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The Forest's Edge


Just as a squirrel buries its food, so do the dwarves stash their treasures. Located at the edge of the forest seems to be what looks like the remnants of an old dwarven mine. Scattered throughout the area, are small, winding paths that may hide hidden dangers... or perhaps treasures. Only the brave foolish will know for sure.

Event Details

  1. Explore the world and acquire an assortment of loot and rewards while the event is underway.
  2. After each battle has been concluded, the health and energy levels for heroes and enemies will not be reset.
  3. If a battle timer runs out, the attacking side's heroes will be wiped out.
  4. Players may restart the adventure at any time. Resetting the adventure will return all heroes and enemies to their original state.
  5. The strength of enemies is based upon each player's own strength. Enemies strength levels will not change once the event has begun.
  6. Rewards may only be collected once per event.


Gem.png x600 Elite-hero-soulstone.png x60 Common-hero-scroll.png x10