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A brief take on what makes and breaks team compositions

Crazy crowd Control and Fawkes on fire

If you rule out the random factors that are basically out of your control, like for an example crit, dodge and just random luck. You got your team and the enemy team (or boss). I will not go into detail for the late game and signature items because it is so fresh but I am rather going to reiterate what I believe is the most important aspect of progress in AFK Arena; and also the most fun part! Practice leads to fail which is how you learn! Stay positive friends!

First off. No team composition is perfect but there is no doubt that there are good ones and bad ones. What separates good team compositions from others is good utility. So what is utility? It is buffs, debuffs but most importantly control. This can mean sleep, charm, stun, slow, taunt and displacement etc.

It may come as a superb dazzling all out enemy crowd control like our beloved Tasi. It is impossible to miss the easy to get but solid GOAT early carry Saveas that later gets replaced by the do it all super HARD carry Shemira.

So how do we make sense of all this? Let me put it this way. There is no traditional formation like there is in many similar games. For an example you have your tanks in the front, damage dealers and support in the back. That is not the case with AFK Arena. Think hard, wipe over and over and simply try your way forward. There is a lot of factors. At the end of the article I will name some heroes that go well with almost everything and that you can theory craft on*.

For your team composition to really shine you need synergy between your heroes in some sense that enables them to take over the game. This can mean shutting down the enemy opponent with crowd control, overwhelming damage (maybe even faction advantage). A good example that is available early for many people and is easy to understand is the classic Shemira + Tasi combination. With this you will have the crazy Shemira ultimate melting everything while Tasi locks the enemy team down and allowing Shemira to both heal and eventually melt the enemy team.

Some examples of situational gamebreaking crown control would be Nemora's charm ability landing on the enemy depending on where they are standing. Let's say your Nemora is standing in the bottom of the backline and right across the enemy frontline you got Saveas. Suddenly Saveas feels the love and unloads on his poor teammates. Early game this is a really powerful example of situational crowd control. Another simple example is Fawkes where his coffin ability which has a 9 seconds duration at max and it automatically targets the enemy with the highest power. This means you can make it effectively 4v5 from the start and even sometimes place him in the frontline because you know he will leave the backline exposed. Nothing new but it can't be stressed enough; think through the placement of both the teams. From Arden's roots, to Belinda's nuke, the already mentioned charm, Kelthur's displacement, Athalia's descending, Eironn's pull and Ulmus' roots.. Yes my friend you get the point!

Faction advantage does play a big role in this game and if you got the right heroes to make it count and with the right enemies; it is devastating. BUT! This is very important for you to understand and it will tie together my point of the importance of team synergy. Because in my experience people overvalue the importance of faction advantage and try to go for a composition that may look like it is having a huge hp and attack buff but in reality that can be completely neglected.

Here is an example of my main factionless arena composition that have two heroes that are reliably attainable for everyone: Fawkes - Shemira - Lyca - Tasi - Brutus. I switch Brutus for Arden or epic Mehira. I recommend getting Shemira from Labyrinth Store. But I can't tell you which ones to pick between Ulmus, Grezhul and Fawkes because it depends on your hero roster.

Could not beat it without chaining Tasi and Mehira ult

A small list of heroes that are awesome and will work with anything. But remember! Being intuitive and you can make most heroes work!

  • Tasi (single target control, aoe crowd control, elusive)
  • Arden (mid game to situational late when he roots)
  • Saveas (early game hard carry)
  • Lyca (haste and faster energy regen)
  • Ulmus (very good since the buff and can basically be a strong healer if game is slow)
  • Nemora (heals are nice but charm can be clutch)
  • Shemira (best carry especially post level 181)
  • Rowan (straight out beast support)
  • Thane (trumps Saveas post 160 and later one of the best carries)
  • Brutus (invulnerability in two ways, with aoe damage and heals from damage.. and an unprecedented recurrence in misleading ads)

This could be super scary but the right formation made it easy