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Secrets of the Forest is the third adventure in the Peaks of Time campaign. It unlocks upon completing stage 8-4 in the main campaign and at least 60% of The Unrelenting Blaze. The player will receive an the Dura's Eye Artifact to equip to one of their heroes as the main reward for this adventure. Enhancement tokens, rare and elite gear, gold, diamonds, faction scrolls, and Hero's Essence can also be found throughout this peaks stage.


Vines provide an obstacle throughout the map.

There are countless discoveries to be made within the forest. Those that dare venture into it often find it hard to find their way back home again. It's also said that only those who've passed its trials are worthy of revealing its secrets.

Video Guide

For a written guide on obtaining the crystal treasure chests, visit here.



Total Enemy Camps: 20

Total Crystal Treasure Chests: 4

Total Gold Treasure Chests: 14

Total Fountains of Vitality: 2

Total Shrines of Life: 1

Total Mercenary Encampments: 2


Start of Level:

  • Death's Denier - Raine: Legend has it that the forest was created to hide one of Dura's artifacts.
  • The Burning Light - Mirael: Dura's artifact you say? Let's keep on searching and see if the legend is true. That artifact would definitely help us in our fight against these ungodly demons.
    • Objective Log: We have arrived at the edge of Wilder territory to seek out the legendary artifacts which have said to have been hidden by Dura within the "Forest Maze".

Upon beating the first enemy camp:

  • Objective Log: After a ferocious battle, the path in front of us became blocked by vines that grew before our eyes. Fortunately there was another way forward.

Upon beating the second enemy camp:

  • Objective Log: It appears that with every fight we win, more paths become obstructed by vines. Perhaps we should try to avoid fighting.

Upon interacting with the Ancient Tome:

  • Ancient Tome: It is said that only those who have earned the forest's respect may adorn its artifacts.
    • Keeper of Glades - Lyca: Traveler, are you a friend of the forest? Let's test your mettle. If you can defeat me using more than 3 Wilder Heroes, you will have earned the forest's respect.
    • Objective Log: We have discovered one Dura's Artifacts, regrettably we cannot find passage through to it.

Upon beating the camp:

  • Keeper of Glades - Lyca: You are a true ally of the forest. You have earned the forest's respect. A hidden path has now been revealed to you.
    • Objective Log: We have passed the trial of the forest as instructed and received the forest's respect. A hidden area has been revealed to us.

Unknown trigger:

  • Objective Log: There seems to have been no change to the maze after our last battle. Many paths are still blocked.

Opening the chest behind the vines:

  • The Burning Light - Mirael: This necklace, it's one of Dura's artifacts.
  • Death's Denier - Raine: It should help us to better fight against those demons.
    • Objective Log: We have finally acquired the artifact told of in legends. It pulsed with great power.


All Chest Locations

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