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Within this region lies a town called Evercrest. Its inhabitants possess a unique ability to talk with the dead, a rare and unusual ability. These folk have branded as heretics by the Temple of Light, thus the temple clerics ordered the town to be cleansed. Years later, the town's story have yet to be concluded, as demonic invaders march towards the township.


Start of Level:

  • Temple Cleric: We're too late. The demons have gotten here before us. Their destructive powers are horrifying. I can still smell the blood and guts in the air. We must tread carefully.
  • Hypogeans: Another two that I shall devour. (Bellows a sickening roar)
  • Temple Cleric: Quickly! Hide!

Upon interacting with the Blue Lever:

  • Temple Cleric: Now what? The Switch is broken. Looks like we could be stuck here. D-d-demon! The demon has discovered us! I can sense it getting closer.

The orange portal appears:

  • Temple Cleric: Wait... this seems to be a portal. I suppose we have no other choice but to use it. Perhaps it will take us out of here.
    • Objective Log: The demon was too strong for us. Our only course of action was to travel through the portal, away from danger.

Upon entering the portal:

  • Objective Log: However, as we passed through the portal we could seemingly hear unnerving laughter. The place we arrived in was peculiar. What is this place?

Upon moving past the Blue Pillar:

  • Soldier: My brethren, I've been waiting for you for some time now.
  • Temple Cleric: Forgive me. You are?
  • Soldier: I'm a soldier that is stationed close to the nearby town of Evercrest. News of the sacrifices happening in the town reached my regiment quickly, thus I was sent here to aid you. I had heard you had some trouble getting here. I was beginning to think you might not have made it.
    • Objective Log: We came across a soldier that told us of Evercrest town, a place that had a history of sacrifices. He was sent to aid with defeating the evil that had taken root in the town. If my memory serves me right, aid was sent to the town ten years ago... surely that would mean...

Upon taking the treasure:

  • Objective Log: What is going on? We've been branded as thieves by the locals. They have surrounded us and have a look of ill-intent in their eyes

Upon moving past the second treasure:

  • Soldier: At the very north you'll find the center of Evercrest town. That place is also a den of evil. There's a hidden path that can lead us through the woods we can follow it north.
    • Objective Log: The soldier informed us that at the center of Evercrest was the demon's den. He also told us of a secluded path that would lead us to the north.

Upon interacting with the Southern Village:

  • Temple Cleric: The locals here don't seem to be very welcoming. We'd better not disturb them too much.
  • Soldier: My brethren, you are too kind. The demons thrive here because the locals allow them to do so. The locals were foolish. They couldn't see the demons for what they really are. Cultists are harboring the demons in the town to the south. There is a secluded path, hidden by the brush, not too far from here. It'll give us access to the town.
    • Objective Log: The Soldier reported that there was a hidden path in the forest that could lead us to the town in the south. It's hard to believe that corrupted townsfolk are living amongst the demons.

Upon moving the the right of the Southern Village:

  • Objective Log: The Soldier quietly let us know of some treasure located on a nearby path that we can take, if we so choose. However, I fear taking it may have unforeseen consequences. We have orders to cleanse this area, not plunder treasure.

Upon beating the enemy camp:

  • Objective Log: We wanted to get a better understanding from the locals, however, there was no way of communicating with them. The only language they understood was sharp steel.

Upon coming close to the center of Evercrest:

  • Temple Cleric: Is this the center of Evercrest? Seems like the demons have already had their way with it. If we attack too rashly right now, it may not end well for us.

Upon removing all four tombstones:

  • Objective Log: The evil creatures' power has seemingly been weakened.

Upon beating the enemy camp at the center of Evercrest:

  • Voidbinder - Zolrath: Mortals always talk about what they regret. But when given the chance, they always choose to make the same mistakes over and over again. Weren't you curious about what happened to Evercrest? I'll send you back in time. You may see for yourselves. This was all your choice. Now you'll be able to witness firsthand the "evil" destruction you caused (Time portal emerges from the ground).

Upon entering the portal:

  • Objective Log: We laid waste to the evil beings that had taken root in Evercrest. Seen as heretics by the Temple of Light, we learned that they actually believed in an ancient religion. The townsfolk and these beings, had a pact which lasted for centuries. By slaughtering these beings, we inadvertently destroyed the town's defenders, exposing the town to new dangers.

Upon moving next to the northern cannon on the right side:

  • Objective Log: We found a cannon that looked as if it was once used against the demons. Unfortunately, it looks as if its arcane powers have run dry. If we could only find some arcane power to replenish it, it may work.

Upon collecting arcane power from the northern cannon on the left side:

  • Objective Log: We found a sufficient amount of arcane power.

Upon interacting with the Discolored Parchment:

  • Objective Log: We found an old parchment that had angry words scrawled on it

Upon moving next to the southern cannon on the right side:

  • Objective Log: We discovered another cannon that was in a great position. If we can fix it we'll be able to deal with the demon.

Upon collecting arcane power from the southern cannon on the left side:

  • Objective Log: We found a sufficient amount of arcane power.

Upon recharging the southern cannon on the right side:

  • Objective Log: We managed to fix the broken cannon, and as we were about to take aim at it, we were distracted by an otherworldly murmuring. We finally realized what this demon's intentions were by revealing its wickedness to us, he has shaken our faith to its core. Legend says that this demon enjoys turning the most devout disciples into heretics. It may be succeeding...

Upon firing the southern cannon on the right side:

  • Voidbinder - Zolrath: Bang! - So that's what perfection sounds like! I can hear your mind's voice. I know just what you are thinking! I'm looking forward to our next meeting.