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The Store is a location in Ranhorn. Here, players can use their Gold, Diamonds, or other currencies to buy goods.

Besides the main Store, there are different sections which gradually unlock while progressing through the Campaign. While most are unlocked at the very beginning, the Challenger Store is unlocked a bit further.


Question Answer
How often do all the stores get refreshed? The refresh for all stores is as follows:

Stores: The guild store refreshes daily at 00:00 UTC time, the Barracks at 00:00 UTC time. The Labyrinth Store is refreshed once a month a long with the Challenger Store.


Store Keep.png

The main Store unlocks at stage 2-8.

Shop photo.png

In the Store, players can purchase a big variety of items for either Diamonds or Gold. Those items include Gear, Hero's Essence, Arena tickets, Gear Enhancement Tokens, and other miscellaneous items.

As the player progresses through the Campaign the Store improves its supply alongside. The Store can be manually refreshed for 100 Diamonds.

Mythic Gear becomes available after beating stage 10-22. Then the next Store upgrade is at 21-1, which offers Mythic Tier 1 Gear, 22-1 which offers Elemental Shard, 24-1 which offers Elemental Core. Currently, the last store upgrade is at 26-1 and introduces Mythic Tier 2 Gear. 22-1,

Recommended purchases are Hero's Essence, Elite Soulstones, Poe Coins, and Primordial Emblems/Amplifying Emblems (as needed). Later on, 2 store refreshes (for 100 Diamonds each) are also recommended.

Guild Store

The Guild Store is unlocked at stage 2-20.

In the Guild Store, offer is limited to Gear which gradually upgrades with Campaign progression. Items are bought with Guild Tokens, which are acquired in Guild Hunts. Offers refresh daily, but can also be manually refreshed for 100 Diamonds.

Legendary+ Gear unlocks at stage 10-22, Mythic Gear at 12-2, Mythic Tier 1 at 21-1 and Mythic Tier 2 at 26-1. A piece of Mythic Gear is priced at around 31k Guild Tokens, while one can get roughly 20k Guild Tokens in 2 weeks if playing in an active Guild. Mythic upgrade Tier 1 Stones at 21-1 , Mythic upgrade Tier 2 Stones at 26-1, and Mythic upgrade Tier 3 Stones at 30-1.


Barracks store.png

The Barracks is unlocked at stage 1-12.

The Barracks offers Rare/Elite Hero Soulstones and 4 Rare Heroes. Items here can be bought for Hero Coins, which can be acquired by retiring the Rickety Cart. The offers never change but are refreshing on a monthly basis. The Barracks can be manually refreshed for 1000 Diamonds.

The recommended use of Hero Coins are for limited-time Dimensionals/Garrisons.

Labyrinth Store

Labytinth store.png

The Labyrinth Store is unlocked at stage 2-4.

The Labyrinth Store is mostly limited to Hero Soulstones and Heroes, the offer is always the same and refreshes monthly. Additionally Hero's Essence can also be bought here. Labyrinth Tokens can be acquired in the Arcane Labyrinth for winning battles and clearing floors. Red banners give slightly more Labyrinth Tokens than brown banners. The Labyrinth Store can be manually refreshed for 1000 Diamonds.

While Rare Hero Soulstones offer the best Tokens per Elite Hero ratio Nemora and Shemira are top-tiered heroes that are very powerful throughout the whole game. Many players suggest buying one or even both of them. The options of buying specific Elite Hero Soulstones are very limited. Though buying Hero's Essence in here should be very well considered and probably be an exception.

Recommended Lab Store purchases include Arthur, Wukong and Dimensional Emblems/Red Chests

Challenger Store

Challenger Store 2.png

The Challenger Store is unlocked at stage 9-20.

The Challenger Store offers Elite Hero Soulstones for 21 specific Heroes and 3 Rare Soulstones. This includes 2 Celestials, 2 Hypogeans, 1 Dimensional (in a couple months), and 17 factional heroes. The heroes offered are always the same and while the store refreshes every 24 hours, manually refreshing the store for 100 Diamonds only refills the shelves of bought stock. However to buy those Heroes one has to use Gladiator Coins obtained from the Legends' Challenger Tournament.

The obtainable heroes go as followed:

  1. Merlin
  2. Athalia
  3. Orthos
  4. Ezizh
  5. Zolrath
  6. Fawkes
  7. Numisu
  8. Ulmus
  9. Grezhul
  10. Belinda
  11. Antandra
  12. Eironn
  13. Baden
  14. Rosaline
  15. Warek
  16. Lorsan
  17. Isabella
  18. Gwyneth
  19. Anoki
  20. Tasi
  21. Nara
  22. Flora

Never buy heroes from the main 4 factions; they're generally considered not worth it (besides maybe fringe cases like 1 copy away from your 1st ascended). Red Chests are also considered not worth it due to their high cost.

Recommended priorities are (in order):

  1. 1 copy of Ezizh & Athalia
  2. Merlin
  3. Ezizh
  4. Zolrath
  5. Athalia
  6. Orthros
  7. Flora



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