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The Regal Rewards is a recurring event added in Patch 1.17 in AFK Arena. The main purpose of this event is where players can receive rewards for completing daily and weekly quests. Each event usually lasts for 49 days, and your account needs to be at least 8 days old to participate. Once the event has ended, the event resets and rewards can be earned again. 


"From the first battles of the great invasion, morale across the realm of Esperia is at an all time low as the demonic aggressors spread far and wide across the land. The resistance knows that keeping the resolve of their armies high is paramount to winning this war of attrition. Thus several of Esperia’s great lords have decided that those who prove themselves in the arena of combat will be rewarded the highest honor, the Medal of Valor. Those who don the Medal of Valor are a privileged few, directly funded by the great lords themselves to help further their needs in the long war."


Players participate in Regal Rewards automatically when they complete daily and weekly quests. Each time a player opens a chest and receives rewards for completing these quests, they will also receive Medals of Valor. Medals of Valor can then be redeemed by selecting the Regal Rewards tab under Gift Sets in the upper left of the main screen. 


Every player can receive rare soulstones from this event when obtaining a certain number of Medal of Valors. Players can also purchase a Premium Pass which unlocks additional rewards: elite hero soulstones and diamonds. A premium pass cost $24.99 USD.

Over the course of the event, players can earn up to 1650 rare soulstones per event and an extra 550 elite soulstones and 5500 Diamonds when unlocking the Premium Pass. 

Premium Passes are only good for the duration of the Regal Rewards event. Once the event resets, another pass must be purchased but the rewards can be earned a second time. 

If a player does not redeem rewards as they earn them over the course of the event, they will be sent to the player via in game mail once the event has concluded.