The Rickety Cart in Ranhorn

The Rickety Cart is a place to reset heroes of rarity Rare or above and retire Common Heroes in return for Hero's Essence and Hero Coins.

Resetting Heroes

Any Hero not locked can be reset in the Rickety Cart using Diamonds.

A reset cost 20 Diamonds per slot filled with a Hero and fully refund all of the Hero Exp, Hero Essence and Gold invested in the Hero.

Retiring Heroes

1. Common tier heroes can be retired.

2. After retiring a hero the hero will disappear, however, all resources and equipment used to develop the hero will be placed in the player's bag.

3. The player will also receive Hero Coins for retiring a hero that can be used to purchase heroes.

4. You can set retiring Common Heroes to automatically using a switch.

Reverting Heroes

Main article: Revert Heroes

1. You can revert ascended tier heroes, that you have multiple, ascended more than Epic+, copies of. The one with with the lowest ascension will be reverted.

2. Reverting a hero will give you one or more Elite+ copies of that hero and some quantity of Rare+ card from the same faction as hero reverted.

3. You can revert a hero for 500 diamonds.

4. It is not possible to revert heroes belonging to the Legendary tier.

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