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This Skriath usage guide was uploaded and transcribed as of Patch 1.68.

Hero Usage Guide

Recommended Teams

With his ability to group enemies up, Skriath can be used in a wide variety of teams. He especially benefits heroes with a short radius AoE damage or control ability, as by grouping them up, it allows these heroes to land AoE damage on enemies more effectively.

The following team is most recommended for Skriath.

Five Pull Team

This team makes use of the combination of Skriath's 3/9 furniture ability, which pulls enemies together, and Eironn's ability to draw enemies in. This effectively allows the team to drag all 5 enemies towards Eironn for them to subsequently be grouped up and damaged.

This team has a lot of freedom in the other 3 choices of heroes, with a focus on heroes that can deal AoE crowd control and AoE damage.

Control heroes include Pippa, Gorvo, and Tidus.

AoE damage heroes include Safiya (who can increase your team's damage and reduce the enemy team's damage) and Saurus (who has damage, control, and healing effects).

Utility heroes can also be brought in, such as Lyca for Haste, Lorsan to link damage between enemies, Rowan for healing and energy potions, Brutus for his brief damage immunity, or Wu Kong who can deal damage through his clones and slow enemies with his staff.

The following is just one of many examples of such a team:

Hero Position Team Synergy

Upper Backline

Center Backline Eironn not only damages enemies, but pulls enemies towards him, allowing for Skriath to group them up for other heroes to damage.

Lower Backline Safiya brings not only AoE damage, but her "Spectral Disruption" skill is vital for survival and damage dealing capacities.

Upper Frontline With his "Shell Shock" skill, Gorvo jumps up at the start of the battle to crash down to deal AoE damage and stun enemies.
Tidus Icon.jpg

Lower Frontline Tidus can run through the enemies to deal damage. Additionally, he can control them with his short range AoE fear (which gets enhanced due to the enemies being grouped so close together).

Recommended Artifacts

Deciding on an artifact for Skriath is not a crucial decision - he can use essentially any of them since his main purpose is to group enemies up at the start of each battle.

Investment Worth

Desert Trap.png

Skriath serves his main purpose at just 3/9 mythic furniture for his furniture ability "Desert Trap" to pull in enemies.


Going further than this, he can get up to +30 upgrades on his signature item, as its damage output is nice in supporting slower stall-based teams. However, this is not necessary for the five pull team strategy.

Overall, it can be worth investing in Skriath as a hero since his main function can be achieved at just 3/9 furniture pieces.