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Soren is a special and limited boss who is unlocked after the guild spends 9000 guild activity points and available in team hunting. He also serves as the boss of campaign stage 2-28


Soren Icon.jpg

Soren was as brave a squire as any, but what set him apart was a sense of limitless curiosity. Young and foolhardy, he sought ever greater and stranger foes to fell, artifacts to unearth, and mysteries to reveal.

He sought only knowledge, and left the glory of his feats to his liege. It was in this course of things that he met his current fate. Unsealing a tomb avoided by the locals because of the strange lights that danced around it during the crescent moon, he was struck by the spiteful, millennia-old curse that animates him to this day.

Soren is now a putrid facsimile of the young man he was two hundred years ago. The only things about him that remain unchanged are his courage, his recklessness, and his unbridled curiosity.


Name Icon Description
Soren Skill 1.png
This skill channels for 2 seconds and deals a huge amount of damage to all your heroes and summoned units. This skill is used 4 times during a battle, approximately at 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08 (timer until the end of the battle).
Soren Skill 2.png
Soren frightens his enemies to their very core, causing them to lose health and turn on their allies in the ensuing panic. This skill casts a charming effect lasting 5 seconds to all your heroes and summons unit in front of Soren. This skill is used approximately every 9 seconds.
Soren Skill 3.png
The more life that they lose the more enraged they become, increasing their damage output. The number of this skill's stacks is displayed next to the damage counter on the fight screen.

Note that this is a damage increase, not an Attack Rating increase, so heroes like Grezhul or Daimon, who steal or acquire a percentage of the target's Attack Rating are not useful against Soren and other AFK Arena bosses (Wrizz and the Twisted Realm ones).

Additional battle info during Soren fight.


Damage done, number of chests and rewards.

Boss rewards include gold and chests. Amount of it based on damage done to Soren (chest distribution is presented in the table below). Each chest contains random gear with quality from Crude to Legendary and 65 guild coins. Also, each chest can contains treasure bag with 10, 30 or 100 diamonds.

Treasure Bag containing 100 diamonds from team hunting.

Moreover, at the end of the day you receive additional rewards by mail. This rewards include a half of gold and guild coins obtained on the best day attempt.

Team Hunting chest rewards
Chest number Required damage Guild Coins per battle Guild coins per day
1 5,000 65 32
2 10,000 130 65
3 20,000 195 97
4 40,000 260 130
5 70,000 325 162
6 120,000 390 195
7 220,000 455 237
8 450,000 520 260
9 820,000 585 292
10 1,550,000 650 325
11 3,000,000 715 357
12 5,500,000 780 390
13 10,000,000 845 422
14 20,000,000 910 455
15 45,000,000 975 487
16 100,000,000 1040 520
17 300,000,000 1105 552
18 1,000,000,000 1170 585
19 2,000,000,000 1235 617
20 5,000,000,000 1300 650

Tips and tricks

Soren as displayed in team hunting menu.

  • Soren is immune to crowd control abilities, so heroes like Tasi and Arden are not as good as in standard battles.In general, boss fights require a different approach than 5v5 fights as most bosses are immune to CC and Soren, as explained, is no exception.
  • Char deals a lot of damage so healing is necessary for this fight.
  • The best strategy to deal with Frighten is to turn Soren around using the ability of some heroes like Silvina, Warek, Numisu. Another way is to use shields that prevent charm effect. The best options here are Warek and Cecilia, with Warek being the best option in terms of DPS but keep in mind that his Ultimate will change Soren's positioning and have him face your team. It's better to disable "Auto" and use it after Soren frightens Warek, otherwise you will have to rely on RNG and restart the fight if necessary.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment! There are a lot of good team compositions that you can try. Some heroes have a similar efficiency so you can use those with greater ascension and level.
  • You can retry fight by closing the game until the battle ends. Attempt will be restored when you start the game again. Notice that loot doesn't change, but you can try different team compositions.You can have a look here for some of the best team compositions if you are looking for inspiration or want to know the current meta.

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