The Rickety Cart is a location situated in Ranhorn. It allows player to reset their Rare+ heroes, revert heroes that they have multiples of, and retire Common Heroes in return for Hero's Essence and Hero Coins.


A Rickety Cart, travel-worn and ramshackle. This convenient form of transport can be seen throughout Esperia. Countless thousands of hellos and goodbyes have been spoken on a rickety cart.

In times of strife, when warriors would be forced to leave their loved ones behind and head off to faraway lands, they would leave small personal tokens behind on the carts, as a way to be remembered by others if they were unable to return home. If the warriors were unable to return home, the tokens would be returned back to their families in their stead, thus allowing their memory to live on.


Resetting Heroes

  1. Any Hero not locked can be reset in the Rickety Cart using Diamonds in return for resources.
  2. A reset cost 20 Diamonds per slot.
  3. After resetting a hero their level will be reset and the gear used by this hero including all accumulated resources and experience will be returned.

Retiring Heroes

A Hero Coin.

  1. Common tier heroes can be retired and higher tiered heroes can be ascended at the Temple of Ascension.
  2. After retiring a hero the hero will disappear, however, all resources and equipment used to develop the hero will be placed in the player's bag.
  3. The player will also receive Hero Coins for retiring a hero that can be used to purchase heroes.
  4. Common Heroes can be set to automatically retire.

Reverting Heroes

Revert heroes function.

  1. This feature is unlocked when players possess two Elite+ 'Ascended' tier heroes.
  2. Heroes can be reverted for 500 diamonds.
  3. When reverting heroes, if a player possesses two duplicate 'Ascended' heroes that are both currently Elite+ ascension tier or above, the hero with the lowest rated ascension tier will be the one which is reverted.
  4. Reverting a hero will return the Elite+ heroes required to ascend it. The equivalent amount of Rare heroes used to ascend the hero will also be returned to the player.
  5. Rare hero cards which are returned to the player will be of the same faction as the original reverted hero.


Dark Forest

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