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In AFK Arena you are limited to getting a certain amount of resources (diamonds, gold, soulstones). I will break down the tasks you can complete to manage your resources as efficiently as possible so that you can quickly evolve your account.


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Diamonds are the most valuable resource in the game, it is difficult to mine in large value through the game, the progress of your account depends on diamonds.

You can get diamonds from:

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You must spend diamonds on:

  • Summon x10 – 2700 diamonds. The amount and quality of heroes directly affects your development in the game, and with the introduction of a wish list, the chance to get the right character has become higher.

Late game:


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Gold is the most widely used currency to level their heroes, upgrade their gear, buy items in the in-game store, level up their Resonating Crystal. While gold is quite easily earnable it's also very vital to many game activities.

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You can get main daily gold from:

You must spend gold on:

Rare and Elite Soulstones

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Soulstones allow you to summon heroes from 60 rare/elite soulstones allows you to get 1 rare/elite hero respectively. Rare soulstones are blue while elite ones are purple and they are much harder to come by.

Rare and Elite Soulstonesou can get soulstones from:

Labyrinth tokens

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Labyrinth Tokens are a currency used to buy items in Labyrinth Store. You can get it only inlabyrinth.


At the beginning of the game, it is preferable to buy 1 elite copy of the selected hero for 45000 once a month, and take 2400 blue shards for the remaining tokens.

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