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This Skreg usage guide was uploaded and transcribed as of Patch 1.70.

Hero Usage Guide

Recommended Teams

Largely due to the fantastic support provided by Skreg's Furniture ability, he has his own teams built around him with him acting as the core unit, and other units being able to take advantage of Skreg's passive.

In these types of teams, any hero that can fight in the enemy side of the battlefield is ideal or any hero that attacks the enemy in front of them. This includes heroes such as Tidus, Satrana, Athalia, Gorvo, and Zaphrael, among many others. These types of heroes are vital as them predominantly fighting in the enemies' half of the field allows them to receive the buffs from Skreg's furniture ability.

The following team is an example of this:

Example Team

(Although Kren and Numisu don't fight on the enemy side of the battlefield, they do balance out the team).

Hero Position Team Synergy
Tidus Icon.jpg

Upper Backline Tidus assists in knocking back the enemy team to push them further back towards their side where the main fight will be taking place. His ability to evoke fear in enemies also sends them running back to their side where Kren's bombs can continue to reach them.

Center Backline Numisu supports his allies by healing them while they fight while simultaneously distracting enemies with his totems.

Lower Backline Kren has the ability to knock enemies back which is especially useful in keeping enemies on their side of the battlefield. His bombs also reach the back of the field to explode on enemies, dealing damage to them as they continue to be knocked back by Skreg and Tidus.

Upper Frontline
Satrana Icon.jpg

Lower Frontline Satrana has a well balanced kit that allows her to invade enemy teams. She can pounce forward with her abilities, she has strong damage mitigation, and she can provide some healing reduction effects on the enemy team to allow her team to get damage in and defeat the opponent.

Recommended Artifacts

There are different options that can be taken for Skreg's artifact, dependent on the situation.

Waistband of Resilience.jpg

The Waistband of Resilience is able to support Skreg if he is taking a lot of damage, as it provides him with HP, defense, and a solid shield.

The Barricade.jpg

The Barricade protects another ally who might be getting killed too early.

If the aforementioned hasn't been unlocked yet, then Dura's Chalice of Vitality can substitute Waistband of Resilience. Dura's Call is an offensive artifact that can be used - it allows Skreg to mount his iron-jaw faster and start advancing into the enemy lines.

Investment Worth


If investing in Skreg, 20 unlocks of his Signature Item is decent enough and allows for you to focus on upgrading some other heroes too.

Vanguards of Pain.png

His Furniture investment depends on the type of team he is being used in. A 3/9 investment is mandatory across the board to use Skreg in these teams, because his attack buff and mitigation provided is necessary. In a team where ultimate abilities are vital for victory, a 9/9 furniture investment is needed. Overall though, 3/9 is fine for most teams. A recommendation is to build him to 3 furniture, test him out in teams, and then shoot for 9 furniture if you're not happy with his prior performance and want the extra energy regeneration.