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Take your Pick is a limited-time event ranging from August 4, 2021 - August 30, 2021.

Players will have 1 lucky daily summon. Returning players will be rewarded 15 lucky summons after entering an active player's invite-to-return code. All rewards in the prize pool will be obtained after 16 summons. Once all prize pool rewards are obtained, the final reward will be unlocked (Take your Pick chest, which contains a free Celestial or Hypogean hero, sans Titus). All this could be yours in just one day!


  • During the event, players will receive 1 chance to draw rewards when they log in each day. After returning players have input the invitation code they received from an already active player, both players shall receive 15 extra chances to draw rewards.
  • Rewards are randomly drawn from a reward pool after every draw. After drawing a total of 16 rewards, all rewards shall have been acquired.
  • Once all rewards have been received from the reward pool, the reward chest can be unlocked. If a player has used the invitation code function, they shall be able to receive the reward chest within 1 day.
  • Players may choose any 1 Celestial or Hypogean that is available from the reward chest.
  • Active players can send out 1 invitation code. Returning players can input a maximum of 5 invitation codes.
  • A maximum of 16 draws may be conducted, after which players will no longer be able to acquire any more draw chances.
  • Tapping "Share" will share the Returning Players event to social media. Players shall receive 100 Diamonds in the mail after successfully sharing the event.
  • Players that have not logged in within the past 15 days, or between July 17th - July 31st, and have completed Chapter 10 are regarded as returning players.
  • If a player already has an active profile on their account, other profiles cannot be regarded as a "returning player" profile.


By using their draws, players can obtain any of the following rewards. However, the Take your Pick chest cannot be obtained until all of the other rewards are obtained first.

Item Total Amount
Combine stone 3.jpg
Elite Soulstones
Elemental Shard.jpg
Elemental Shard
Icon bag chest 6.jpg
Reward Choice Chest
Draw ticket normal.jpg
Common Scroll
Elemental Core.jpg
Elemental Core
Labyrinth Tokens
Icon bag guild coin.jpg
Guild Coins
Poe Coin.jpg
Poe Coins
Twisted Essence.jpg
Twisted Essence
Primordial Emblem
Amplifying Emblem
Item 87.jpg
Faction Emblems Choice Chest
Choice Chest.png
Hero Choice Chest
1 of any Celestial/Hypogean hero, excluding Titus