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The Lost Sigils is a recurring in-game event. Collect precious faction sigils and redeem them for valuable rewards, including elemental shards and cores (players can also buy packs containing Sigils in Deals).

The event is centered around PvP challenges with the goal of defeating randomly matched opponents with specific faction configurations. This event requires players to plan their choices to a higher degree than previous events.


"It is better to have lived for something than have died for nothing"
-Arundel Ashdown

A faction's sigil is much more than just a trinket. It is a symbol imbued with great meaning, a physical representation of the faction's honor, its accomplishments, its integrity. Though a sigil is always heavily guarded, the chaos of conflict can scatter even the most precious treasures to the wind. In order to restore the honor of their factions, heroes from across the realm will set out to gather the lost sigils, facing impossible odds and hundreds of pitfalls along the way.


  • You can acquire factional sigils while The Lost Sigils event is underway.
  • Each victory you achieve will reward you with sigils that correspond to the factions of the heroes that were used in the battle.
  • Using Dimensional heroes will reward players with random Sigils.
  • You may only receive sigils from a battle if you are victorious. You can undertake up to 6 battles per day that will reward you with event sigils.
  • In order to improve your gaming experience, several adjustments may be made to your matched opponent's formation strength to ensure balance.
  • You may lend mercenary heroes from your friends or guild mates without any limits on how many times they can be used.
  • Players may exchange Sigils for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).
  • Players must possess at least 1 Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem items for activating or enhancing Signature Items.
  • Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can be used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.
  • Players may exchange Poe Coins in this event after unlocking The Oak Inn feature.
  • Event items can be exchanged for Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 25-60.
  • Event items can be exchanged for Mythic Variety Chests after completing Stage 23-60.
  • Event items can be exchanged for Dura’s Artifact Fragment Choice Chests after completing stages 13-40.
  • Once a player has completed Stage 16-40 they may exchange Reset Scrolls in this event. Reset Scrolls can be used to reset the factional bonuses of Mythic tier or higher gear.
  • Event items can be exchanged for Elemental Shards and Elemental Cores after completing Stage 21-60.
  • Once the event has ended, Chests of Omnipotence and sigils will be recalled in exchange for the 50K Gold per chest.

Obtaining Sigils

Sigils are obtained in two different ways. The first is through the Lost Sigils Challenge, and the other is through the Deals. There are 6 types of sigils, corresponding to the 6 different factions.

Sigils by Faction
Faction Name Sigil Name

Lightbearer.png Lightbearers

LBsigil.jpg Sigil of Light
Mauler.png Maulers Msigil.jpg Sigil of Might
Wilder.png Wilders Wsigil.jpg Sigil of Nature
Graveborn.png Graveborn GBsigil.jpg Sigil of Death
Celestial.png Celestials ClSigil.jpgSigil of Divinity
Hypogean.png Hypogeans HPSigil.jpgSigil of Destruction

The Challenge

Accessible from the Airship in Ranhorn, the Lost Sigils is a unique PvP challenge format. First, the player's opponent is selected via an automated matchmaking process. To obtain a new opponent, participants must either achieve victory on the battlefield or spend 5 diamonds to reroll a new opponent. Being victorious over an opponent rewards the player with one faction sigil per hero used by the player, with each sigil's faction corresponding to the faction of the hero used. 

For example: A player uses a team consisting of Shemira, Isabella, FeraelTasi, and Brutus to defeat their matched opponent. Upon winning, the player will be awarded 3 Sigils of Death, 1 Sigil of Nature, and 1 Sigil of Might.

Players may defeat (and receive sigils accordingly) up to 6 opponents per day of the event. A player has unlimited attempts to defeat their opponent. Players may employ mercenaries to aid in their challenges, making it easier to acquire a specific sigil. Additionally, for the duration of the event, normal caps on the usage of mercenaries is lifted, so take advantage of the opportunity to advance in other areas of the game too!


To obtain additional sigils, players may purchase a number of deals with real-world currency. These deals are found in the Daily Deals section of the Deals page. Players interested in obtaining sigils in this way should look for deals with Chests of Omnipotence. These chests will be transferred upon purchase to the player's bag, where they use them to select which of the 6 types of sigils they would like.

For example: A Player decides to buy a deal with 15 chests of Omnipotence. They then go to their bag, and use 5 of them to obtain 5 Sigils of Destruction, and use the rest to obtain 10 Sigils of Light.

Chest of Omnipotence

Chest of Omnipotence.jpg Contains faction sigils. Choose a particular faction sigil once opened. Once the event has concluded, chests will be recalled in exchange for 50K Gold per sigil.


There are a number of different rewards available to participants. Each set of rewards costs a specific combination of faction sigils.

Available Rewards
Reward Sigils Required Total Sigils Exchange Limit Cost of Max
30 Primordial Emblem 5 GBsigil.jpg Sigils of Death

5 Msigil.jpg Sigils of Might


5 Wsigil.jpg Sigils of Nature

5 LBsigil.jpg Sigils of Light

10 10 times per method

20 total

200 Sigils
20 Amplifying Emblem 6 Wsigil.jpg Sigils of Nature

6 LBsigil.jpg Sigils of Light


6 GBsigil.jpg Sigils of Death

6 Msigil.jpg Sigils of Might

12 12 times per method

24 total

288 Sigils
20 Emblem Choice Chest 18 Wsigil.jpg Sigils of Nature

18 LBsigil.jpg Sigils of Light


18 GBsigil.jpg Sigils of Death

18 Msigil.jpg Sigils of Might

36 15 times per method

30 total

1080 Sigils
1 Specific Ascended Tier Hero** 75 Same

25 Weak

50 Other

150 2 times per hero 300 per hero
40 Diamonds 1 of any Sigil or Chest of Correspondence 40 unlimited*** a lot

**Each hero costs 75 Sigils corresponding to their faction, 25 Sigils corresponding to the faction with an advantage over them, and 50 sigils from one of the remaining 2 main factions, depending on the specific hero. For example, Estrilda cost 75 Sigils of Light (matching her position as a Lightbearer), 25 Sigils of Death (Graveborns have an advantage against Lightbearers) and 50 Sigils of Might (obtained from Maulers).

***Barring any new Deals, it appears to be impossible to obtain anywhere close to 99999 Sigils over the course of the event.


Over the course of the event, it is possible to win up to 30 Sigils each day (5 from each of the 6 victories). If this is done for all 8 days of the event, participants can earn a total of 240 Sigils from the challenge. With this in mind, it is important that players budget their Sigils and plan ahead of time which rewards they wish to earn.

It is advised that participants decide which rewards they want, total the number of Sigils required from each faction, and then pace themselves with victories using heroes accordingly. It may be unwise to attempt to earn too many Sigils from factions in which the player lacks strong heroes. Remember that Chests of Omnipotence can be used to provide Sigils of any faction.

Setting yourself up for success, later on, is important too. Try to earn the Sigils you need from the factions you are weakest with first in order to provide yourself with the most flexibility. Consider your strongest and reliable attacking team. If your Sigil plan doesn't have much room for flexibility, then try to set yourself up so you can finish the last day using your preferred team.

If you have a strong hero you know you'd like to use every battle, try not to overuse it, and plan with the remaining Sigils you want in mind. Keep in mind there are 48 total battles over the course of the event. It is advised players do not plan on having more than 2 "essential" heroes across 2 different factions, otherwise, they limit their ability to build teams with faction bonuses.

For instance, with 6 days left, using a hero every battle will give you 36 Sigils of that hero's faction. If you need fewer than 36 of that Sigil, try to get by that day using the hero as little as possible. On the other hand, if you need more than 36 of that Sigil, ensure you leave at least 36 unearned so you can use the hero in every fight.

If you are struggling to defeat a foe with the factions you have restricted to yourself, consider using a mercenary to lighten the load. If that still doesn't work, consider if spending 5 diamonds to reroll is likely to improve the situation, what reward you'd be discarding if you broke your faction constraints, and whether that reward is worth 5 diamonds. It's also important to consider that an arbitrary Sigil is still worth 40 diamonds, so it's better to win the wrong Sigils than to win no Sigils.