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This unusual land is most difficult to traverse. The mountains here seem to have been moved by great magic, moved into peculiar locations, as if they were trying to hide something. The only way to traverse this land is through its magical portals. But one must be careful, those that enter the portals rashly may soon find themselves lost. There is surely some sort of method to their madness, perhaps a hidden code. Only the smart and cunning may uncover this realm’s hidden secrets


In the beginning, Esperia was in complete chaos. Dura used the core elements to forge the world we have today. It took Dura five days to create the world, and- on each day, she created one elemental guardian, each one responsible for keeping their own element in check. 

On the first <Day>, she created Aaldir, Guardian of Earth, who rose from the ground. On the second <Night> she created Udea, Guardian of Water, who was born from the waves. On the third <Day> She created Zateus, Guardian of Fire, born from the flowing magma of the Scalding Peaks. On the fourth <Day> she created Elo, Guardian of Wood. On the fifth and final <Day> she created Winas, Guardian of Wind. 

Guardian Aaldir was a sight to behold, his skin was a brilliant <Gold>. Guardian Udea had two beautiful <Blue> eyes, her eyes could light up the darkest depths of the ocean. Guardian Zateus had a fiery <Red> tail that would dazzle anyone who dared look upon him. Guardian Elo's hair was as <Green> as the grass and his limbs as long as branches. Guardian Winas had two beautiful wings that glowed an immaculate <Gold>. His wings would light up the night sky as he flew across the world. 

The old tome speaks of an ancient prophecy: When the new moon shines a brilliant <Green>, you must follow the <Moon>. When you have traveled upon each and every <Green Moon> your path will become clear. The enveloping mist will be no more.  


Crystal Chests:

  • 400 Diamonds
  • 20 Dura's Call Shards
  • 20 Dura's Drape Shards
  • 20 Dura's Blade Shards

Gold Chests:

  • 2000K gold x 6
  • 300 Hero Essence x 2


You will start at the center of the map surrounded by 3 portal and 3 tomes. The tome will provide you a riddle on how to solve this puzzling stage. If you pay attention to the riddle, the five guardian created by Dura represent the order of portal you need to access. The first tome tells you the symbol (<Day> = Sun Symbol, <Night> = Moon Symbol ), while the second tome tells the corresponding color (<Gold>,<Blue>,<Red>,and <Green>).

  1. Aaldir = Gold Sun
  2. Ueda = Blue Moon
  3. Zateus = Red Sun
  4. Elo = Green Sun
  5. Winnas = Gold Sun

Follow the portal in correct order and you'll be able to get the first crystal chest. After getting the chest, you must enter the Green Moon to teleport back to starting point.

The third tome hints that you need to pass all Green Moon to finish this map. So just enter portals until you complete all Green Moons.

The following are the paths to reach all the green moons and complete the map. You may do them in any order. There are no penalty if you took a path more than once. The first path in this list is the path you take to get the first crystal chest.

  1. Gold Sun -> Blue Moon -> Red Sun -> Green Sun -> Green Moon
  2. Blue Sun -> Green Moon
  3. Gold Sun -> Green Moon
  4. Red Sun -> Gold Moon -> Green Moon
  5. Red Sun -> Blue Moon -> Red Moon -> Green Moon
  6. Red Sun -> Blue Moon -> Green Sun -> Gold Moon -> Green Moon
  7. Gold Sun -> Blue Moon -> Red Sun -> Green Moon
  8. Gold Sun -> Blue Moon -> Red Sun -> Red Moon -> Green Moon
  9. Gold Sun -> Blue Moon -> Red Sun -> Green Sun -> Blue Moon -> Green Moon
  10. Gold Sun -> Blue Moon -> Red Sun -> Green Sun -> Green Sun -> Green Moon
  11. Gold Sun -> Blue Moon -> Red Sun -> Green Sun -> Gold Sun -> Green Moon
  12. After completing all the other path, take any Green Moon and you'll reach the last path with the last chest

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you are having trouble defeating the main path from the riddle, you don't need to do it first. Begin doing the other path first with the weakest enemies to be able to get relics that will help you increase your power rating.
  • The last path contains 3 camps of powerful enemies so be prepared. You would want to have at least 900K power rating before you proceed.
  • Try to get the best relics in your first few matches. If you failed to get them early, its better to just reset the whole map instead of pushing to the end and getting stuck. This peak is one of those maps that you'll have to redo the everything again when you reset.
  • Also, there are no Dura's artifact in this map. You may choose to only aim for at least 60% completion and just skip and proceed to do the next the map. You can come back and re-do this map later when you get more powerful.

Username: chronodumb - Game ID: 3808031 - Server: S37