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This article is about the Campaign stage. You may be looking for the Peaks of Time stage, The Ancient Ruins.

The Ancient Ruins is the 12th campaign chapter on The World Map, hosting 40 stages. It is available upon completion of Mire Town.

Completing this chapter grants access to the Bounty Board autofill feature, Mythic Gear in the Guild Store, The Twisted Realm, and The Divine Realm. In addition, players will be rewarded with Kaz and 10 Faction Scrolls.


"According to legend, these are the grounds where Honas, God of Creation departed the earthly realm. As he departed, his flesh gave birth to earth, bone to rock, blood to lava and his coarse hair, the trees. This sacred land is also said to be the birthplace of Dura and Annih, the god of life and death. Thus, their devout followers erected a temple here to pray to their gods. When the God of Death rebelled against his sister, Dura, many followers soon lost their faith and left the temple in a state of abandonment and eventual ruin."




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