new hero will be added to the list of furniture wishlist choices, and will be marked "New". Please remember to add the icons you want to your wishlist.
  • There are also a lot of quests in the Oak Inn for players to complete and unlock new Furniture as well as earn Poe Coins.

Crafting Furniture

  • Furniture costs 300 Poe coins to build. So you can expect currency for 1 furniture every 15 hours from idle rewards.
  • Each time furniture is crafted, you have a chance on getting mythic furniture.
  • There is also a bonus counter for legendary (every 30 furniture items) and mythic furniture (every 90 furniture items).
  • Rare furniture applies a bonus to a faction, legendary to a class (and faction), mythic to a specific hero (class and faction).

Furniture Class Bonuses

Legendary and higher furniture gives a bonus to class in addition to faction. This table shows the legendary bonuses. Some of the mythic bonuses are slightly higher, e.g. 13.3 Accuracy instead of 13 for Ranger Hanging.

Large Furniture Small Furniture Hanging Furniture
Support 1.6 Health Regeneration 4.7 Crit Resistance 8 Dodge
Mage 3.9 Crit Amplification 7.8 Dodge 2.3 Haste
Warrior 7.4 Tenacity 13 Accuracy 2.3 Life Leech
Tank 4.7 Crit Resistance 1.9 Received Healing 2.3 Haste
Ranger 3.9 Crit Amplification 7.8 Dodge 13 Accuracy


Dark Forest

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