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The Balancer is one of the final bosses of the Abyssal Expedition. As the physical form of Esperia's natural balance, he can cause mass extinction to Esperia if left undefeated.

Uniquely, the Balancer can switch between factions in battle to produce different effects against each faction's heroes (although his base faction appears to be that of a Hypogean, as this is the faction symbol that is displayed next to the Balancer in the boss fight battle preparation screen).


As a carrier of pure elemental magic, Elemental Crystals have been pursued by mages hailing from all over the world. However, because it is a scarce material which is only produced within the Bastion of the Elements, the vast majority of it lays in the hands of the Wilder people, and only a small amount of it leaves the region every year, making it a prized strategic material that all factions compete for.

On a distant plain, outside the borders of any known faction, these precious Elemental Crystals had been found scattered within the tall grass. These unclaimed crystals immediately attracted the attention of all the major powers of Esperia. Major forces sent their own entourage of troops to investigate the news, hoping to take a share of the resources for themselves.

Clerics from the Lightbearer temple sensed something was amiss, as Dura's prophecy had foretold "misfortune would befall the realm when natural Elemental Crystals appear outside the Bastion of the Elements."

The Lightbearers sent out a warning message to all of the other powers, but in the face of the Elemental Crystals' great temptation, their warning fell on deaf ears. It was not until the vanguards sent out to investigate the Elemental Crystals didn't return, that the major powers began to believe that a grave existential crisis was looming.

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The creatures of Esperia were born from the elements, and once they die, shall return to the elements, for elemental energy cannot truly die. It is the cycle of life and death which keeps the realm finely balanced.

Since the emergence of the Graveborn, the bodies of the deceased did not return to the elements as is the natural process, but instead their bodies took on a new undead form, neither living nor dead. With the passage of time and the constant surge of the Graveborn, the fine balance of life and death had been destroyed. The condition for new life to arise had been removed from the equation, and thus new life struggled to flourish. If balance is not brought back to the world, the extinction of life would become a very real possibility.

Nature's own sense of balance would rise out of silence, to correct the imbalance that plagued the world. Its consciousness would take on the form of a being known as "The Balancer", a creature formed from pure nature, which had been laying dormant deep within the world's mantle. This powerful force of nature gathers its strength, absorbing natural energies in order to hasten its own awakening. It is here where he awakens that dense Elemental Crystals from, luring in covetous creatures. Once The Balancer has awakened, the living shall pay a hefty price, but it is a price that shall inevitably bring back balance and order to Esperia.

Dura foresaw this outcome when the Graveborn were born. Before her eternal rest, Dura foretold that any natural occurrence of Elemental Crystals outside of the Bastion of Elements would be a sign of "The Balancer's" coming.

Heeding Dura's prophecy, expeditionary forces hailing from the differing Esperian factions set out to try and halt The Balancer before it could be fully awakened, within the Forbidden Sphere. When these expeditionary forces arrived, they would be shocked to be blocked by vanguard forces, seemingly controlled by something...


Name Icon Description
World Purge World Purge.png The Balancer shall rotate his faction affiliation in the following order: Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder, Graveborn (only affects damage calculations). The Balancer unleashes a Death Ray that deals AoE damage to his enemies. The Balancer starts battle belonging to a random faction.
Energy Deprivation Energy Deprivation.png When this ability is cast, heroes that are the same faction as The Balancer or are standing behind him are entranced and may only use Normal Attacks for the following 3 seconds. Heroes that are a different faction to The Balancer will lose 50 Haste points and 20% of their current Energy every second, while simultaneously being unable to recover any Energy.
Elemental Crystal Elemental Crystal.png The Balancer summons an Elemental Crystal that taunts heroes within range, also dealing periodic damage to them (heroes standing behind him shall also be affected by the taunting). Each time a Crystal is summoned, its health and damage will be additionally increased. The Crystal can exist for up to 10 seconds, and only 1 Crystal may exist on the battlefield at a time.




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