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Reef of Wreckages is the 35th campaign chapter available on The World Map, hosting 60 individual stages. It is available upon completion of The Sunken Lands.

Completing this chapter rewards the player with 200 VIP Experience and 20 Stargazer Scrolls.


"During the time this part of the land was submerged by the ocean, it went by the name “Reef of Obscurity”. While traversing this area, countless ships would become enshrouded by a heavy mist, as if being swallowed by some obscene entity. Once the mist had lifted, the ships would be gone. Nobody knew what the ships’ fates were. Only after the water had receded, were the fates of the long-lost ships revealed to the world. The area has since been given a new name, the “Reef of Wreckages”.

Now only considered to be a ship graveyard, the area, however, still attracts brave adventurers. The Buccaneers that once sailed this area were most definitely carrying more than just ale on their ships. But what else is more valuable to a pirate than ale? Treasure!"




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