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Deep in the dominion of snow, the Frozen Overseer awaits.

The Hunting Fields is a temporary event located in the Dark Forest that is similar in nature to the Abyssal Expedition event. It is unlocked after beating Campaign Stage 19-40.

Players can progress through the fields to conquer the lands, acquire noble titles, and obtain various rewards; either solo (to be paired up with random squad members) or with a team of 4 other selected friends/guildmates. There is also an option for players to join a team as a spectator where they are not required to do anything, but only earn 80% of the rewards as a result. Each team can have up to 10 spectators.

There are a variety of mini-bosses to fight which will grant the player with loot, hero runes, and hunters marks. All of the aforementioned will aid the hero in their progression, ultimately accumulating in a final fight against the main boss of the season.


Season 1

This is a history lesson of the darkest variety, and has been selectively forgotten; a bloody farce that should not be looked back on.

Long ago, the god of Hunting Adrax used heaven and earth as his hunting grounds and all living beings were his prey. He got bored eventually and launched an unprecedented hunting campaign. After his disappearance, the gods sealed the hunting grounds and never spoke of it again. Now the resounding roars of beasts in the hunting grounds can once again be heard...

Heroes answered the call of the gods, and formed a hunting squad to go deep into the hunting grounds, where prehistoric behemoths lurk in every crevasse and the search for the truth begins anew.

Prey trapped on the hunting grounds have become frenzied and rabid, voluntarily turning into minions of the beasts that used to hunt them. Now they are the hunters, and our Heroes are the prey.

Adrax, the god of the hunt, is both the guardian of hunters and the guardian of prey. In his care, the boundary between hunter and prey has been blurred, and chaos grips the land again as a new crazed campaign sets the stage.

Will you adhere to the old teachings, defeat the minions, hunt the beasts, and destroy the origins? Or do you give in to your desires and indulge in this carnival of blood?

Season 2

In the dead of winter, snowstorms blanket the continent, changing the landscape, blurring roads. It's becoming increasingly difficult to see if we're on the right track.

People have been vanishing all over the place. According to eyewitnesses, missing people were making a long voyage across the continent, only for several of them to disappear. When the snow cleared, they were gone without a trace. The footprints continued for a short distance before being completely covered up by thick snow.

The ever-increasing number of missing people slowly started to gain the attention of the powers that be. They later realized that there was something unusual occurring to the wind, some strange force had taken control of it, a force that had seemingly originated from the sealed-off Hunting Fields.

The gods soon turned their gaze to the Hunting Fields, and unsurprisingly enough they found the seals within the Hunting Fields had been loosened, allowing the power held within the seals to seep into the snow and wind, inevitably covering the whole continent. It was determined that those missing people had been drawn closer to the Hunting Fields by this unusual force.

The gods have summoned the warriors of Esperia to once again enter the Hunting Fields to do battle with the God of Hunting.

This time, however, there is a strange twist to the plot, as the hunting parties are met with a far more insidious hunting field. Cold and hunger gradually chip away at the will of the warriors. This time the snow slows their pace of progress, and in front of them, their prey that had been laying dormant for so long is already baring its fangs...


Reinforcements Banner.png

You need not fight alone in this frigid hell.

Lone vs Single.jpg
Enroll in the Hunt

Players can choose lone wolf to embark on the hunt with 4 randomly selected squad mates, or players can choose team up to join with 4 friends and/or guildmates to form a group of 5. Each squad consists of one captain and 4 squad mates and each member will represent a different faction.

Select a Faction.png
Select a Faction

Select your faction wisely, as you cannot change it later. Your choice will play a big role in the hunt. All five factions will share responsibility. Each member of the team, whether choosing the lone wolf or team up option, will choose a different faction to represent (either Lightbearer, Wilder, Graveborn, Mauler, or a combination of Celestial, Hypogean, and Dimensional.) Only heroes from the faction the player chose during the matching process can be used once the challenge has commenced, with the player being allowed to use 10 of their own heroes that match their selected faction.

Occupy Territory.png
Occupy Territory

Welcome to the hunter's paradise! Claim important strategic areas, repel numerous deadly enemies to earn loot, and set up Hunting Camps to aid in your progression. Occupied camps produce Hunter's Marks for players to collect, which will be used to clear certain objectives and combine runes.

Loot Forged for War.png
Loot Forged for War

Each item of gear attained represents your unforgettable efforts in battle. Your hero hunting level is proof of your conquests, and loot can be equipped to your hero's to boost their attributes while will prime them for the next battle.

Share Resources.png
Share Resources

Exchange items with your comrades, share resources and overcome the ultimate threat together. Players can access loot that their squad mates have shared via the bag feature.

Hunting Challenge.png
Hunting Challenge

Venture forth into another realm, vanquish the beasts that await you.

The Ultimate Hunt.png
The Ultimate Hunt (Season 1)

The god of hunting, Adrax, is but a poor creature, mentally twisted by his own duty. With the aid of his disciples, Adrax has returned, angrier and more deranged than ever. Break the altars in order to defeat him in his normal and enraged forms.

Gve boss banner.png
The Ultimate Hunt (Season 2)

An ominous figure emerges at the hunting field's center. The prey transforms itself into an enormous beastly sight, bringing the wind and snow with it. Seize the alter to gain its power, defeat Oleus, and restore peace to the hunting fields.


  • You will play as five-person hunting squads in co-op instances, each instance lasting 7 days, with the last day as Quiet Time; during Quiet Time, all Camp resources and Stamina recovery will be suspended.
  • The actual duration of the season will depend on each event's rules. Specific open activities. During the event, you can enter The Hunting Fields as a hunting squad member or a support role. Support roles will not participate in battles.
  • Players have 2 Challenge Attempts by default, and will gain additional Challenge Attempts based on their VIP level. A total of 2 single Challenge Attempts can be used per season, any remained additional Challenge Attempts can be used if the player decides to abandon a hunt in order to begin a new hunt. There are no attempt limitations for spectating battles.
  • Members of the hunting squad can participate in the battle through individual registration or squad registration. When you’ve reached the required number of people, the instance will start.
  • Each Hunting Squad has 10 support positions. Players that are eligible for Hunting Fields can apply for these positions.
    • Support members can join in on an instanced started by friends of guild members. They will not participate in actual battles, but can provide tactical assistance and morale support to hunting squad members.
    • Members of the hunting squad will have 2 spots for support roles within 48 hours of the start of the instance, and will no longer have this restriction after 48 hours.
    • Members of the hunting squad can change settings to allow supporters to join without verification, but this will own affect their own supporter spots.
    • Supporters can still claim rewards without needing to fight.
  • Instances make use of the “Martial Rating” system, and every hero’s base level is set to 240. A hero’s level may be increased by a number that is based upon their own level.
  • There are 5 factions in the instance. Solo matching will give you a selection of multiple desired factions, but each member of the hunting squad can only enter the instance with Heroes of the faction that got matched up in the end, and cannot use Heroes of other factions.
  • You can get Hunter Marks, Loot, and Hero Awakening Runes by occupying Hunting Camps, completing Hunting Challenges, from AFK Rewards, and challenging Gate Bosses; these resources can be used to improve the combat power of your Heroes within the instance.
  • Members of the hunting squad can exchange items and share resources through the shared bags; this can improve the squad’s strength. Please place all items that you don’t need in the shared bags for your companions to use, and enhance your overall combat effectiveness.
  • Occupying hunting camps, challenging gate bosses, and challenging the final boss will consume Hero stamina. Heroes within Troops will automatically recover stamina.
  • Hunting challenges will consume Challenge Seals; these can be obtained by increasing the hunting squad's level, or through gifts between hunting squad members.
  • Increasing the hunting squad's level grants better rewards, and will require the joint efforts of all squad members.
    • Supporting members will also get a corresponding reward when their hunting squad levels up
  • During a season, each player can only receive one hunting squad level up reward. If you have previously received a designated level reward as a support member, the level up reward will be calculated and issued after deducting the part that you received as a support role.
  • Reach the designated hunting squad level to sweep wilderness tiles of the designated level. This will no longer consume stamina, and will give you 3 stars automatically.
  • In the instance, occupied wilderness tiles are counted as shared land for the hunting squad, and will not affect the occupation limit, and cannot be abandoned.
  • Attacking camp costs Stamina. Heroes will automatically recover Stamina at the rate of 3/hour.


  • Once a player has confirmed the faction they wish to use in the instance, players can then choose an additional reinforcement team of the corresponding faction.
  • Each faction have different reinforcement heroes, tap the button to view the specific heroes.
  • Reinforcement heroes must reach Elite+ or higher before they can be placed in the "Troops" recovery pool. Mercenaries and trial heroes may not be used as reinforcements.
  • Up to two teams of reinforcement heroes may be placed in the recovery pool.

List of Reinforcements

Faction Reinforcements Pool
Celestials, Hypogeans, and Dimensionals

Squad Rank

Squad members can acquire Honor Points in The Hunting Fields to increase their Hunting Squad Level.

To view the ranks and their rewards, select "expand".
Image Rank Tasks Squad Level Privileges
Newbie Rank.png
Newbie TBA
  • Constructible Camps: 6
  • Max Hero Tier: 2
  • Available Heroes: 10
  • Available Seals: 1
Elite Rank.png
Elite TBA
  • Constructible Camps: 8
  • Max Hero Tier: 3
  • Available Heroes: 10
  • Sweep Wilderness Level: 3
  • Max Challenge Seals: 1
Expert Rank.png
Expert TBA
  • Constructible Camps: 10
  • Max Hero Tier: 3
  • Available Heroes: 10
  • Sweep Wilderness Level: 3
  • Max Challenge Seals: 1
Master Rank.png
  • Occupy 10 Lvl 5 Camps (Squad)
  • Collect 100000 Hunter Marks (Squad)
  • Obtain 10 Pieces of Mythic Loot (Squad)
  • Own 5 Constructed Camps of Lvl 4 or Higher (Squad)
  • Occupy 12 Tiles Within Carnival Grounds (Squad)
  • Defeat Adrax (Squad)
  • Constructible Camps: 12
  • Max Hero Tier: 4
  • Available Heroes: 10
  • Sweep Wilderness Level: 6
  • Max Challenge Seals: 2
Heroic Rank.png
Heroic N/A
  • Constructible Camps: 15
  • Max Hero Tier: 4
  • Available Heroes: 10
  • Sweep Wilderness Level: 7
  • Max Challenge Seals: 2

Member Rewards

Raise your Hunting Squad Level and complete the assigned solo task to claim these rewards.

Rank Requirement
Newbie Rank.png

Elite Rank.png

300 Hero's Essence, 500k Gold, 300 rare Soulstones
Expert Rank.png

300 Hero's Essence, 1000k Gold, Expert choice chest (200 Twisted Essenceor 1000 Poe Coins), 10 Common Hero Scrolls
Master Rank.png

500 Hero's Essence, Master choice chest (25 Amplifying Emblem or 2000 Poe Coins), 10 Faction Scrolls, a T3 stone choice chest.
Heroic Rank.png

1000 Hero's Essence, Heroic choice chest (25 faction emblems or 5000 Poe Coins), 10 Stargazer Scrolls, a T3 stone choice chest.

Supporter Rewards

Once a squad's Hunting Squad Level is increased, supporters can claim the corresponding rewards

Rank Requirement
Newbie Rank.png

Elite Rank.png

240 Hero's Essence, 400k Gold, 240 rare Soulstones
Expert Rank.png

240 Hero's Essence, 800k Gold, Expert choice chest (160 Twisted Essenceor 800 Poe Coins), 8 Common Hero Scrolls
Master Rank.png

400 Hero's Essence, Master choice chest (20 Amplifying Emblem or 1600 Poe Coins), 8 Faction Scrolls, a T3 stone choice chest.
Heroic Rank.png

800 Hero's Essence, Heroic choice chest (20 faction emblems or 4000 Poe Coins), 8 Stargazer Scrolls, a T3 stone choice chest.


The minimap.

Players can access a minimap in order to view any tiles they have specifically marked, or to view their own camps, their allies camps, the entrance to the next section of the map, locked regions, and the location of the bosses. Tapping anywhere on the minimap will bring the player to the location to scope it out before battling their way there.

The map is split into 3 sections: Beginner Wild, Intermediate Wild, and Advanced Wild.

To view individual cells, select "expand".


Main Article: The Hunting Fields/Loot

Players can acquire loot that enhances the attribute of their heroes, subsequently aiding in progression through the fields. Loot can be broken down into 3 specifications: Challenge Seals, Runes, and Gear (which can be rare, elite, legendary, or mythic). Squad mates can share loot amongst themselves by placing it into the squad's loot bag.

Additionally, a form of currency called 'Hunter Marks' can be exchanged for runes and for loot gear that is legendary or lower. Hunter marks can be acquired through completion of Hunting Challenges, via AFK rewards, through Gate Bosses, and by occupying camps.

Hunting Challenge


The roar of ancient beasts break through the barriers of reality and have awakened wild behemoths that have long remained dormant.

These powerful entities have entered the hunting grounds of the gods through cracks in time and space, and have become the minions of the beasts, helping them break their chains of imprisonment.

Hunters, pass through the rift before disaster strikes, and fight against these powerful enemies!


A challenge seal.

  • Hunting challenges will consume Challenge Seals: these can be obtained by increasing the hunting squad's level, or through gifts between hunting squad members.
  • Damage will accumulate progress for the corresponding treasure chest. When the specified progress is completed, all members of the hunting squad will obtain 1 treasure chest.
  • Chest rewards include Hero Awakening Runes, Loot and Hunter Marks; the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.
  • After a beast is killed, wait a while, and a more challenging beast will spawn in another area of the map.
  • The beasts on the hunting grounds are very powerful, and each beast is unique. The members of the hunting squad will need to cooperate with each other and carefully select their opponents in order to gain advantages in battle.


To view the boss list, select "expand".

Season 1 Bosses

Image Boss
Priest.jpg Belinda
POM.jpg Lyca
Turtle.jpg Gorvo
GK.jpg Hendrik
Mouse.jpg Vurk
NOD.jpg Safiya
BossHGMN.jpg Adrax

Season 2 Bosses

Image Boss
Alna portrait.jpg Alna (First Gate)
IceD.jpg Khazard (Second Gate)
BossPreyS.jpg Oleus (Final Boss)


  • Leaderboard points can be obtained by occupying hunting camps for a period of time, completing hunting challenges, challenging gate bosses, and killing the final boss.
  • Only the highest recorded points throughout all boss challenges will count towards your final ranking. Your final ranking will be determined at the end of each session.
  • When a season ends, players can claim individual rewards that are based upon the highest points reached out of every individual hunt they participated in. If a player participated in multiple hunts, only the hunt with the highest score will be ranked on the leaderboard.
  • Aside from spectators, Squad Members that reach designated ranks shall received Fortune Chests, Honorable Rewards, and Medal Rewards. Squad Members' guild mates shall also be able to claim Fortune Chests.
  • Players can claim rewards that are based on their highest rank when the season ends. If a player partakes in multiple hunts, rewards will be calculated based upon the hunt in which they achieved their overall highest rank.
To view all of the leaderboard rewards, select "expand".

Fortune Chests

The guild member that reaches the Top 500 in the Hunting Fields will win rewards for their guild.

Reward requirements are as follows:

Required Rank Rewards
Top 1001-2000 14000 Diamonds
Top 151-1000 24000 Diamonds
Top 150 35000 Diamonds

Honorable Rewards

By placing a certain spot on the leaderboard, exclusive avatar frames can be acquired. The conditions for unlocking these frames are as follows:

Reward Requirement
N avatar gve1 rank3.png
Be top 500 on the Hunting Squad Points Season 1 Leaderboards.
N avatar gve1 rank2.png
Be top 200 on the Hunting Squad Points Season 1 Leaderboards.
N avatar gve1 rank1.png
Be top 30 on the Hunting Squad Points Season 1 Leaderboards.
N avatar gve2 rank3.png
Be top 2000 on the Hunting Squad Points Season 2 Leaderboards.
N avatar gve2 rank2.png
Be top 1000 on the Hunting Squad Points Season 2 Leaderboards.
N avatar gve2 rank1.png
Be top 150 on the Hunting Squad Points Season 2 Leaderboards.

Medal Rewards

  • Players that reach a designated rank on the final Hunting Fields leaderboard will be rewarded with rare Honorable Rewards Medals.
  • Medals will be sent to players' mailboxes at the end of each season.
  • The Hunting Fields Medals are valid for up to 20 days as of the result calculation period. Please ensure Medals are equipped in a timely manner.

The requirements for each medal are as follows:

Icon Name Requirement
Legendary Savage Ending.png
Legendary Savage Ending medal Rank within the Top 500 on the final Hunting Fields Season 1 leaderboard to acquire.
Mythic Savage Ending.png
Mythic Savage Ending medal Rank within the Top 200 on the final Hunting Fields Season 1 leaderboard to acquire.
Ascended Savage Ending.png
Ascended Savage Ending medal Rank within the Top 30 on the final Hunting Fields Season 1 leaderboard to acquire.
Icon emblem 7 1.png
Legendary Maestro Massacre Rank within the Top 2000 on the final Hunting Fields Season 2 leaderboard to acquire.
Icon emblem 7 2.png
Mythic Maestro Massacre Rank within the Top 1000 on the final Hunting Fields Season 2 leaderboard to acquire.
Icon emblem 7 3.png
Ascended Maestro Massacre Rank within the Top 150 on the final Hunting Fields Season 2 leaderboard to acquire.


Dark Forest