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Guide to obtain the last/first Crystal treasure chest

This guide was created as it is the first tricky Peaks of Time, where you might have trouble in obtaining that one last Crystal treasure chest. Previously, you might be thinking of going for the easiest camps to maximize your team's power, and subsequently your team's health. However, in this Peaks of time, you will have to go for a specific path for that very last crystal treasure chest, and even be willing to sacrifice a whole team to that end. For a video guide, visit The Peaks of Time video guides.

Once you have begun the adventure, you will have to fight the following camp, which you have no choice of:

Screenshot 20190828-194341.png

Once you have defeated it, a message will pop up: "The vines grew quickly, blocking our way to certain areas." And you will see that the small vines on the rocks nearby have now grown larger. This will happen every time you defeat a camp. This is of non-consequence for now. However, in order to obtain ALL the treasures, a certain path must be taken, as after the 5th battle, your path to the last crystal treasure chest will be blocked off completely.

The best way to complete this Peaks of Time as soon as you have unlocked it is to defeat the easiest camps and obtain every other treasures first, then reset the dungeon, and follow the guide, or vice versa. You will not lose the treasures you have obtained from resetting the Peaks of Time.

After you have tried this your way, have had fun exploring this Peaks of Time for the very first time, and you still could not figure out how to obtain that very last treasure, do as followed:

  1. Before you try to beat that first camp, press and inspect the mercenary camp as shown below. Try to roll for a Wilder Hero that would fit into your ALL Wilder team. Yes, you need 5 Wilders for this to work. Keep resetting the Peaks of Time until you have got your hero. Keep in mind that you cannot use two of the same hero.
    Screenshot 20190828-200743.png
  2. Beat the first camp. You don't have a choice of camps here. Try to pick relics that will benefit Wilders the most, such as this:
    Screenshot 20190828-205040.png
  3. Now, beat the camp that is right before the mercenary camp. Then, go for the mercenary camp and claim your Wilder hero which you have rolled for.
  4. Click on the Ancient Tome which is near where you started off. A dialogue will ensue, and the ancient tome will turn into an Elite Enemies camp. You will now be required to beat this camp by using ONLY Wilders hero to acquire your last treasure. At the time of unlocking this Peaks of Time, it might be a little difficult to win the fight by starting with your Wilders team. (You can press the pause button and press Try Again if that's your case. Your heroes will be unharm for you to "try again.")
  5. If it is too difficult, start the fight with your secondary team without any of the Wilders hero that you will use next. This will be a team you will be sacrificing to try and take a few enemies out to make your next Wilder fight easier. The real threat here in my opinion is Lyca. Try to kill her off if possible, which is achievable using Athalia as you can specifically target her. Athalia with Safiya is a good combo here, especially since Safiya is a Mauler which has advantage against enemy Wilders. So you can try making a team of 4 Maulers + Athalia, which will give you one of the best Faction stat bonus, and also make your fight much easier due to faction advantage. Just make sure you do not win the fight with this first team! Again, you can always "Try again".
  6. Once you have beaten it with your Wilders team, there should be a pop-up message saying: "A new path appeared within the maze." All you have to do now is have your 4th and last battle before your price! The camp is just north of where you were as shown in the image below.
    Screenshot 20190828-211323.png
  7. Now, just follow the opened path (trimmed shrubs), towards the Shrine of Life, past it, and towards your last treasure. Congratulations! Feel free to reset the Peaks of Time, or continue on depending on your hero situations.
    All Chest Locations

    All Chest Locations