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Solemn Vow is a Campaign feature in which players who meet certain criteria can form a Mentor-Apprentice relationships, complete growth quests together, and receive bountiful rewards.

When an apprentice completes Learning Tasks and Mentor Tasks, they shall receive Erudite Essence. By accumulating Erudite Essence, players can raise the level of the sword "Solemn Vow", while also claiming its level-up rewards.


  • By completing all Learning Tasks and Mentor Tasks, players are able to level up the Solemn Vow to its maximum level. Once a player has claimed the Solemn Vow’s max level rewards, their apprenticeship will be considered as successfully finished.
  • Apprentice’s Solemn Vow level-up rewards can only be claimed once per level. A player’s Apprentice level is linked to their Solemn Vow level, thus, if they terminate their mentoring relationship with a Mentor, it shall not be reset.
  • During a Mentor and Apprentice’s mentoring relationship, Mentors can acquire Mentorship Points based on the Apprentice’s current Solemn Vow level.
  • Mentors can claim corresponding Mentor Rewards by accumulating Mentorship Points.
  • Mentors can acquire all Apprentice rewards by mentoring an Apprentice up until they successfully finish their apprenticeship.
  • How to become a Mentor: Reach Chapter 30 of the Campaign and possess 10 Ascended tier heroes.
  • How to become an Apprentice: Reach a Stage between Campaign Chapter 4 through Chapter 25.
  • Mentors may only take on one apprentice at a time, likewise, apprentices may only ask for help from one mentor at a time.
  • Mentors and apprentices cannot halt their relationship within the first 3 days of it beginning.
  • Mentors are required to take on new apprentices at least two weeks apart from their last intake.
  • Apprentices cannot choose a new Mentor for the next 24 hours after halting their relationship with the previous Mentor.
    • If a mentor has been offline for 7 days, the Apprentice can immediately find a new Mentor after halting their relationship with the inactive Mentor
  • When a mentor and apprentice have been in a mentoring relationship for two weeks, or the apprentice has been offline for 7 days, the mentor can choose to terminate the relationship with the apprentice.
  • After completing corresponding tasks, Mentors can claim “Years Lost” rewards. “Years Lost” contains all Apprenticeship rewards.

Solemn Vow Chapters

Chapter One: The Daughter of Rayne
The Rayne Family have a well-established, deeply respected record of military service in the Empire. As soon as the boys learn to walk and take their first steps, they are trained in tactics, strategy, and swordplay.

However, I am a girl.

"There's no need for girls to push themselves so hard or foster strong personalities... You'll be cared for by the family in your old age." Nanny Sofia would often warble at me.

I like combat, I like winning, and I like swords.

Uncle Baden made a wooden sword for me, it is my most prized belonging.

Chapter Two: Birthday Present
The little wooden sword was presented to me in a small box on my eighth birthday. It fit snugly in my dainty hands, and weighing less than the iron swords I could lift it with ease.

"It's just as Uncle Baden said!"

"Naturally, after all, Lady Estrilda does me the honor of being her teacher. Once you're THIS tall, I'll teach you even more incredible things."

Picking me up, he patted my head and nuzzled me, tickling my face with his beard.

Chapter Three: Sacrifice
Uncle Baden never returned. He lied. When news of his sacrifice reached the usually racucous Rayne household, all fell into deathly silence.

Come Autumn, the frail old butler erected a new tombstone in the family graveyard.

Father and the other family heads locked themselves inside and bickered over something or other. I heard someone bang on the table amidst the shouting.

Nanny Sofia told me war was about to break out, between the Lightbearers and the Maulers... and that after Winter, my father would take on a swordplay teacher to train me.

Chapter Four: Winter
This winter was extraordinarily bitter. Father and his brothers went away and never returned, just like Uncle Baden.

All sorts of gossip filtered into the Manor from the outside world.

"I heard everyone died, not a soul left alive." Despair seemed to permeate the Manor, the butler even seemed to have aged a decade.

I reached for the little box and pulled out the wooden sword. A voice inside my heart rang out, "I want to become as strong as I can."

Chapter Five: Training
When not eating or sleeping, I trained tirelessly, but without a teacher to guide me I never truly learned.

The new butler often stood at one side of the shooting range, his sour face portraying his unimpressed manner. He seemed to think my "training" to be childish, resembling no more than an angry tantrum.

Chapter Six: Sword Master
Just as the manor was at its most vulnerable, assassins found their way in.

It was at this most pivotal of moments the new butler, Thane, came out swinging. The sword in his hand was wielded with precision, the blade dancing as he deftly executed the infiltrators one by one. I never imagined our silent, sour-faced new butler was in fact an under cover Master Swordsman.

Chapter Seven: Refusal
I needed a swordplay teacher, he was clearly the best choice.

I often think back to that time, when Thane handled those assassins. His sword seemed to have life when wielded in his hands, every moment essential, every blow exact, a beautiful display of skilled execution.

I decided this day I would express my desire to learn from him. I plucked up all the courage I had.

"M'Lady, I am merely a butler, not a slave to the Raynes. What you need is a swordplay teacher, and in that, I've no interest." Thane's refusal was flat.

Chapter Eight: Sitting Alone
This is a big room. Hanging in the center of the wall is the ancient Rayne family banner. Medals, awards, and all kinds of arms surround it, gathered over time by generations of the Raynes.

I have also brought my wooden sword to this place.

I sat here alone for days on end, the old butler never leaving my side.

Chapter Nine: The Old Butler
One day, the old butler finally spoke, "Lady Estrilda. I am sixty-three years old. I never expected to see this fine family fall in my lifetime."

Staring at his pale face, I say nothing.

He continued, "I was once part of a militia. My leg was badly wounded in the war. Despite this enfeeblement, the Raynes did not cast me aside, no, they gave me my life back. I want to repay them, I've been thinking about how to do just that, even now in my old age..."

The faintest of sounds could be heard from outside the door... Thane came in.

Chapter Ten: A Turn for the Better
Speaking brusquely, Thane piped up, "Relying on wit alone, with neither food nor drink, can you foresee the future of the Rayne family?"

I couldn't answer. I ran my fingers over the edges of my little wooden sword, finally mumbling, "If only Uncle Baden was still here, he was always full of ideas..."

Thane cut me off, his gaze wandering off into the distance through the window, "Why did you want me to teach you swordplay?" I couldn't guess what he was thinking.

Hurrying to spit out an answer, afraid I'd misheard the question, I replied, "To become as strong as you! So I can protect my family and restore honor to the Rayne Family name."

Perhaps he saw my determination, or perhaps he merely felt a pang of pity? The silence that followed was long, but to my astonishment, he nodded. "I will train your body. Provided you handle that well enough, we will consider the rest after."

Chapter Eleven: The Trial
Time lost all meaning as days blended into each other. Everyday I woke at the crack of dawn to attend to the training ground, receiving Thane's instruction to strengthen my body, starting with legs, then waist and abdomen, and finally shoulders.

"When the men of Rayne step into battle, their opponents are several times their own size and weight. Faced with such a disadvantage, we must ensure our whole body is at its most agile and able. Only once that is acheived, can a sword's blade truly attain its potential."

Chapter Twelve: Pain
Every day I went to bed sore and aching, and each morning I arose from bed doubly so. The training sessions were intense beyond belief.

Thane was cold, tough, and quick to double the workload if even the slightest mistake was made.

"The human body is stronger than you imagine, your will even more so. This pain pales in the face of death. For those soldiers who are sent to war, this is the most basic of basics."

Chapter Thirteen: The Basics
"For those soldiers who are sent to war, this is the most basic of basics."

Those words echoed inside my mind, over and over like an endless peel of bells. Every single soldier to have gone to war has been through this experience.

My father and his brothers, they've all persevered through this training regime.

As a daughter of the Raynes, so can I.

Chapter Fourteen: The Welcome End
The two month period of training reached its welcome end.

Thane turned to me, and rather than immediately beginning our swordplay classes, he said, "Where's your sword? Pick it up, try to land a blow on me, Estrilda." The first time Thane had ever addressed me by anything other than M'Lady, "Attack me."

Chapter Fifteen: The Attack
Firmly gripping my sword in hand, I charged at Thane.

The resentment, the bitterness of the pain and suffering of the last two months coalesced inside me, welling into a force. I could feel this new sense of control and rising from within me. My body acted of its own accord, muscles moved through memory, reacting without a thought.

Chapter Sixteen: Broken
I was surprised that I held my own against Thane for as long as I did. Alas, my little wooden sword did not, and before I could return to my senses, it snapped with a splintering of wood.

"So did I... fail this test, then?" I ask Thane.

But he did not respond.

The following day I arrived early to the training grounds, only to find Thane was not there to meet me.

For several more days, he did not show.

Chapter Seventeen: Silver Sword
Anxiety was gnawing away at me in my crestfallen state. The old butler meanwhile busied himself making me a new wooden sword.

Several days passed, and Thane appeared.

Thrown out before me was a fine lightweight iron sword, its blade silver and gleaming.

"It has yet to be broken in, so you'll be using this." Turning away, Thane said, "Be at the grounds on time tomorrow morning."

Chapter Eighteen: Famed Blade
"This sword has been modeled on the Rayne Family's legendary blade, Solemn Vow." Seeing this new sword of mine, the old butler seemed impressed.

Thane continued, "Estrilda is still young, this sword isn't the same as those used in the battlefield. It's far more suitable for mastery."

Chapter Nineteen: Solemn Vow
None of the Family elders ever told me more than the Solemn Vow's name. The old butler, however, has spent most of his life here in the Manor, so he probably knows something of its history.

"Speaking of the Solemn Vow, there is one it would be remiss not to speak of... The Rayne Family progenitor, Kheiss Rayne."

Chapter Twenty: Kheiss Rayne
"When the Hypogeans descended upon the world, countless brave individuals took up arms to defend their land. These were known as the Lightbearer Empire's Expeditionary Forces.

During the expedition, there was a tradition that soon became a rule: Every new recruit would be partnered with an experienced battle veteran. By doing so, the new recruits would have a higher chance of returning from the battle with their lives intact. Lady Estrilda, your ancestor, Kheiss Rayne was one who served in this force."

Chapter Twenty-One: Blood and Fire
This tradition persisted, through the blood and fire of inglorious murder.

"...Kheiss and his apprentice fought side by side, just like this.

When Kheiss met his end on the field of battle, his partner inherited his blade. The identity of this low-born apprentice has been lost to history, his face a blur in the history books, but he vowed to continue to serve the Rayne Family and defend their honor until his dying breath."

The silver sword underwent a seemingly magical transformation. The famous words of Kheiss Rayne were miraculously found engraved upon it, "Retreat is impossible".

"Seeing those words upon the sword, it was as if his great mentor had spoken the words himself to the apprentice. It was after reading these words that this nameless apprentice would go on to turn the tide of battle with the legendary sword clasped tightly in his hand."

My mind was whisked away to that time by the old butler's words, a time when blood and fire shaped an era.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Opportunity
Generations upon generations of the Rayne bloodline earned their prestige and honor through valor on the battlefield. Yet, amidst conflict with the Maulers, those lifetimes of hope were toppled overnight.

It is imperative that I rejoin the battlefield.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Tournament
The Founders held a tournament each year, that would be my chance.

I disguised myself as a man and registered myself as a participating civilian.

Defeating my opponents in quick succession, I soon took the title of Champion. Upon discovering my true identity, the King not only knighted me on the spot, but made an example of me, allowing me to join the military formally as a descendant of the Rayne Family.

As the crowd applauded wildly, I noticed my teacher, Thane, standing on the stage.

His face was sour as always, but now a hint of something else haunted his eyes... worry.

Chapter Twenty-Four: At the Garrison
I didn't take the King up on his generous offer of joining the Guardians of Dawn, an elite force, instead I opted to join the Frontier Regiment's ranks, aiming to hone my battle instincts.

The Frontier forces had fought a long, arduous war on the border, constantly faced with Maulers and Graveborn incursions.

Those stationed at the Frontier were the strongest of the Empire's forces, armed with a wealth of combat experience.

My time here flew by, and with it I was given ever greater responsibilities.

Thane often fought at my side during these dangerous battles, saving me from harm a number of times.

Being here at war seems to have stirred up something in Thane's memory. When cleaning up the battlefield, I'll often see him standing out there alone, silent.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Battlefield Banner
Once I had enough experience and felt myself suitably prepared, I took a junior leadership role, commanding a regiment in the Guardians of Dawn.

The Raynes had created this division and served in it for generations, and most of the Generals have a relationship of some sort with the Raynes.

Accomplanying the regiment on all kinds of expeditions, and after countless hard-fought battles, the Rayne Family banner was able to fly above the battlefield once more.

Chapter Twenty-Six: A Promotion
When word of my promotion from the King arrived at the frontline, my men and I had just ended a scuffle with the Maulers. We were busy repairing our gear and readying ourselves fro the next coming battle.

Word rreached me that the Maulers had already put a bounty on my head.

My royal promotion also increased my "value", no doubt.

The timing of this promotion couldn't be more perfect.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: War is Coming
Battle was imminent, but Thane suddenly had to depart.

Word of a crucial lead came to him, there was no way he could participate in the battle when it was imperative this information be investigated with all haste.

"I've not put you on the spot for a while," Than suddenly piped up, "So today is as good a time as any. Let's test what you've learned." Silence fell all around as master and pupil faced off, swords in hand.

Thane's posture and stance were flawless.

Not a move was wasted.

Unable to land a single hit, I found myself constantly gasping for breath.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Separation
Thane spoke, "The Maulers are a warlike race, they do not fear death. When our two forces face each other, only maintaining a level head is enough to counter this natural imbalance between their strength and our weakness. Continue."

I resumed my onslaught whilst Thane, as if taking a leisurely stroll, waited calmly and patiently for his flurried, impatient "prey".

Prideful and impatient. That was his impression of me, and it was the sole point by which I could turn the tide in my favor.

When my weaknesses was bared for all to see, Thane lunged in. It was just as he expected. Except, I didn't dodge. I allowed his blade to pierce my armor, stabbing my flesh.

Now is my chance!

In a flash, I launched into a counterattack, the tip of my sword stopping just short of slicing into Thane's throat.

'You Raynes are all insane." Despite the bite of his words, a tiny, unconscious smile crept across his face.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Measure Up
"You used my perception of you to lure me in, something I hadn't anticipated, thus changing the outcome of the fight. You fought well today... Well done."

Well done, a rare compliment, indeed, from the lips of the usually silent Thane.

He was phenomenally harsh on those around him, but he was harsher still on himself.

"I have long awaited this moment." Perhaps he said such meaningful words because sensed the danger of the imminent battle.

Chapter Thirty: Renewed Glory


Learning Tasks

Apprentices can complete all Learning Tasks with the guidance of their Mentors. Learning Tasks may not be completed multiple times, and the number of tasks already completed will not be reset if an Apprentice terminates their relationship with a Mentor.

The following quests are completed by apprentices:

Summon Heroes 100 Times
Draw Furniture 100 Times
Stargaze 30 Times
Accumulate 50 Elite Heroes
Complete 10 Team Bounties
Play Hellscape 10 Times
Cultivate 1 Ascended Heroes
Achieve 10 Legends' Challenger Victories
Complete the Arcane Labyrinth 30 Times
Gift 600 Companion Points
Participate in 150 Guild Hunts
Make 10 Purchases from the Store
Acquire 5 Pieces of Mythic Gear
Unlock 3 Signature Items
Raise 1 Signature Items to Lvl 10
Reach Chapter 15
Reach Chapter 18
Complete Floor 150 of the King's Tower
Complete Floor 200 of the King's Tower
Raise the Crystal Pentagram to Lvl 150

Mentor Tasks

Mentor Task progress is calculated weekly. Apprentices may commence their Mentor Tasks in advance, and the progress made within each week will be retained. An Apprentice may complete a total of 10 Mentor Tasks. If an Apprentice changes Mentor, the number of chances they have to complete Mentor Tasks will not be reset. If an Apprentice does not complete a Mentor Task, they do not lose any chances to complete future Mentor Tasks.

Mentors may set the following tasks for their apprentices:

Complete the Arcane Labyrinth 2 Times
Participate in the Arena of Heroes 20 Times
Summon Heroes 10 Times
Complete 10 Campaign Stages
Complete 10 Floors in the King's Tower
Ascend 3 Heroes at the Temple of Ascension
Claim Free Gifts from the Merchants 5 Times


Years Lost

Accumulated Giveback Points can be used to earn rewards for Years Lost.

Daily Login +10 Giveback Points, +1 Giveback Point.

Img small banner 1.png
Unlock Conditions Rewards

Reach Chapter 30
Acquire 300 Giveback Points

Reward Choice Chest x51
Rare Soulstones x240
Common Scroll x12
Elite Soulstones x60
Primordial Emblem x30

Reach Chapter 33
Acquire 600 Giveback Points

Reward Choice Chest x56
Common Scroll x8
Elite Soulstones x60
Primordial Emblem x15
Amplifying Emblem x30
Diamonds x500
Labyrinth Tokens x5000
Rare Soulstones x360

Reach Chapter 35
Acquire 1000 Giveback Points

Primordial Emblem x20
Amplifying Emblem x15
Reward Choice Chest x3
Elite Soulstones x60
Common Scrolls x20
Stargazer Scroll x20
Reward Choice Chest x10

Mentor Rewards

Name Image Source/Description
"I see the shadow of my past in you."
N avatar frame mentor 1.png
Accumulate 1000 Mentorship Points.
"May the inheritor of glory forever flourish and never die."
N avatar frame mentor 2.png
Accumulate 2000 Mentorship Points.
"Carrying on a legacy is more than just glory, it is also a burden. The future is depending on you."
N avatar frame mentor 3.png
Accumulate 3000 Mentorship Points.


Solemn Formations.jpg
  • Mentors can use the Recommended Formation function to recommend optimal formations to their Apprentices.
  • The Recommended Formation function is divided into two types of formation: ‘Optimal’ and ‘Current’. Within the Optimal tab, Mentors can select the best possible heroes within the game to formulate a formation. Within the Current tab, Mentors may only select heroes from a list of heroes that are currently owned by the Apprentice.
  • Apprentices can copy their Mentor’s recommended formation into their own formation.
  • Formations can be made for each individual gamemode, such as the Campaign, King's Tower, Arena of Heroes, and The Twisted Realm.


Solemn Mercenaries.jpg
  • Apprentices can borrow Mentor Mercenaries frm their Mentors without their approval. Apprentices just need to confirm their heroes on the secondary confirmation page to start using them.
  • Apprentices can borrow up to 2 Mentor Mercenaries a week. Chances to use a Mentor Mercenary will only be deducted when they are used in a victorious formation. Mentor Mercenaries will be recalled on Sunday mornings at 00:00 UTC.
  • Players may only hire heroes which are Legendary tier or higher from Mentors or friends. Hired heroes can each respectively be used in battle only once in the King’s Tower, 4-Factions Tower, and campaign stages if they are victorious, or more than once if they are defeated. Only one mercenary can be used at a time while ‘Team Hunting’. However, there is no usage limit for mercenaries.




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