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This Article will describe how to get all rewards from that tricky Peaks of time challange. This challenge is considered tricky because you can't obtain all rewards in a single run. In fact you need to do it twice. Since this challenge rewards you with an guaranteed elite Shemira copy you definitely shouldn't miss this opportunity.


  • Finished the stage 12-4 in Campaign and
  • Finished at least 60% of the previous Peaks of time challange which is in our case 'The Far Frontier' challenge


Step 1:

When you start the challenge you begin in the middle of 6 spiral which come all together in the center. Each spiral has on its way down a mark with a moon shaped colour either in green or in blue. First you need to decide for a colour to hunt in the first run (I prefer green) and collect all 3 marks of the same colour (paths of the first run is shown in the picture below).

Note: Since each battle destroys a piece of the path you should always finish a spiral until you collected the mark and then go for the next one. That means taht you shouldn't mix up the paths no matter what.

Figure 1: Suggested pathing on the first run

After you collected the 3 marks a portal in the center where your journey began will open and it teleports you to one of the two islands. There you only have to battle one of the two chief enemies. Battle the one with the lower level Brutus and after you defeated the camp and collected the rewards reset the challenge in order to get to the second floating island.

Step 2:

In the second step it is the same as in the first step, but the only difference is that you hunt now the other colour mark. When you started with the green marks (As suggested) you now go for the blue mark and vice versa.

Figure 2: Suggested pathing on the second run

Step 3:

If it now happens that you are missing out some gold treasure rewards reset again after finishing the second run and only chase these paths with the remaing rewards.

Video Guide

Note: Video Guide is made by Discord Contributor Elerion.


AFK Arena - Peaks of Time 7 & 8 (The Divine Realm & Rancid Forest)