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A Swap Scroll is a consumable item available for players to claim from the Bounty Chest upon completion of chapter 24. They are used to swap two heroes' Hero level, Ascension Tier, Signature Item, and Mythic Furniture with one another.

Currently, there is only one swap scroll available per player.


An example of a potential swap between two heroes.

  • Gear worn by heroes as well as non-Mythic Furniture will not be swapped.
  • Swapped heroes will be removed from the Resonating Crystal. Heroes' Ascension Tiers may be altered as a result of hero swapping, which may result in these heroes being removed from certain in-game systems which include, but are not limited to the following systems: Abyssal Expedition, The Oak Inn, Legends' Championship.
  • Celestial, Hypogean, and Dimensional heroes cannot be swapped. Non-Ascended Tier heroes cannot be swapped. Newly released heroes cannot be swapped within their first 60 days.