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On the land of the Lightbearers exists a secluded association unknown to the public: the Secret Society of the Crow, whose members are dedicated to the studies of the hushed dark magic of necromancy.

The Lightbearer Temple has been quietly looking into this society. The Heresy Inquisition's oracle clerics and blademaster nuns have long been searching for evidence of dark magic practices, and a roster of its members in the hope of destroying the Society once and for all. However, behind closed doors, the royal Lightbearer family has been supporting the Secret Society of the Crow and benefiting from its dark magic studies. Feeling threatened by the increasingly powerful theocratic authority, the monarch hopes to leverage the tension between the priests and mages, especially the Secret Society of the Crow, to keep the Lightbearer Temple in check.

Amid the ongoing war with the Hypogean, a new discovery by the Secret Society of the Crow might completely change the landscape of the battlefield. The Society has found a way to tame the Hypogean through the practice of dark magic ritual. Tamed Hypogeans will turn on their own kind. Unsurprisingly, the ritual comes with great costs and risks.

About the Heroes



With the flame of the serpentine Aerina, Morrow was able to easily join the Secret Society of the Crow. There, he obtained the Abyssal Tome, a "highly-valued item amongst the Secret Society of the Crow’s members. It possesses knowledge about every type of dark magic within the realm, and is easily bent to its holder’s will." Utilizing the knowledge within, Morrow was able to bind the Hypogean Korgas into the tome, subsequently forming a contract with him.



Oden was once the principal mage of the Lightbearer faction. His transgressive studies of the forbidden dark magic enraged the Heresy Inquisition and led to his decapitation. After Oden's execution, the research of dark magic became more secretive. The Secret Society of the Crow was thus founded.



The Secret Society of the Crow went on an active search for children who possessed innate psychic abilities, or a gift for dark magic. Through adoption and human trafficking, they rounded up a group of such children and trained them in the arts of dark magic. Isabella, during her homeless years, was once abducted by the Society and held captive in one of their secret camps. One night, her sister Silvina snuck into the camp to rescue her. The two broke out of the camp with the help from an experiment subject who was also detained there. The sisters roamed the streets and ended up in the Lightbearer capital, and were then adopted by Count Vedan.



After the institutionalization of her mother, Scarlet was brought to Violet Orphanage, the same Society's secret camp that Isabella was brought to. A belligerent child with a knack for escaping, the Duchess of the Orphanage punished Scarlet and forced into an intense "test" that broke through the barriers of her mind. During this test she was able to reconnect with her mother and tap into her innate gift of dark magic, subsequently aiding Isabella in her escape.

About the Gear

Name Description
Magician weapon 10.jpg
Crow's Grandstaff of Dark Magic
"The dark arts are like a boiling concoction, possessing unknown dangers and uncertain benefits."

-SSOTC Memoirs

Magician head 10.jpg
Crow's Hat of Dark Magic
"Their minds are so unusual, they are impervious to the abyss where the dark forces gather."

-SSOTC Memoirs

Magician body 10.jpg
Crow's Drape of Dark Magic
"They're like a murder of crows in the dark, invisible, mysterious."

-SSOTC Memoirs

Magician boots 10.jpg
Crow's Heels of Dark Magic
"They walk on the edge of taboos, observing the dark areas beyond the reach of ordinary people."

-SSOTC Memoirs