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The Temple of Time is a room located within The Noble Tavern. Similar to the Stargazing Room, its summoning feature centers around probability and chance, allowing the player to try their hand at acquiring Emblems, T1 and T2 Stones, Mythic Gear, copious amounts of Diamonds, and more. Its main distinction from the Stargazing Room is that it allows players to summon special Awakened heroes.

The Temple of Time is available after completing Chapter 15 in the Campaign or reaching VIP Rank 13.


"Halcyon Quicksand" is a faction of the Order of the Sun that is proficient in time-magic. They can enter the Time Corridor (a realm beyond the dimension of reality) invisible to laymen, and search the vast ocean of fragmented histories for clues to those ancient magics submerged in the mire of history. Throughout Esperia's long history, many heroes have come and gone, but one thing they share in common is that they stood out from the crowd, like a star, shining brighter than all the others. With mastery over time-magic, the mages of Halcyon Quicksand can step into the flowing river of history and, relying on special beacons to locate time fragments in which heroes lived, restore said heroes so that their glory may shine once more in the present day.


  1. Time Emblems can be used to summon Awakened Heroes, Emblems, Legendary Gear and more.
  2. Summons also have a chance of rewarding Diamonds.
  3. The prize pool hero is consistent with the Awakened Hero chosen by the player.
  4. When a player possesses one Ascended Awakened hero, they can use Stargazing Cards at the Stargazer to summon the corresponding Awakened hero.


Below is a list of what you may obtain in the Temple of Time.

Prize Probability
Selected Hero 2%
30,000 Diamonds: 0,01%
Mythic Variety Chest x1: 0,50%
T1/T2 Stone choice chest x1: 0,80%
Emblem Choice Chest x2: 1%
Emblem Choice Chest x1: 1,99%
Amplifying Emblem x2: 1%
Amplifying Emblem x1: 2%
Primordial Emblem x2: 7,20%
Primordial Emblem x1: 14%
Elite Lightbearer Card x1: 0,80%
Elite Wielder Card x1: 0,80%
Elite Mauler Card x1: 0,80%
Elite Graveborn Card x1: 0,80%
Rare Lightbearer Card x1: 2,25%
Rare Wielder Card x1: 2,25%
Rare Mauler Card x1: 2,25%
Rare Graveborn Card x1: 2,25%
Rare Enhancement Tokens x2: 1,50%
Rare Enhancement Tokens x1: 3%
Common Enhancement Tokens x150: 3,74%
Common Enhancement Tokens x100: 3,74%
Common Enhancement Tokens x50: 3,74%
Gold Chest (L) x2: 4,50%
Hero Exp Chest (L) x1: 4,50%
Large Crate of Hero's Essence Chest (L) x1: 4,50%
Gold Pile (S) x5: 9,36%
Hero Exp Pile (S) x2: 9,36%
Small Pile of Hero's Essence (S) x5: 9,36%




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