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The Infernal Gate is the 39th campaign chapter available on The World Map, hosting 60 individual stages. It is available upon completion of The Murmuring Chasm.


"At the end of a long and winding path stands a horrific sight.

Massive and menacing, just one glance upon this ungodly construct is enough terrify. A vessel for true, irrepressible evil, it’s said in legend that those who get too close to the gate are forever changed. Anguished howls of the tortured souls trapped within can be heard emanating from the heavy door, crying out for respite; a request impossible to grant.

An unidentifiable red liquid oozes down either side of the door, bubbling and popping, making the door appear as if it were a living, breathing creature. Indiscernible festering appendages, once most likely belonging to sentient creatures now serve a new purpose in death, to reinforce its hulking walls, and serving as a warning sign to those that dare to tread too close.


Something from behind the door thrusts itself upon it. The whole land trembles. A new era of evil beckons..."




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